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Rooms and Suites at Amanoi

2 Bedroom Residence

2 Bedroom Residence ( 500m2 )

The two-bedroom Residence incorporates a number of free-standing pavilions set around a private swimming pool with mountain and ocean views. The total...

3 Bedroom Residence

3 Bedroom Residence ( 700m2 )

The three-bedroom Residence incorporates a number of pavilions set around a private swimming pool with mountain and ocean views. The total size of the...

Ocean Pool Pavilion

Ocean Pool Pavilion ( 1346ft2 )

The 125m2 (1,346 sq.ft) Ocean Pool Villas enjoy expansive views over Vinh Hy Bay and the East Sea, complete with their own private swimming pools. Oce...

Amanoi Ocean Pool Villa

Amanoi Ocean Pool Villa ( 125m2 )

The 280-square-metre (3014-square-foot) Amanoi Ocean Pool Villas feature private infinity pools and grand timber sundecks with spectacular ocean views...

2 Bedroom Amanoi Ocean Pool Residence

2 Bedroom Amanoi Ocean Pool Residence ( 500m2 - 550m2 )

Uncovering the magnificent ocean panorama of Vinh Hy bay, the 2-bedroom Amanoi Ocean Pool Residence is an exclusive and private living space amid the...

Mountain Pool Villa

Mountain Pool Villa ( 125m2 )

Offering a combined bedroom and living area with an extensive timber sundeck, the 95m2 (1,022 sq.ft) Mountain Pavilions overlook Nui Chua National Par...

Lake Pavilion

Lake Pavilion ( 1022ft2 )

Offering a combined bedroom and living area with an extensive timber sundeck, the 95m2 (1,022 sq.ft) Lake Pavilions overlook the property’s serene lak...

1 Bedroom Wellness Pool Villa

1 Bedroom Wellness Pool Villa ( 172m2 )

The 172m2 (1851 sq.ft) Wellness Pool Villa includes a contemporary Hammam or Aman Banya, with two specialist therapists to meet all guests' wellness n...

Mountain Pavilion

Mountain Pavilion ( 1022ft2 )

Offering a combined bedroom and living area with an extensive timber sundeck, the 95m2 (1,022 sq.ft) Mountain Pavilions overlook Nui Chua National Par...

4 Bedroom Residence

4 Bedroom Residence ( 8611ft2 )

The four-bedroom Residence incorporates a number of pavilions set around a private swimming pool with mountain and ocean views. The total size of the...

Ocean Pavilion

Ocean Pavilion ( 95m2 )

Offering a combined bedroom and living area with an extensive timber sundeck, the 95m2 (1,022 sq.ft) Ocean Pavilions overlook the East Sea. The elegan...

5 Bedroom Residence

5 Bedroom Residence ( 10764ft2 )

The five-bedroom Residence incorporates a number of pavilions set around a private swimming pool with mountain and ocean views. The total size of the...

5 Bedroom Bay Residence

5 Bedroom Bay Residence ( 10764ft2 )

The five-bedroom Bay Residence provides easy access to the beach and incorporates a number of pavilions set around a private swimming pool with views...


There's been an exciting buzz going on about Amanoi for the past few years. But for those of you that might not be familiar with it, it's high time for an extensive crash course. 

Amanoi is a bona fide luxury destination with top-notch facilities and services. Guests are free to enjoy provided facilities to their taste, be it for a relaxing adventure or an engaging escapade. Therefore, buckle up and hop on the next flight to Cam Ranh International airport for the vacation of a lifetime.


Founded in 1988, Aman Resorts is a luxury hotel establishment. It has continuously grown and expanded over the years since its establishment. It now has 32 subsidiaries in 20 countries across the globe. Over the past decade, the company branches across the globe and have stamped their name on the list of most desired luxury hotel destinations in the world. That's a commendable feat for a group as large as this. 

One subsidiary, in particular, excels beyond comprehensible measures. It has been the talk of the town amongst its sister subsidiaries and other luxury hotels. Sitting to the west of the South China Sea, northeast of Vietnam's capital, in the Ninh Thuan Province, Amanoi Resort is an ideal luxury escape for every individual. 

The resort proudly sits on a remote cliff in Vinh Hy Bay, encased between lush greenery. All courtesy of the Nui Chua National Park and golden sand beaches lining the southern Vietnamese coastline.

Amanoi, from Sanskrit words aman meaning "peace" and noi meaning "place," boasts a modern beachside experience. You can also experience a full-service Aman Spa treatment. The resort is a tranquil retreat that inspires adventure and luxury to guests from all over the world. It is also near the popular resort town Nha Trang. As a result, there's nothing short of luxury and comfort on this property. 

Views and Buildings

Arriving guests are led up to Amanoi's Central Pavilion. To say the view from the platform up this temple-like structure is breathtaking would be an understatement. From the panoramic ocean view and dramatic coastline to the 100 acres of lush greenery fanning out over slate-roofed pavilions, it is truly a sight to behold. 

Traditional Vietnamese buildings inspired world-renowned Belgian architect, Jean-Michel Gathy, to design the resort in a similar fashion. It entails lots of wood, warm earthy tones, neutral-toned fabric, and simple furniture. Besides, the attention to detail in the interior's plush designs create the best contrast with the surrounding environment. 

The Central Pavilion houses a wide terrace, a restaurant-cum-bar, a library with reading material in several languages, and a music and board games collection.

Pavilions and Villas

You didn't think the exterior view was the only magnificent thing about Amanoi, did you? The interior is just as magnificent as the exterior view, if not more. The hotel also spans a total of 35 residence areas — 31 pavilions and 5 villas. The pavilions all face spectacular views of the numerous lakes, ocean, and hillside, effortlessly combining luxury with nature.

Each pavilion has state-of-the-art furniture, a large, ornate king-sized bed, a seating area, and an en suite bathroom. Besides, a private wooden sundeck is present to view the Vinh Hy Bay ocean and mountain ranges. Villas also come with additional heated private pools and private beaches, and the latticed windows attached to curving roofs assure guests total privacy.

Vietnamese Dining Experience

Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest and tastiest globally. The use of fresh local ingredients and selective herbs and spices are widely acclaimed. The Beach Club, a restaurant in Amanoi, is available for lunch and light snacks, while Central Pavilion offers a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. 

Though these menus feature dishes from countries worldwide, Vietnamese food is the highlight of Amanoi's menu. Fresh fish is widely used in cuisines. They are drawn straight from surrounding waters and delivered directly from local fishing boats.

Herbs and vegetables are also grown and picked from the resort's organic garden to give you the authentic experience of quality Vietnamese cuisine. 


Remember the full-service Aman Spa treatment mentioned earlier? The two spa houses have local hammams, small flower-scented lakes, and plunge pools, perfect for an intensive self-care session. Amanoi also hosts individual Wellness Immersions. These carefully designed programs promote wellbeing for a longer, healthier life, enhance spiritual connection, and achieve an overall sense of peace. 

The program also includes special movement and bodywork sessions, complimentary yoga classes, and hydrotherapy sessions orchestrated by globally renowned experts. Not only is this program well thought of, but it is also personalized to suit your needs. This, though, is usually done after the initial wellbeing orientation and preview. 

Nutritional education also lies at the heart of this program. Coupling this with the wellness and fitness sessions arm you with the knowledge to lead a healthier life.

Vietnamese Adventure Experiences on Land

Amanoi is situated between a national park and a marine reserve. This makes it an ideal location for all guests, especially naturalists, as it embraces nature from all angles - the beachside view spanning around the southern Vietnamese coast and the abundance of forestry up north. 

Expert guides explore national parks and reserves with guests, revealing the untainted wilderness overflowing with a myriad of colorful plants, flowers, and a variety of birds, and wildlife.


Amanoi has it all, in an ideal location for all sorts of guests. What's more, the resort is in a secluded, private space, so you won't need to worry about trespassers or burglars. Furthermore, the hotel boasts picturesque designs on the exterior and interior structures, great food, and the ocean's stunning scenery.

There are also lakes and white-sand beaches, amazing customer services, and a wellness and fitness program that caters to basically every need. There's no better place to be than Amanoi.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Amanoi is a secluded coastal retreat, in a cradle of biodiversity between Núi Chúa National Park and a pristine, coral-rich bay.

  • The resort’s private beach slopes towards forests of colourful coral, offering limitless opportunities of life to be discovered in both land and sea.

  • Utterly private, each Wellness Pool Villa is an elegant residence providing a tranquil immersion into nature and holistic wellbeing.

Amanoi Video

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Amanoi Location

Amanoi Weather Forecast

Vinh Hy Village

Good to know about Amanoi

The best time is from March to September.

Temperatures range between 25 to 33C (77 to 91F) with hot sunny days and more relaxed at night with ocean breezes. The 250 days of sunshine annually is ideal for enjoying water sports at Amanoi's private beach, such as water skiing, Hobie Cat sailing, or discovering the underwater world of 307 coral varieties with snorkeling.

Trek in the national park or right onsite the property is a great way to discover the flora and fauna biodiversity of thorny and cactus family plants, watch 181 bird species and appreciate the impressive wildlife and landscape.

From October to February

Temperatures are between 21 to 27C (70 o 80F), with rain intervals mainly in October and November, and the windy season is until February. Enjoy a full-day spa program to relax and recharge your energy with Amanoi signature massage, scented bath, a body ritual, and facial care. For a holistic experience, unwind in the exclusive Wellness Pool Villas with private facilities and therapists to rejuvenate the body and soul with Morrocan Hammam or contemporary Banya treatment. The dining menu is prepared with fresh herbs from Amanoi's organic garden and local ingredients and can be enjoyed in your villa and residence.

Yes, the resort is family friendly with a wide range of kids activities such as: kids swimming pool, fishing, visiting local village, painting, jungle games, etc...
The airport transfer is free of charge for hotel guests
Parking is free of charge for hotel guests

Recycle & reuse - Amanoi use paper straws, biodegradable room amenities (corn starch shower caps, wood dental kits, shavers, combs).

Bath amenities are bought in a big container and poured into ceramic bottles, so no use for plastic bottles. They are working on their drinking water system with glass bottle containers to replace plastic bottles.
Food supply: Reduce animal products and maximize welfare standards - reduction of waste and packaging. The hotel uses seasonal local products and does not use fish species identified as at risk. A minimum of 75% of the menu is from local, sustainable products. Menus feature local dishes and ingredients which are sourced and specific to the region with seasonally changing menus.
Amanoi has a sewage plant that recycles water, and greywater is used for watering gardens.
Also, Amanoi does do not use any fertilizers for plants in the hotel. Plants are naturally grown as we are in the national park.
- They also plant some of the coral species in front and around our beach area to restore some of the damaged reefs. This has been ongoing for years, and we have seen a lot more fish around the reef.
Amanoi offers a complimentary stay for maximum 2 children under 12 years old in each bedroom in all room types. Complimentary breakfast for children from 0-5 years old, 50% off for children from 6-11 years old.
Yes Babysitting service is available for 14 USD plus tax per hour

Amanoi offers 2 restaurants:
Central Pavilion is the main restaurant with all-day dining and features an international cuisine
Beach Club is open for lunch only and serves casual simple food
Besides, they provide private dining experiences in various locations such as Beach BBQ, Cliff Pool, Rock Studio, in-Villa dining, etc... (advanced booking is required).

Yes, the Amanoi Chefs are very flexible and happy to cater to any special dietary needs.
Breakfast is available daily from 7:00 am until 10:30 am
The cost for the breakfast is normally 40 USD per person
The hotel bar welcomes guest from 5pm until midnight
Yes, room service is 24 hours available
Amanoi is located directly on a white sandy beach. The best time to swiss in the sea is from March to September. It is a private beach, with direct access for resort guests only.
There are no connecting rooms, however, Amanoi offers 2-5 bedroom Residences which is perfect for families.
Amanoi is located in Ninh Thuan province - one of the driest regions in Vietnam with 250 days of sunshine per year.
There are 2 outdoor pools that have a temperature between 25 and 30 degrees and are open from 7 am until 6 pm.
80% of the hotel rooms feature a private pool
Yes there a 2 Tennis courts available
Yes, Amanoi is offering a daily complimentary movement group class from 8-9 am. Private sessions are available upon request with a fee.
The Spa the gym are open daily from 7 am until 8 pm
Yes, the private pools are heated and can be heated up to maximum 35 degrees
Yes, tea & coffee making facilities available in every room
Yes there is a complimentary daily afternoon from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm at Central Pavilion including tea, coffee, local delicacies, cookies, cakes, and fruits
Yes, Amanoi offers a wide range of water sports like Snorkeling, Kayak, Paddle Board, Hobie Cat, Water Skiing, Windsurfing, Schiller Water bikes.

The information provided is circumstantial - and is not indefinite in accuracy. Changes may have occurred.

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