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Rooms and Suites at Great Fosters Hotel

From 317 USD
Luxury Room

Luxury Room ( 291ft2 )

The luxury king rooms are located in The Dower House and The Coach House. They are just a short walk across the courtyard. Depending on

From 337 USD
Cosy Room

Cosy Room ( 140ft2 - 151ft2 )

These Cosy double rooms are ideal for a short stay. They are mostly located in the Main House on the upper floor, with just one

From 363 USD
Comfy Room

Comfy Room ( 172ft2 )

The comfy king-bedded rooms in The Cloisters and Coach House can be reached across a courtyard. The Cloister's comfy king rooms are on the ground

From 388 USD
Main House Comfy Room

Main House Comfy Room ( 183ft2 - 215ft2 )

The Main House Comfy Room is located on the 1st & 2nd floors of the historic building. Some have views of the parterres and lime

From 553 USD
Spacious Suite

Spacious Suite ( 334ft2 )

The hotel offers eight spacious super king suites, split between The Cloisters and Coach House. In The Cloisters, three suites on the ground floor overlook

From 604 USD
Splendid Suite

Splendid Suite ( 269ft2 )

The Splendid Historic Suites are individually decorated and located on the first floor of both The Main House and Dower House. Each suite boasts original

From 655 USD
Waterloo Suite

Waterloo Suite ( 355ft2 )

The Waterloo Suite on the second floor of The Main House was refurbished at the start of 2020. It is timelessly elegant, decorated in a

From 782 USD
Duke Of Wellington Suite

Duke Of Wellington Suite ( 355ft2 )

The Duke of Wellington Suite is located on the second floor of The Main House. The bedroom offers beautiful views of the parterres and Saxon

From 973 USD
Italian Suite

Italian Suite ( 388ft2 )

The Italian Suites, located on the hotel's 1st floor, pay homage to the flamboyance of the Italian Renaissance. As guests enter, they are greeted by

From 973 USD
Marlborough Suite

Marlborough Suite ( 484ft2 )

One of the suites at the Dower House is called 'Marlborough.' It's named after a grand house in London. The Marlborough Suite is on the

From 973 USD
Byfleet Suite

Byfleet Suite ( 377ft2 )

The Byfleet Suite, situated on the 1st floor of the Dower House, offers captivating views across the Cloisters and the ancient roofline of Great Fosters.

From 973 USD
Panel II Suite

Panel II Suite ( 431ft2 )

Panel II suite, situated on The Main House's first floor, boasts spacious dimensions and retains its original elements, including a splendid fireplace and lofty ceilings.

From 1,126 USD
Nursery Suite

Nursery Suite ( 657ft2 )

The Nursery Suite, located on the 2nd floor of The Main House, offers a spacious double room with an en suite shower room. Adjacent to

From 1,126 USD
Queen Anne Suite

Queen Anne Suite ( 527ft2 )

The Queen Anne Suite, situated on the first floor of The Main House, offers breathtaking views of the parterres from both the bedroom and adjacent

From 1,126 USD
Tapestry Suite

Tapestry Suite ( 614ft2 )

The Tapestry Suite, located on the first floor of The Main House at The Great Fosters estate, was once the drawing room of the Tudor

Great Fosters Hotel

The Great Fosters Hotel is a captivating destination in Surrey, England. The hotel dates back to the 16th century and offers a unique blend of old-world charm and modern elegance. It is excellent for a romantic escape, a family vacation, or a corporate event. Join us as we take an in-depth look at the exceptional facilities, dining options, and other amenities that make Great Fosters Hotel a gem.


Great Fosters Hotel sits among the peaceful countryside in Surrey, England. It is a monument of elegant luxury. This is a historic hotel surrounded by beautiful gardens. It also has a long history. It offers an excellent retreat for people seeking peace and luxury. We invite you to embark on an adventure to discover the allure and charm of Great Fosters.

Great Fosters is a hotel in the heart of London's West End. But its origins date back to the sixteenth century. It was originally a royal hunting house, but it became a magnificent manor over time. Later on, it turned into a luxurious luxury hotel. Moreover, the architectural charm and the historical importance of the estate are visible throughout the hotel. This gives guests a rare glimpse at the past.

As you enter the hotel, you are immediately transported into a world of elegance. The interiors are a blend of traditional charm with contemporary elements. This creates a warm and inviting environment. The hotel is also awash with gilded fireplaces. Not to mention ornate woodwork and chandeliers.

The gardens are also one of the hotel's most attractive features. The grounds of the estate cover over 50 acres. They are a haven of peace and beauty. Besides, you can wander along the paths that receive the morning sun. Or, marvel at the colorful flower beds or admire the old trees. Enjoy a stroll through the gardens. Guests can also picnic in the grass or find a quiet spot to read a book.


Egham train station is five minutes away by taxi. Besides, it takes 40 minutes to reach Waterloo. Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park, where polo is played on Smith's Lawn during summer, are nearby. There is also Runnymede's Magna Carta memorial within 20 minutes by car. Moreover, the Virginia Water Lake theme park and Saville Garden are also nearby.

Service and Facilities

Great Fosters offers more than just luxurious accommodation and delicious dining. It also provides a variety of unforgettable experiences that will enrich your visit. Enjoy a classic afternoon tea in the Drawing Room. Or, spend a day in the wine cellars. The estate also has a variety of outdoor activities. These include tennis courts, croquet, and fishing. Staff members are also attentive. They will ensure that your entire stay will be memorable.

This grand hotel is brought up-to-date with a modern makeover. It combines electric blue furniture, chrome fittings, elegant Jacobean pieces, and sculpted ceilings. The oak-paneled lounge's ceilings still bear the crests of Queen Anne Boleyn. And the coats of arms of Queen Elizabeth and King Henry VII and their hunting lodge are still in this building. Moreover, the sundial dates from 1585. It is a gift from Sir Francis Drake.

Furthermore, enjoy archery and a heated outdoor pool. This completes with the original bathing boxes from the 1920s. There is also tennis, spa treatments in your Room, and croquet.


Great Fosters was originally a hunting lodge by the Royal Family in 1550. It still bears evidence of its noble past. Henry VIII may have lived in this home, as the ceiling designs of Anne Boleyn's Room are decorated with her crests. Elizabeth was also a guest. Moreover, you will find Elizabeth's original 1598 royal crest above the porch.

Great Fosters is in north Surrey. It was designed to be convenient for the royals, as it's between Windsor Castle and Hampton Court. It is the ideal location to visit Windsor Castle, Hampton Court Palace, and Windsor Great Park. Ascot and many other attractions are also nearby.


There are 56 guest rooms. The bedrooms in the main home have a fresh, light feel. Thanks to patterned gray wallpaper, modern white furniture, and chrome lamps. Moreover, the fireplaces, chaise lounges, and the bathroom with dark wood panels retain their historical elements. Each Room also has a bathrobe, slippers, and L'Occitane bathroom products.

If you are celebrating a special event, choose one of the five historic rooms. These come with jewels like early 17th-century Flemish Tapestries (Tapestry Room) or Italian Rococo furnishings and Quattrocento Doors (Italian Room). The Coach House rooms and Cloisters also feature a contemporary style in pastels.


It would be a shame to visit Great Fosters and not enjoy their delicious cuisine. Tudor Pass has won a Michelin star, recognizing its excellent and innovative food. It also has a cozy atmosphere. Chef Tony Parkin is known for his precision and complexity of flavors. Moreover, each dish features locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, creating a culinary masterpiece.

The eclectic list of wines includes half-bottles and a Soave recommended by the Sommelier. You can also buy wine by the glass.

Estate Grill is also a great restaurant. It offers a variety of classic British dishes with a modern touch. Here, you will find a wide variety of breakfast items. These include fresh fruits, roasted prunes, sweet pastries, honey, and jams. Full English cooked perfectly. French toast is also available, as well as smoked salmon and more.


Nestled in the Surrey countryside, Great Fosters Hotel is a testament to timeless elegance and luxury. With its rich history dating back to the 16th century, this historic hotel blends old-world charm with modern sophistication. From its stunning architectural features to its manicured gardens, this hotel offers every guest a great experience. Whether seeking an escape, planning a romantic getaway, or organizing a memorable event, this destination will surely leave a lasting impression. Book your stay at Great Fosters Hotel today.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Despite its countryside setting, this hotel is within easy reach of London. A perfect balance between the countryside and the accessibility of the city.
  • Great Fosters Hotel is known for its remarkable gardens. It span across 50 acres of manicured lawns, intricate topiaries, and vibrant flower beds.
  • The ancient Saxon moat, surrounds the property. This rare water feature adds a sense of enchantment and provides a unique setting for guests to admire.
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Hotel Style
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  • Romantic
Pet Friendly, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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