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Rooms and Suites at Gleneagles Hotel

From 607 USD
Main House Estate Room

Main House Estate Room ( 431ft2 )

The Main House Estate Room is a large double room exuding the charm of a countryside manor. It is situated in the main section of

From 825 USD
Country Room

Country Room ( 323ft2 )

The Country Room is a charming and elegantly furnished bedroom that captures the essence of the Scottish countryside. It provides a cozy retreat after a

From 952 USD
Manor Room

Manor Room ( 323ft2 - 431ft2 )

The Manor Room offers two options: a room with lovely views or a more spacious inner-facing room. Each room embodies the essence of Scottish luxury,

From 952 USD
Estate Suite

Estate Suite ( 603ft2 - 958ft2 )

The Gleneagles Estate Suite is a lavish and roomy sanctuary, featuring separate sitting rooms and dining areas. With breathtaking views of the hotel grounds, gardens,

From 952 USD
Large Manor Family Room

Large Manor Family Room ( 431ft2 )

The Large Manor Family Room is a generously sized room that faces inward. It exudes the essence of Scottish luxury with its exquisite furnishings, lavish

From 1,111 USD
Braid House Estate Room

Braid House Estate Room ( 431ft2 )

The Braid House Estate Room is the most spacious option available. Situated in the newer wing of the estate, these beautiful rooms offer balconies with

From 1,904 USD
2 Bedroom Whisky Suite

2 Bedroom Whisky Suite ( 1184ft2 - 1453ft2 )

The exclusive and intimate two-bedroom Whisky Suites are located on the top floor of the hotel, offering breathtaking views of the estate. These suites perfectly

From 2,507 USD
Whisky Suite

Whisky Suite ( 990ft2 - 1098ft2 )

The Whisky Suite offers breathtaking views of the hotel grounds, gardens, and the surrounding Perthshire countryside. Each suite is uniquely designed and provides a lavish

From 3,015 USD
2 Bedroom Tower Suite

2 Bedroom Tower Suite ( 1679ft2 )

Introducing the 2 Bedroom Tower Suite, a remarkable and lavish accommodation nestled in the historic tower of the hotel. This extraordinary suite spans two floors,

From 6,474 USD
Royal Lochnagar Suite

Royal Lochnagar Suite ( 1640ft2 )

The Royal Lochnagar Suite at Gleneagles is a stunning and lavish room. It offers breathtaking views of the picturesque Glendevon and Ochil Hills. The suite's

Gleneagles Hotel

The monumental Gleneagles Hotel is an epic creation of a luxury 5-star hotel. It finds its spot in Perthshire, the fourth largest county in Scotland. Gleneagles is also a paragon of architecture. It has a whopping 850 acres of land dedicated to it. This makes it one of the finest hotels in the region.

Moreover, Gleneagles witnessed a mega recreation in the recent past, merging the rustic Scottish splendor of grand receptions and refined architecture. Nonetheless, the refurbishment brought it closer to its railway resort heritage. This ignited the much sought-after urbane semblance.

The Hotel is a union between fine dining, subtle furnishings, spaciousness, and an aristocratic vibe. Besides being surrounded by surreal lakes and lush greenery, the ambiance inside is versatile. The ultra-modern swimming pools and the bar are a charm. The subtle decor of the bedrooms and baths adds the timeless touch paying homage to the Scottish guise.


The Gleneagles Hotel specializes in countless services, with outdoor recreational activities being the main attraction. The staff is professional and adept, keeping the resort spotless and pristine. Moreover, the mini Burlington Arcade of shops features luxury items like diamond jewelry and cashmere.

Additionally, the Glendevon Room is open for tea or coffee. It is almost a live image of a fairytale Ballroom letting guests indulge in the laid-back afternoon hours against a panoramic view of the surreal green lawn outside. The peace and serenity surrounding the Glendevon Room call for light-hearted conversations or, perhaps, just a book to read. Besides, the sunny lounge caters to guests with savory dishes, pastries, sandwiches, and more.

The view of freshly cut grass accompanies afternoon tea. Guests can also dive into the hot pool. Furthermore, the steam room, the Jacuzzi, and the sauna are part of the package. The outdoor hot pool is also open for all. In addition, there are multiple outdoor activities like tennis, archery, biking, and croquet.

The Hotel also has a range of activities for the younger lot, making it the perfect resort for family vacations. The country pursuits are another major attraction at the Hotel. It features recreational activities like off-road driving, horse riding, shooting, and hiking in the Ochil hills. Plus, get an immersive experience of the lakes with fly-fishing and falconry.


Set in stone in the prime Perthshire countryside for over a century, the 850-acre estate is where the fun begins. The location earned itself a reputation for being the elite's destination. The claim is justified to the tee, with an entire train station exclusive. Hop on board from the London train station, and you will arrive at the monumental resort in just five hours. In addition, Glasgow and Edinburgh are an hour away by car. This makes the Gleneagles a perfect getaway for the adventure hunter. Furthermore, the property is just an hour away from the Edinburgh airport.


The Hotel was the "Riviera in the Highlands" in its initial years in the early 1900s. It now stands unabated as the epitome of luxury. The resort was envisioned as a grand country house hotel, a dream coming to life. It has a golf course by Donald Matheson, its founder. Draped in extravagance and utter luxury, the Hotel recreation the roaring twenties. It breathes life to championship golf courses, country pursuits, and utter relaxation. The Gleneagles Hotel is upscale in all its entirety. It ravishes bedrooms with the key ingredient of peace and tranquility.

Rooms and Suites

The five-star Hotel is not just that in its namesake. Instead, 232 guest rooms are a work of art. Each showcases an avant-garde moment with contemporary colors merging with sheer minimalism, retaining the Victorian caprice. Moreover, the peculiar details of antique binoculars on a stone fitting give away an erratic vibe. This adds the right amount of "zing" to an otherwise generic Suite.

Culinary Experience

Regarding food and dining, be prepared for a full-blown Great Gatsby-style evening in an atmosphere of utter luxury and splendor. Save your best gowns for dinner-time as each evening is a formal event at the award-winning resort. Guests can choose from various options from the Michelin Starred Andrew Fairlie restaurant. It serves classic French cuisine. There is also the Strathearn Restaurant specializing in Scottish food. The Birnam brasserie dishes out gourmet Mediterranean cuisine with a slightly casual ambiance.

Furthermore, the Dormy Clubhouse Bar and Grill are a popular option for guests onboard looking for great food minus extravagance. Apart from that, the 24-hour service at the Hotel is yet another option to try out.


Gleneagles features a range of services in the name of wellness. The Hotel has two state-of-the-art spas for those who have rejuvenation and mindfulness as a priority. Moreover, the Hotel has collaborated with a renowned naturopath and nutritionist, Rosemary Ferguson. This brings guests the best holistic treatments focusing on overall wellness and nutrition. Apart from that, the Hotel offers the services of a day spa. Here, guests can retreat to oil massages and relax in a hot tub.

Fitness Center

Guests can enroll in the fitness training program if they don't want to miss out on their gym sessions. The pools also add up to the package with the outdoor thermal pools and the two indoor pools. Furthermore, the gym is fully-equipped for fitness enthusiasts, along with 850 acres of glorious playground of country pursuits. Guests can work out in fitness programs or participate in recreational activities.

Additional Facilities

The Gleneagles Hotel bore its inception with a country estate and a golf course vision. The Hotel has nurtured its vision to date. It runs three major championship golf courses and a nine-hole Academy Course.

The PGA Centenary hosted Ryder Cup 2014 and Solheim Cup 2019. This makes Gleneagles the finest property for the golf sport. Plus, the resort runs professional coaching for players. As a result, it produced plenty of seasoned players at its behest.


The Gleneagles restaurant has a unique range of services catering to the younger lot. The facilities for children include a dedicated zone, the Little Glen. It features a game zone for teenagers and an indoor treehouse. There is also a special train for children at its railway station. Moreover, there is a railway bridge for children to climb over.

Major attractions are Xboxes, PS4s, and a cinema. Besides, there are old-school games like mammoth snakes and ladders grid. Additionally, outdoor recreational activities like falconry and off-road driving in miniature Land Rovers. Plus, there is ferret racing and pony rides. These are all a part of the outdoor pursuits for children.


The Gleneagles Hotel renders a complete package for those looking for family vacations. Moreover, it is the perfect venue for special occasions such as wedding ceremonies or honeymoons. The Conde Nast Traveller awarded Hotel gives away a delightful experience, making each moment spent a special one.

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  • Choose from 3 unique golf courses that are among Scotland's most famous.
  • Enjoy the atmosphere at the Century Bar. They offer over 120 different whiskeys.
  • This is an excellent hotel for families. Kids get entertained and even drive miniature Land Rovers on the grounds.
  • 232
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Golf
  • Adventure
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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