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Nestled between the historical Oxford Street, Brooks Street, and Bond Street in Mayfair is the magnificent Claridge’s Hotel. Mayfair often ranks as one of London’s most prestigious places with top-notch residential spaces and a community that brims with life.

Mayfair has become the favorite spot for many tourists due to the museums like the Royal Academy of Arts. Besides, landmarks like Berkeley Square and striking sites like the Wellington monument are also part of it. Interestingly, Central London also plays host to some high-quality hotels and guest houses.

With an iconic character that marks the perfect blend of glamour and comfort, the hotel stands tall against the sapphire skies of London. Outside its revolving doors, seven international flags sway in the light breeze as if paying homage to the elite guests coming to Claridge’s from all parts of the world.

When a first-time guest whirls through the doors, the mesmerizing sight offers an unforgettable experience. For the people that yearn for a tour of the Victorian England of the nineteenth century, this 5-star luxury hotel in the heart of Mayfair proves to be an ideal option.

The gleaming chandeliers, checked flooring, Victorian fireplaces, and circular staircases greet guests like the warm sun rays on a winter morning. From the timeless artworks hanging on the well-furnished walls to the silver spoons in the cutlery of dining halls, every other object at Claridge’s has a story to tell.

A Brief History of Claridge’s

A team of skillful architects poured their soul into the work when they rebuilt this hotel’s classic building in the 1890s. The exterior comprises cast-iron balconies, slate roofs, and the iconic red brick walls. Simultaneously, the hotel’s interior speaks volumes about careful planning and expert designing that went into its construction.

The sunburnt motifs, vibrant colors, and geometrical influences in the architecture manifest that Claridge’s has become an Art Deco landmark in contemporary times. Over the decades, this edifice's remarkable character and unique location have attracted many celebrities, artists, and politicians. 

If one skims through the hotel’s guest records, the names of many visitors will ring nostalgic bells. Moreover, these often rekindle the childhood memories of watching those people perform on the TV or reading about them in history textbooks. From Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn to Winston Churchill and Queen Victoria herself, Claridge’s has been home to an entire spectrum of dignitaries. 

Rooms and Suites

Though some deluxe suites of the London hotels have queen-sized beds, Claridge’s transcends them by maintaining entire Queen or Superior-King rooms. A great majority of rooms feature a beautiful contrast between the vintage themed furniture and beige colored walls. 

Owing to its rich heritage, Claridge’s entails unique luxurious suites. These include Prince Alexander suite, Empress Eugenie suite, Deluxe Mayfair suite, and Claridge’s King room. Each of these has unique features that cater to the taste of different guests. 

The Corner Suite, for example, has bay windows, high ceilings, and impeccable lighting. Its wooden furniture, comfortable sofas loaded with velvet cushions, and two emperor beds make it the epitome of luxury.

The Emperess Eugenie suite, on the other hand, is embellished in warm gray and antique gold tones. Moreover, the impressive Art Deco and delicate silk commemorate the French Empress who played host to Queen Victoria at this place. There is also a noteworthy Claridge’s Studio with its twin-sized beds and mesmerizing craftsmanship. 

From carefully picked antique pieces to the hand-stitched fabric, every detail in this room is a work of art. It is the perfect amalgamation of culture and modernity. The amenities range from vanity dressing tables and traditional paintings to giant LEDs and portable Bluetooth speakers.

All of the suites offer a highly appreciable panoramic view of Davies Street and Brooks street. Thus, guests can witness life unfurling on the luxurious Mayfair streets from the comfort of their balconies.

Bars and Restaurants

Like the themed luxurious suites, Claridge’s also entails many signature restaurants with unique characters and styles. They are known for impeccable service and delightful ambiance, alongside the top-notch quality of foods and drinks. 

Among the most epic restaurants of Central London is Claridge’s Davies and Brooks. The American Masterchef, Daniel Humm, famously opened the restaurant a few years back. It features various seating arrangements, ranging from a central table and surrounding chairs for a large gathering to thoughtfully arranged tables for one. Additionally, the extensive menu includes everything from honey-glazed ducks to top-tier wine, and it is updated seasonally.

For an iconic afternoon tea and a relaxing reading time, guests head over to The Foyer. As a reading space accompanies it, it is perfect for book enthusiasts who love a literary debate over a cup of tea. However, The Foyer also serves artful cocktails, breakfast, and dinner. 

The musical notes from the grand piano and the beautiful shimmer of the art on the walls complement the dining atmosphere. Since Claridge’s is family-friendly, there is also a special children’s menu at The Foyer.

Wine Cellar

This luxurious hotel caters to all kinds of people. For wine enthusiasts or those looking to discover new flavors, there is a grandiose wine cellar. With its impressive collection of rare vintage wine, the wine cellar boasts the highly sought-after viniculture craftsmanship. It houses over a thousand bottles of champagnes and exquisite wine in its collection. 

From Jeroboams to Champagne Magnums, this cellar has all varieties-especially ordered from Italy, South America, and Spain. There is also a remarkable collection of decanters and glassware for those who love delicate accessories and antique masterpieces. Above all, guests can revel in the cellar’s ambiance while drinking or take the bottle to their suites.

Health Club and Spa

For visitors who prioritize their well-being, Claridge’s offers multi-faceted health club and spa services. The club is stacked with the latest gym machinery that facilitates people in maintaining their fitness routine. 

There are also experienced personal trainers for assistance and motivation. Thanks to the facilities available at Claridge’s, guests feel at home when vacationing with their family and friends.

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Rooms and Suites at Claridge's

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Claridge's Suite ( 1076ft2 )

Created by royal designer David Linley, these suites evoke all the spirit and style of Claridge’s. Allow your personal butler to pour the champagne as...

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Superior Room ( 431ft2 )

Individually designed, the Superior Room features all the art deco style and elegance of Claridge’s. Expect rich furnishings, either a king (twin beds...

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Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

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Claridge's Studio ( 538ft2 )

The closer you look, the more there is to see. A Claridge’s Studio is a showcase for detailed craftsmanship. Every room at Claridge’s has been careful...

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Claridge's Room ( 484ft2 )

A modern-day homage to art deco or classic style, a Claridge’s Room blends contemporary comfort with historic charm. These spacious rooms pair the lat...

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Deluxe Mayfair Suite ( 958ft2 )

Marrying art deco style notes with contemporary flourishes, the Deluxe Mayfair Suites are Claridge’s through and through. Past and present are interwo...

From 822 USD

Classic Room ( 431ft2 )

Individually designed, the Classic King Room features all the art deco style and elegance of Claridge’s. Expect rich furnishings, the latest technolog...

From 2,794 USD

Classic Suite ( 861ft2 )

These spacious one-bedroom suites are available in either traditional or art deco style and feature rich fabrics and elegant furnishings.Step into the...

From 3,595 USD

Corner Suite ( 1130ft2 )

A suite that shifts with the light, the Claridge’s Corner Suite is your very own corner of London. High ceilings and large bay windows set an elegant...

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