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Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai

Giorgio Armani’s first-ever hotel, Armani Hotel Dubai, offers tremendous luxury to guests. It is a must-visit for travelers up for an indulgent, luxury-filled vacation. From the suites on 38 and 39 floors, visitors can get breathtaking views of the dancing Dubai Fountain, which lights up at night.


Located in downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Armani Hotel Dubai is on the eighth floor of the world’s tallest tower, iconic Burj Khalifa. Besides, it has a range of restaurants, high-end fashion boutiques, shops, and the enchanting Dubai Fountain surrounding it. Guests at the resort can also pay a visit to the Dubai Opera. It houses the famous Loft restaurant, where unlimited caviar is available at Friday brunch.

Infrastructure and Design

The infrastructure at the Armani Hotel Dubai is a perfect encapsulation of Armani’s signature style. From the architecture to the interior décor, every tiny aspect speaks to Giorgio’s posh design. As guests walk through the grand entrance, they will spot the marble-floored lobby. This beautiful lobby boasts a curved ceiling plated bronze that glitters in the light. 

The careful attention to detail is also impeccable. You can notice the stylish Armani logo on tables, cutlery, door handles, and armchairs. Corridors and hallways also have warm, pastel lights. Moreover, colorful displays of brightly-hued blossoms offer a striking pop of color against the muted taupe tones.

Rooms and Suites

The 160 guest rooms and suites at Armani Hotel Dubai embody a minimalistic yet aesthetic design with custom fabrics, polished wood, and bespoke furnishings. Muted brown and gray color tones create a typical Armani theme. Furthermore, padded walls have curved edges to add sensuous contours that further add a luxurious essence. 

Rooms have large walk-in closets where you can unpack all your clothes or fill them with new fashionable articles from the Armani store. Additionally, tall glass windows offer a captivating view of the bustling city. Some exclusive suites also include private balconies overlooking the gorgeous Dubai Fountain. Besides, guests can spend a lovely evening reclining on the balcony, munching snacks, and sipping drinks.

Sliding glass doors reveal inside a flat-screen DVD player and a minibar with tasty snacks to settle all your midnight cravings.

In addition to a comfy king-size bed with Hanse goose down and feather pillows, rooms boast sleek bathrooms stocked with Giorgio Armani-designed toiletries. Double vanity, giant soaking tubs, and rain showers further enhance the bathing experience. Guests also have access to a butler station equipped with a private bar and coffee machines. Now, you can relax in the bathtub, skim through magazines while sipping a delicious latte.

What's more, the bedside iPod console allows guests to regulate temperature conditions. They can also make reservations for spa treatments and restaurants, call for room service or pre-book yoga and fitness classes.

The exclusive Armani Dubai fountain suite is spread over a large area of 4200 square feet. It includes two bedrooms, a fully stocked pantry, and a full-service bar. There is also a study, a walk-in wardrobe, and a gorgeous private balcony.

Restaurants and Dining

Among the luxurious hotels in Dubai, Armani carries some favorite eateries. There is no more satisfying start to the day than having early morning breakfast at Mediterraneo. Here, a pork-free gourmet buffet is available to all. Also, among customer-favorite dishes is the cheese-filled frittata that is light and fluffy and melts at first bite.

At the Armani Lounge, which has a panoramic view of the Dubai Fountain, visitors love coming for afternoon tea or aperitivo. However, if you want to eat full and are a lover of Italian cuisine, consider heading over to the Armani Deli. The menu varies daily but has primarily Italian dishes, including European cheese pasta, charcuterie, and pastries.

Moreover, the Armani Ristorante is famous for its Ristorante’s La Sfera, which is served as a sphere built from delicate strands of caramel. Once the sphere is gently cracked, it reveals panna cotta inside coupled with decadent cream, crunchy biscuit, and compote. The beautiful presentation is also a banger, and a huge reason visitors frequently order the dish at Armani Hotel Dubai. Moreover, the sommelier will also guide you about the wine collection and help you choose the one that matches your liking. 

The Armani Amal brings about an exciting twist to traditional Indian cuisines by incorporating creative, contemporary touches. Guests dine in an airy, open terrace overlooking the Dubai Fountain. Furthermore, the beautiful ambiance and the scrumptious menu create a fantastic blend, and visitors love every moment spent.

Additionally, seafood lovers shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Armani Hashi. This is where seafood from around the world is freshly cooked and served. Gorge on sushi, sashimi, and Japanese-inspired food against a backdrop of jazz music. 


Located on the third floor, Armani Spa is where specialists offer thermal treatments. An elegant space encloses domed suites, saunas, and steam rooms, making it the perfect place to relax. 

If you’re unsure which treatment to receive, the consultation team will fill you in on each of the three treatments available, helping you choose the one you need. The MU treatment includes mainly massages to induce relaxation in muscles. 

Additionally, the Liberta treatment relieves physical pain and includes exercises. Lastly, Fluidità restores internal balance.

Fitness Center

Armani Hotel Dubai also has a fitness center with advanced equipment that includes treadmills and free weights. There are also Peloton bikes for those on a fitness regime. Open throughout the afternoon, guests can come over for a robust gym session.

Additional Services and Amenities

Many gift shops, ranging from Armani, Dolci, Fiori, and Galleria, await you on the ground floor. There, you can purchase quality chocolates, fashion accessories, makeup, and lovely, fresh flowers. 

The swimming pool is also a popular spot on the wide-open terrace in the early afternoons as visitors lie down on the sun loungers or go for a dive into the blue waters. Guests can also stroll to the nearby bar, where they can get tantalizing drinks in glass goblets.

Lifestyle managers at the resort fulfill both butlers and concierge roles. They ensure that all your spa appointments are booked. They also take strict proper customer needs and make sure that each customer is delighted with the services. Be sure to preview the methods of payment, along with the check-in/ check-out times.


A stay with Armani will bring a comfortable experience. Situated right at the heart of Dubai, near Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera, and Finance center, this award-winning 5-star hotel Armani Hotel Dubai is the perfect location for business officials and travelers alike.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The Armani Hotel Dubai holds pride of place within the spectacular Burj Khalifa the worlds tallest tower.

  • Armani Hotel Dubai reflects the pure elegance, simplicity, and sophisticated comfort that define his signature style.

  • Award-winning dining, luxurious spa facilities and signature Armani hospitality combine to create the ultimate experiences.

Rooms and Suites at Armani Hotel Dubai

From 4,003 USD

Armani Dubai Suite ( 4198ft2 )

Maximum occupancy: 5 adults and 1 Child under 12 yrs. old. The Armani Dubai Suite is one of its kind with more space and elegance designed by Giorgio...

From 467 USD

Armani Deluxe Room ( 484ft2 )

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults and 1 Child under 12 yrs. old. The compact yet comfortable Armani Deluxe Rooms are situated across all floors of the hotel...

From 534 USD

Armani Classic Room ( 753ft2 )

Maximum occupancy: 2 adults and 1 Child under 12 yrs. old. Armani Classic Rooms are mainly situated in the centre of the tower. The rooms feature an e...

From 584 USD

Armani Premiere Suite ( 1023ft2 )

Located on all floors, each elegant Armani Premiere Suite features an entrance vestibule with additional walk-in closet, separate living room, and are...

From 630 USD

Armani Premiere Suite with Balcony ( 1023ft2 )

Located on the 7th floor and offering a private balcony, the suites feature bespoke Armani furniture and Giorgio Armani-designed amenities. Each non-s...

From 700 USD

Armani Fountain Suite ( 861ft2 )

Located on the 7th floor with private balconies, the non-smoking suites have uninterrupted views of The Dubai Fountain and bespoke Giorgio Armani amen...

From 747 USD

Armani Fountain Suite with Balcony ( 915ft2 )

Overlooking The Dubai Fountain and situated on all floors, the Armani Fountain Suites offer an entrance vestibule with cloakroom, separate living room...

From 747 USD

Armani Executive Suite ( 1023ft2 )

Located on every floor, Armani Executive Suites have an entrance vestibule with cloakroom, separate living room, multi-function workstation and privat...

From 2,001 USD

Armani Ambassador Suite ( 1615ft2 )

Located on floors 5-6, the expansive Armani Ambassador Suites are personally designed by Giorgio Armani and include an entrance vestibule with cloakro...

From 2,168 USD

Armani Ambassador Suite with Balcony ( 1615ft2 )

Located on floors 5-6, the expansive Armani Ambassador Suites are personally designed by Giorgio Armani and include an entrance vestibule with cloakro...

From 2,568 USD

Armani Signature Suite ( 2530ft2 )

Maximum occupancy: 3 adults and 1 Child under 12 yrs. old. All suites are designed by Giorgio Armani and are located on Levels 38 and 39. These suites...

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