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Rooms and Suites at Le Sereno St Barth

From 968 USD
Hillside Bungalow

Hillside Bungalow ( 350ft2 )

The Hillside Bungalow at Le Sereno offers guests a taste of island serenity. These rooms give a glimpse of the sea, channeling the distinct charm

From 1,104 USD
Piscine Bungalow

Piscine Bungalow ( 375ft2 )

The Piscine Bungalow is the epitome of charm. It nestles beside a shimmering pool. From here, one can cherish garden views. Each bungalow comes with

From 1,483 USD
Plage Sud Grand Suite

Plage Sud Grand Suite ( 485ft2 )

The Plage Sud Grand Suite stands as the epitome of waterfront luxury. It comes with its private terrace. An outdoor bathtub adds to its charm.

From 1,674 USD
Plage Grand Suite

Plage Grand Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Plage Grand Suite is an embodiment of grandeur. It rests right at the waterfront. From here, the ocean offers breathtaking views. This suite boasts

From 1,771 USD
Piscine Suite

Piscine Suite ( 840ft2 )

The Piscine Suite is a sanctuary of seclusion. Perched on the hillside, it promises utmost privacy. Every aspect of the suite radiates calm and coziness.

From 1,876 USD
2 Bedroom Piscine Family Bungalow

2 Bedroom Piscine Family Bungalow ( 1600ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Piscine Family Bungalow offers the perfect space for families. It connects two bungalows through a garden. Each bungalow adjoins the other, creating

From 2,593 USD
2 Bedroom Piscine Family Suite

2 Bedroom Piscine Family Suite ( 969ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Piscine Family Suite sits at Le Sereno. It's part of their 2 bedroom suite collection. This suite is by the pool and

From 2,776 USD
Du Pecheur Villa

Du Pecheur Villa ( 1500ft2 )

The Du Pecheur Villa is an exquisite oceanfront suite. It boasts breathtaking sea views. There's a private pool too. Its location is right on the

From 3,349 USD
Plage Family Grand Suite

Plage Family Grand Suite ( 1400ft2 - 2000ft2 )

The Plage Family Grand Suite at Le Sereno is a haven for families. It's the perfect backdrop for cherished moments with loved ones. It combines

From 3,833 USD
2 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa

2 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa ( 3800ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa stands as an epitome of luxury and comfort. It masterfully intertwines two waterfront suites converging around a pristine

From 4,595 USD
3 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa

3 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa ( 4300ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Village du Pecheur Villa stands proud at Village Du Pecheur. It's a 3 bedroom beachfront property with a private pool. The villa

From 4,881 USD
3 Bedroom Le Sereno Villa

3 Bedroom Le Sereno Villa ( 3500ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Le Sereno Villa is a masterpiece of luxury. It overlooks the vast ocean. This private villa boasts three lavish bedrooms. There's a

Le Sereno St Barth

Nestled between the palm trees that softly whisper in the wind and sandy shores that consume life's footprints is the hotel, Le Sereno St Barth. As a family-owned luxury hotel, it offers intimacy and warmth.

The Le Sereno St Barth perfectly demonstrates quality over quantity with its thirty-nine urbane suites and three impressive villas. Additionally, the resort offers everything that globetrotters seek from their experiences, from privacy and comfort to creative flair and inspiration.

Tourists and adventurers have crowned Saint Barthélemy as an authentic Caribbean Paradise. People seeking relief from the cumbersome monotony of life feel their hearts drawn to the coveted Cul-de-Sac beach's softest hues in St Barts. But, no doubt, the charisma of this place lies in its voguish restaurants and luxury hotels.


The reconstruction of the hotel after the devastation of infrastructure by Hurricane Irma in 2017 proved to be a blessing in disguise. Top-notch architects, proficient designers, and other experts joined hands to upgrade this hotel with the 600 feet long beach on the Grand Cul De Sac bay. Moreover, long-term tourists who used to visit even before the hurricane affirm that luxury and comfort have only increased over the years.

Since it drew inspiration from the island, it stands on - the hotel fits the picture like the puzzle's central piece. Besides, with an incredible décor in the colossal suites, it stands at the crossroads between cozy and spacious. Furthermore, the designer Christian Liaigre's furnishings and wood stone embellishments in the interior design are the very definitions of luxury.

With their grandeur and affluence, very few luxury hotels consider taking an environmental approach to their construction. Le Sereno is among those rare modern establishments that prize ecological sustainability.

From wood to the stones in the minimalistic chic décor, the owners thoughtfully assessed every ornament hanging in the hotel hallways and suites. Additionally, the entire hotel relies on advanced technology to minimize energy consumption.

Rooms and Suites

The thirty-nine sophisticated suites and villas on the property submerge in ivory and white chiffon hues. These create a beautiful contrast with dark-brown furniture and wooden flooring. Moreover, they come with queen-sized luxury beds loaded with plush pillows that absorb guests' fatigue and provide unparalleled comfort. Besides, all rooms, including the spacious villas, offer free high-speed Wi-Fi, DVD players, and flat-screen high-resolution LEDs.

The private, attached bathrooms also complement the rooms. These bathrooms entail everything the guests need (and more), from Ex Voto Paris toiletries and high-tech lighting to dressing spaces and bathtubs. Besides the top-notch amenities, guests also revel in the hospitality of the hotel staff. Available from the brightest to darkest hours, the room service professionally resolves all visitors' queries and concerns.

When the guests return from their tours of historical landmarks and other top-sights of St Barts, the fantastic view from the suites alleviates all their exhaustion. In the hazy afternoons, you can sleep in or devour tea from the comfort of your bed. From the voguish windows that offer panoramic views, you can watch the gold reflected in the water as buoyant waves dance against the primrose sand.

L lodgers love to stroll on the private beach when the night envelops the island. Some whisper reassurances and make vows with each other. Likewise, others merely sit and watch the moon singing her soft lullabies on the beach.

Dining and Restaurants

At the hotel's heart, Le Sereno lies the pinnacle of ambiance and variety; its restaurant Al Mare. None other than the reputable Chef Raffaele Lenzi supervises the restaurant. Earlier at Berton Al Lago, Lenzi was credited for winning the first Michelin star within a year of opening.

At Al Mare, he combines his passion for simmering and roasting with his love for Italian recipes. This infusion results in mouth-watering culinary delights that many guests consider their favorites from the menu. The restaurant staff is the epitome of culinary talent. Besides Lenzi, it comprises Chef Andrea Cimino, whose dishes speak volumes about over fifteen years of professional experience.

The restaurant's open-air setting and unparalleled ambiance enhance its guests' dining experience. They can revel in the mesmerizing view of the great private pool and beach from all seating arrangements. Moreover, the menu has a range of meals from West Indian and Asian cuisine to native seafood to French cuisine. Furthermore, if you don't have the appetite for a full-course dinner, you can sip refreshing drinks from the restaurant's exquisite juice collection.

The highly responsive waiters and accommodative hotel management ensure that the dining experience is remarkable for everyone.

Swimming Pool and Water Sports

Le Sereno St Barth has a beautiful outdoor pool with sea-green Indonesian tiles that reflect the Cerulean blue sky. While some guests prefer swimming in the calm waters, others love sunbathing under the coconut palms that have stood tall for many decades. Accompanying the private pool are gardens famous for their crema luna limestone flooring and classic oak ceilings.

People residing in waterfront suites and bedroom villas delight in the luxury of a private pool. The Grand Suite Plage and Villa Du Pecheur suites even have private outdoor tubs, among other facilities. Guests also receive designer amenities like customized Le Sereno robes and towels by D. Porthault.

Moreover, the Havaianas flip-flops and complimentary beach bags from the hotel are like the cherry on top. In addition, there are high-end boutiques nearby for visitors looking to shop for swimsuits and beachwear.

In their reviews, the visitors speak highly of the politeness and friendliness of the pool staff. Warm-hearted French employees go the extra mile to ensure the comfort of all. The managers also periodically check for feedback to ensure guests have everything they need.

The resort offers free kayaking, jet-ski, kite surfing, and paddleboarding opportunities for adventurous spirits. In addition, reputable professionals impart oceanfront Spa treatment and services that are the epitome of luxury. Guests turn to these to restore the harmony between their bodies and minds. Also, a fitness center is available.


The chic décor, elegant suites, private swimming pool, ocean waves sound, and ample dining opportunities make the hotel Le Sereno St Barth an unforgettable sanctuary. So put your feet in the sand and enjoy!

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  • Le Sereno Hotel St. Barts is a beachfront gem with only 36 Suites.
  • The resort has a 180 meters long beach, and nearly all suites have direct beach access.
  • The restaurants offer French, Indian and Asian cuisine. So even those who stay longer can look forward to varied food.
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