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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

From 945 USD
Deluxe Sea Room

Deluxe Sea Room ( 538ft2 )

You're about to enter the Deluxe Sea Terrace Room, a hidden gem high on the property's heights. It's on the ground floor of Villa Diane,

From 1,155 USD
Prestige Sea View Room

Prestige Sea View Room ( 592ft2 )

The Prestige Sea View Room beckons from its perch on the heights of the property. You'll find it nestled on the lower level of Villa

From 1,365 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 431ft2 )

Experience the Junior Suite, a peaceful retreat in the main house. It seamlessly blends modern design and timeless luxury. It's perched amidst the lush, exotic

From 1,470 USD
Prestige Sea View Junior Suite

Prestige Sea View Junior Suite ( 592ft2 )

Welcome to the Prestige Sea View Junior Suite. When you enter this suite, you're instantly met with a view of exotic vegetation with the backdrop

From 1,575 USD
Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite

Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite ( 538ft2 )

Welcome to the Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite, where the St. Barth ambiance fills every corner. Imagine a place where the Caribbean legends come alive,

From 2,047 USD
Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite

Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite ( 538ft2 )

When you enter the Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite, you instantly feel its elegant and St Barth-inspired ambiance. The decor is calm and stylish, with

From 2,205 USD
Prestige Sea View Suite

Prestige Sea View Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Prestige Sea View Suite is on the first floor of the main building. From here, an awe-inspiring panorama of the Caribbean Sea and Gustavia

From 2,362 USD
Lucien Suite

Lucien Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Lucien Suite is at the top of the main house. It is very luxurious and has a roof terrace. Have you ever imagined what

From 2,520 USD
2 Bedroom Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite

2 Bedroom Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite ( 753ft2 )

Experience the narrative of the 2 Bedroom Deluxe Sea View Bungalow Suite. It combines sobriety, refinement, and exotic charm. This bungalow suite is in the

From 2,730 USD
2 Bedroom Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite

2 Bedroom Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite ( 753ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Prestige Sea View Bungalow Suite has a unique, elegant style that combines simplicity and exotic charm. The long-standing traditions of St Barth

Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf

Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf is a luxurious retreat. It is in Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy. This hotel is on a hilltop and has excellent views of the Caribbean Sea and lush tropical landscapes. Expect opulent accommodations and world-class amenities. Join us as we cover every aspect of this property.


Barriere opened its 5-star project on the French Caribbean Island of St Barths. This island is far from Europe but oozes elegance, luxury, and French-style charm. Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf is on a Caribbean peninsula shaped like a yacht. It has 23 luxurious bungalows, rooms, and suites.

Carl Gustaf is a unique address that is outside of codes. It is a place for those who like to go outside the box. The city is surrounded by greenery. It's for those looking to be on the island's highest point. A tropical garden also surrounds this hotel.

Moreover, the property is far from Gustavia's heart and Shell Beach. You can also enjoy the view over the harbor, surrounded by lush greenery. It is an iconic and historic address. A place where island regulars would meet season after season. Rest away from sight. Take in the views or party.

This is also a friendly property. Tropical elegance provides a relaxing atmosphere perfect for spending time with loved ones.

Furthermore, Gilles & Boissier are the designers behind Le Carl Gustaf's charming ambiance. It has a lovely atmosphere in which filtered sun creates ever-changing light refractions. Wood and stone are natural, simple materials that charm this hotel. Its location on a hilltop above seascapes and skies is also appealing.


You will find the superb Le Shellona Restaurant five minutes from Shell Beach. This is a great place to relax. Also nearby is the vibrant port with its romantic boutiques and tranquil lanes.


The 21 rooms, bungalows, and suites that comprise the Hotel Le Carl Gustaf spread out over the House and Villa. They welcome you with tropical luxury and elegance. Moreover, they all have private pools that are all facing the sea. They also spill out on wooden terraces with plunge pools and sun loungers. The bedrooms are also luxurious, and the bathrooms have marble finishes (showers). The French Buly 1803 brand is used for the amenities. They are also packaged beautifully.


Fouquet's Restaurant is consulting with the French chef Pierre Gagnaire. Expectations are high, but dishes like a velvety guanciale pork soup and toast with smoked butter have exceeded them.

You can also try tortellini paradiso with local lamb and a sauce made with ricotta cheese. Additionally, you can have sea snails with fresh ginger and pink grapefruit marmalade. Moreover, Safran Mule is vodka, lime, ginger ale, and geranium infused with saffron. It's best enjoyed as the sun begins to set. Besides, guests are served fresh fruits, bread, and patisseries in their rooms, terraces, or restaurants.

Brasserie Le Fouquet

Fouquet, a traveler from outside Paris, is now at the Carl Gustaf Hotel in Saint-Barts. He brings a sense of taste and curiosity about brasseries and the table to the hotel. However, Chef Pierre Gagnaire signed the menu. Come to Brasserie Le Fouquet and experience Pierre Gagnaire's Caribbean-inspired signature dishes. Enjoy classic flavors with a local twist. It also offers a panoramic view over the Marina in Gustavia. Gilles and Boissier designed tables using wood and wicker, showing the Parisian art of table service.

Trolleys with aged cheeses and table service are worthy of brasseries. The food is prepared and presented with elegance and passion." The island has a unique style that mixes land and sea flavors to spark curiosity.


This is the blue waterline that juts out from the sand. Shellona is a private restaurant and beach club in Shell Beach. It has a variety of dishes created by the Greek Chef Yiannis Kioroglou. Fishing in the Mediterranean or Caribbean is also the basis of daily food. The chef creates new flavors with classics like mahi mahi and coconut milk.

Moreover, on the sandy beaches of Saint Barth, they offer cold and hot mezze ballets on large plates in turquoise. They are inventing a refined table under the sun's shade. In addition, the chef and their staff also love Saint-Barth. They incorporate this passion into their recipes at Carl Gustaf.

The Fouquet's Bar

Fouquet's bar is on a unique height of the island. In the evenings, as the night falls and the sun begins to shine in the sky, it reveals its magic and serenity. The bar opens up the curtain to the Caribbean Sea with a view of the tranquil lights of Gustavia's tiny port.

There is also a rustle in the breeze as the palms of a tropical garden rustle. It is a great between. That's when the sky merges with the sea in the daylight's fading. A balcony is placed on the approaching night. This is the "Gustavian hour". It is the one in which Carl Gustaf confirms his calm strength.

The Diane Barriere Spa

The hotel offers Saint-Barth its expertise and experience of Spa with discreet attention. You will only find one program: yours. Relax before a romantic or celebratory evening in a luxurious Zen setting. Enjoy multi-sensory stimulations or tailored massages. These treatments will soothe your body and soul. Biologique Recherche is the brand benchmark of Spa Diane Barrière. It offers pure, raw cosmetics. On the terraces of the bungalows, you can also enjoy a private massage or yoga class as the sun leaves.

Fitness Center

You can find the best training equipment in Pilates, for example. These will amaze or satisfy most fitness enthusiasts. Moreover, this fitness center is a great place to start exploring the larger space of Saint-Barth: the Reliefs.

Hotel Barriere Le Carl Gustaf offers yoga classes. Yoga is a way to relax, listen, and care for your mind and body. Explore or rediscover the art of West Indian living through dynamic yoga, breathing exercises, or postures.


Hôtel Barrière Le Carl Gustaf offers an idyllic retreat in St. Barths. As soon as you arrive at this property, its atmosphere and excellent facilities will impress you. Book your stay today. Get ready to be swept away by the charm and luxury of this exceptional haven.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The hotel sits on a hill in St. Barth. It has boutique shopping and beach access. The airport is a quick five-minute drive away.
  • Enjoy Chef Pierre Gagnaire's delicious food at Fouquet's Restaurant. Try the Safran Mule cocktail and admire the beautiful sunset.
  • Enjoy the luxury of the seaside. Each room, suite, and bungalow have oceanfront views. Private plunge pools decorate the inviting wooden terraces.
  • 23
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Beach
  • Romantic
  • Sustainable
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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