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Raffles Singapore

Raffles Singapore

All Lion City hotels, including Raffles Singapore Hotel, are strategically positioned to provide an outstanding city view. Besides, the hotel's construction was complete within only a year. As a result, it has been an extravagant and a place of interest to foreign visitors, who come into marvel at its grandeur and local charm.

Today, the hotel is a refined magnificence and old-world charm characteristic of an era gone by - a vestige from the mid-1930 where historic structures struggle to stretch into the horizon.

This magnificent example of mid-century municipal and commercial design basks in a residential and academic neighborhood remains almost untouched. However, progress has played a central role in the past two decades.


Lots of distinguished individuals, including its founder, Sir Stamford Raffles, have stayed in this hotel. Moreover, they have acquainted themselves legendarily over the years.

Notables, screen and TV actors, radio show hosts, newspapers and magazines, and hosts found a certain harmony here. They found something that was inspiring and accommodating to all of them.

These illustrious luminaries were author and actress Rudyard Kipling, actress Elizabeth Taylor, and author Somerset Maugham. There was also the theatrical impresario Noel Coward.

When the people could fly only inside the countries, celebrities such as Sir Robert were revered for their geographical knowledge. Also, because of the tales that they told. Such stories include those of him coming to Singapore. Ebonyi, Celeste, and many others have helped make the Long Bar a well-known landmark in Singapore. It happened with her personal story about a tiger in the Game Room and Ebonyi inspiring the Country in the Bar & Billiard Room.

Many visitors make an effort to get a glimpse of this luxurious resort, even though they are not staying at the hotel. Raffles Hotel, Singapore has entertained many well-known names, including world leaders, to England's Queen.

Beautiful Scenery

Like small paradises strategically placed around the hotel, ornamental gardens provide a natural habitat for birds and animals. In addition, a household over a quarter of the entire estate in the city offers an ideal contrast to the city's bustling activity.

You may hear pleasant sounds of chirping birds as well as the chuffing of palm leaves on the other side of the verandas as well as inside the huts. Besides, in your bubble bath, you will be completely secluded from the outside world.

If Sir Raffles was right when he said that the Raffles Hotel represents all the East's fables, then Somerset Maugham, a writer, was correct when he said the same. From reviews, many visitors state that upon entering the grand lobby, they couldn't help but feel as if they were stepping back into a time when Singapore was a British colony.

Moreover, all the old-world appointments and the liveried doorman alike help to deepen the reverie. Guests also rode in on the hotel's gravel driveway. This evoked images of an age-long-gone history when it was a historic vehicle road to transport horses.

The hotel has some parts of their 200-year-old antique furniture, such as the antique grandfather clock. This symbolizes their place in the history of being a National Monument.


In total, 115 beautiful suites feature state-of-the-art technology, modern bathroom facilities, and other breathtaking amenities.

Diverse Dishes

Tiffin Room Continental provides a fine spread of its homemade croissants (smoked). This goes alongside freshly squeezed beets (sweet red beetroot) and excellent baked pastries. Like Japanese Bentos, an assortment of healthy breakfast sushi and a la carte rolls.

Also, a pick-it bento, such as rice and Japanese rice-filled tortillas or salmon, and omelet on toast. Besides, there are other entrees to choose from as the beloved T Rice offers. Tiffin Road turns into an Indian Michelin-star restaurant serving most of its dishes in golden carrying trays.

There are various foods, including the signature Mera Dabba Chicken, basmati rice noodles, and the sweet and slightly cooked medleys of greens. Moreover, you can have brinjals, carrots, creamy vegetables, and dahl (an Indian dish).

Advanced Dining Facilities

Choosing a dining reservation here is your only opportunity for entertainment. This is an option that won three-star French chef Anne-Sophie Pic's opportunity to enjoy. It features one of the three pairings, each chef's riveting signature on parm, served in cheese-punctured pasta packages.

These packages are garnished with zebra tomato in a leopard grace, as well as a delicious and savory dish, with a fruit salad to share and some bread to begin and, or dessert. What is more, the color scheme in the dining room is modest and elegant. There are also gold lamps with colors of white light plum shades. Additionally, there is beige lighting the area with plum-colored shades to emphasize pink and silver.

If you are thirsty for alcohol, try heading to the Long Bar and choosing the menu item that features laksa leaves and cucumber. The writer in Residence Pico influences these drinks. Therefore, they have a hint of lime leaf and cucumber.


Many things add to the Raffles Hotel in Singapore's classic look and upscale image. Some of these include an upscale boutique such as the Louis Vuitton, gorgeous public gardens, and a mall of second-hand merchandise. Besides, with so many restaurants and bars and pubs, along with a fitness center, it's sure to deliver more than the rest.

Moreover, all rooms are sumptuously decorated with traditional decor, including antique rugs. This is a good option for travelers who choose a simple, historic hotel for business and leisure or anybody who loves to enjoy heritage and elegance with a bit of a vintage style. It is also a good destination for couples' honeymoon. There is no better place to be than at this luxury retreat!

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Why we love this hotel

  • Raffles Hotel’s style is its architecture, an arrangement of low-rise, verandah-enclosed, colonial-style buildings set amidst courtyards and gardens.

  • The quality of timelessness is evident throughout the hotel, in the lush gardens and generously spacious suites, and the fine restaurants.

  • The third element of Raffles style, is a quintessentially Singapore blend of old and new, East and West - heritage and high tech.

Rooms and Suites at Raffles Singapore

From 1,167 USD

1 Bedroom Residence Suite ( 1615ft2 )

Located in the Raffles Arcade, these five Residence Suites feature either one or two bedrooms and enjoy private access. Ideal for guests who seek larg...

From 2,335 USD

Promenade Suite ( 915ft2 )

A nostalgic tribute to the late 1800s when Raffles faced Singapore’s beachfront, the two Promenade Suites are nestled intimately in the front-most cor...

From 1,499 USD

2 Bedroom Residence Suite ( 1615ft2 )

Located in the Raffles Arcade, these five Residence Suites feature either one or two bedrooms and enjoy private access. Ideal for guests who seek larg...

From 3,220 USD

Grand Hotel Suite ( 1615ft2 )

"A distinguished travel writer once said, “A Grand Hotel is a Pandora’s box of sweet dreams.” Capturing this and so much more, the four Grand Hotel Su...

From 477 USD

Studio Suite ( 495ft2 )

Nestled in the Main Building above the hotel’s charming colonial-style Grand Lobby, the six Studio Suites invite you to experience Singapore, the Raff...

From 5,309 USD

Presidential Suite ( 2799ft2 )

Named for the most illustrious personalities of the Raffles story, the pair of Presidential Suites are the grandest hotel suites in Singapore. The Sar...

From 719 USD

Personality Suite ( 850ft2 )

The 12 Personality Suites are a tribute to renowned guests who have visited Raffles over the last century, and feature unique memorabilia related to e...

From 566 USD

State Room Suite ( 721ft2 )

Housed in the Bras Basah wing, one of the most historic sections of Raffles Singapore, the State Room Suites have two separate entrances, one leading...

From 613 USD

Courtyard Suite ( 624ft2 )

Clustered around the heart of the hotel, all 31 Courtyard Suites provide direct and easy access to the Main Building and many of Raffles’ iconic facil...

From 672 USD

Palm Court Suite ( 753ft2 )

True to their name, these 35 Palm Court Suites overlook the verdant Palm Court, a hidden gem at Raffles Singapore reserved exclusively for the guests....

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