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Rooms and Suites at Capella Singapore

From 898 USD
Premier Garden Room

Premier Garden Room ( 829ft2 )

Located in the Main Building, garden view, twin or king-size bed, balcony. With views across lush landscaped gardens, our 40 Premier Garden Rooms are...

From 1,070 USD
Premier Seaview Room

Premier Seaview Room ( 829ft2 )

Located in the Main Building, seaview view, king-size bed, balcony. Think of evenings on your hotel balcony, taking a moment as you look out across th...

From 1,498 USD
Capella Suite

Capella Suite ( 1076ft2 )

Located in the Main Building, sea view, king-size bed, balcony. Looking out to the view of the South China Sea, our 4 Capella Suites feature a separat...

From 1,541 USD
Constellation Garden View Room

Constellation Garden View Room ( 829ft2 )

Located in the Main Building, sea or garden view, king-size bed, balcony. Looking out to the sea or across landscaped gardens, our four Constellation...

From 1,541 USD
Sentosa Suite

Sentosa Suite ( 926ft2 )

Located in the Main Building, sea view, king-size bed, balcony. Looking out to the view of the South China Sea, our 7 Sentosa Suites feature a separat...

From 1,541 USD
1 Bedroom Garden View Villa with Plunge Pool

1 Bedroom Garden View Villa with Plunge Pool ( 1432ft2 )

Located in the grounds, garden view, king-size bed, private terrace, plunge pool. Nestled among the lush and leafy grounds, a personal and private esc...

From 1,798 USD
Constellation Seaview Room

Constellation Seaview Room ( 829ft2 )

At 77sqm, the Constellation Seaview Room has an outdoor jacuzzi facing the South China Sea. Embrace the serenity of nature from the 77sqm City View Co...

From 1,798 USD
1 Bedroom Palawan Villa

1 Bedroom Palawan Villa ( 1432ft2 )

Nestled among the lush and leafy grounds, a personal and private escape. Each of the 38 Villas features an outdoor terrace with private plunge pool. U...

From 4,110 USD
2 Bedroom Garden View Villa with Plunge Pool

2 Bedroom Garden View Villa with Plunge Pool ( 2002ft2 )

Located in the grounds, garden view, king-size beds, private terrace, plunge pool. Nestled among the lush and leafy grounds, a personal and private es...

From 4,110 USD
3 Bedroom Capella Suite

3 Bedroom Capella Suite ( 2390ft2 )

Perfectly situated within the tranquil estate of Capella Singapore resort’s lush grounds, the Three-Bedroom Suites offer the perfect combination of pr...

From 12,844 USD
Contemporary Manor with Private Pool

Contemporary Manor with Private Pool ( 4209ft2 )

Located at the entrance to the Main Building, garden view, king-size and twin beds, outdoor terrace, private lap pool. Designed as a personal and priv...

From 16,269 USD
Colonial Manor with Private Pool

Colonial Manor with Private Pool ( 4693ft2 )

Located at the entrance to the Main Building, garden view, king-size beds, outdoor terrace, private lap pool. Stay at the heart of the restored and hi...

Capella Singapore

When you enter the Capella hotels on Sentosa Island, you will discover one of Singapore's best hotel experiences. A private driveway ascends to a Capella masterpiece's magnificence, where ancient and modern realms of extravagance intertwine.

Since the Capella Singapore Resort and Spa is on Sentosa Island, each vacation getaway is exclusive, as you will experience nothing quite like that elsewhere.

Moreover, a new generation of futuristic buildings blends with the older ones. This adds to the historic elegance and the green rainforest, which covers an area of thirty acres. Also, the South China Sea is a vital resource for all.


The developers and partners and the designer Jaya Ibrahim cleverly combined the best of the past and the current, resulting in an awesome and remarkable new look for Singapore. When you arrive at the resort, the hotel, the workers will greet you in two ancient bungalows called Tanah Merah, or "red earth" in Malay.

Moreover, British colonial buildings dating to the 1880s perfectly complement the new hotel extension and villas erected around the same time. As a result, every acre of Capella hotels in Singapore blends with a combination of natural and synthetic elements. Furthermore, these blends of the old and modern, and the natural and artificial, intertwine throughout the property.

Besides, sites that have courtyards that incorporate native plants encourage peaceful contemplation. Sentosa Island's shore is ideal for seeing how waves' natural energy offers inspiration for new waves.

The resort sits on top of a hill, providing vast views of the city and harbor. It's where everyone is welcomed and honored.

Room and Suites

There are 112 guestrooms, including suites and villas that are on an island escaping from the mundane. Laid out in over 30 acres of peaceful and lush landscaped grounds, every beautifully and elegantly crafted bed, suite, villa, and the manor is home to the finest in custom-built contemporary comforts.

Founded based on tradition, the Sentosa Island accommodations combine nature's charm with the resort's unusual juxtapositions between the past and present. Sea view, the Premier Garden, and Constellation Rooms all have spacious balconies with Jacuzzis on them. There are also views of the water, which you should indeed relish.

Moreover, many of the rooms include all of the facilities and custom touches so that guests can refresh themselves and chill out. The rooms are also pet-friendly, with specialized places to keep your pets if you must travel with them.


In addition to satisfying your cravings, exploring the taste journey is the entire point of a meal. No matter the food, discovering the wide variety of culinary choices available on Sentosa Island is a thrilling gastronomic experience. It starts with classic cuisine and finishes with delectable new flavors.

Moreover, reinforced by the legacy of the spice routes that run through Southern and Western China, Cassia provides contemporary renditions of authentic Cantonese fare. Additionally, at The Knolls, guests can enjoy Mediterranean meals during the day. Lastly, whilst at Bob's Bar, guests can unwind with specially selected drinks as the sun.

Beauty and Fitness Centre

Those that have landed on Sentosa Island and want to slow down can unwind at Auriga. It is one of the first spas in Singapore to win a five-star ranking from Forbes Travel Guide. Besides, for seven consecutive years, Auriga made its commitment to cultivating the mind and body spontaneously through holistic approaches.

This destination offers more than just conventional spa therapies. You can experience spa retreats and signature treatments that combine traditional methods and organic goodies. Ingredients that are extracted from nature can cover the senses.

Therapists at Auriga have been lauded for being ambassadors for nature. Find therapies formulated especially for your body with 100% naturally and organically produced products from The Organic Pharmacy. Offering specialized days, like the Auriga Detox Day, a four-hour treatment, helps cleanse away toxins and dead skin cells from the body.

Auriga's hallmark therapies correlate with these various phases as the Moon undergoes each of its stages (new moon, waxing moon, full moon, or a waning moon). For example, the new moon is a rejuvenating therapy that is based on renewing and introspection. Also, the waxing moon is a way to renew emphasis on nourishing and healing.

Moreover, the full moon balances treatments with Rose's components, which seek to control and harmonize energy. Then, finally, the waning moon, which lets one detoxify.

Qualified Staff

Your stay at Capella Singapore wouldn't be the same without its professional staff and their own Capella culturists. The front desk staff provides personalized service and works to meet the guest's expectations. Additionally, security is at its maximum, thanks to the trained safety personnel there.

Moreover, the hotel accepts check-ins and check-outs for guests staying on property and those who come for a day trip, meals, and recreational services. There is a company policy of "multi-skilled job," and the hotel is developing human resources so that each customer will be served by one staff for the time they stay at the premises.

In recent times, the number of overseas guests such as Taiwan, South Korea, and China has increased. As a result, the staff has been trained in multiple dialects to handle different guests worldwide.


Capella Singapore is the hotel to visit if you want to be away from the hustle and bustle. The location is secluded from the mainland, quiet, and comfortable. Judging from the fine dining, luxurious rooms, and outdoor facilities, there is no better place to spend your vacation.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Capella Singapore - At the heart of the Sentosa Island escape are two restored Tanah Merah colonial bungalows dating back to the 1880s.

  • Curved, modern buildings gently intermingle with the colonial buildings and the verdant, vibrant rainforest.

  • Celebrating heritage, arts, gastronomy and wellness, each activity is specially tailored to allow locals to discover another side of Singapore.

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