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Vila Monte Farm House

Vila Monte Farm House

Vila Monte Farm House - A true reference to a FARMHOUSE, with timeless simplicity, a local, rustic atmosphere, and a BOHO-CHIC spirit. Reinterpretation of the Algarve environment, with the integration of the elements that characterize it. Rooms & Suites - Located in different buildings, each room of Vila Monte Farm House has unique features and environments.

In typical Algarve style, Vila Monte, situated in Moncarapacho in Portugal’s Olhão municipality, uses whitewashed surfaces and natural wood to create bright, airy atmospheres. The property sprawls over nine hectares, encompassing orange and olive groves, gardens and ponds, two swimming pools, a tennis court, and four buildings that house its 55 rooms and suites. The interiors were designed by Vera Iachia, who has worked with Andy Warhol and Jacques Grange, and the hotel’s event and activity offerings include fishing in the Ria Formosa, boat tours, seafood tasting, desert island sunbathing, and trips to the Olhão market with the chef of the hotel’s À Terra restaurant. During the summer months, guests can watch movies in the great outdoors and enjoy one area’s jogging trails.

The epitome of the classic Farmhouse - A 
timeless simplicity, a local, genuine atmosphere, and a BOHO- CHIC spirit. A reinterpretation of the Algarve lifestyle, with the perfect integration of its emblematic elements. In different buildings, each room at Vila Monte Farm House has unique characteristics and settings. Discover flavors in the À Terra restaurant, go to the beach on a desert island, or be lost in the gardens' recesses. The Vila Monte Farm House now has a heated swimming pool, so there are no excuses for the whole year.

The Suite Collection - Suite Collection - The Algarve, for me, is always a day of vacations. The earth does not harass the feet, the sea does not tire the ears, the cold does not numb the limbs, and the fruits are sweet and always at the hand's height. The idea that I have of an earthly paradise, where man can live happily with nature, comes from there. Houses whose roofs, not thatch or slate, are rooftops of harem for a free and spontaneous love in the moonlight; people who do not cover themselves with crocs or pelts, but put the lazy shadow of an umbrella over the warmth of the body; and tiny fig-trees, dwarfs. A paradise in which Christian maceration does not enter at all - Miguel Torga. 1950.

This is the most exclusive Monte Monte Farm House, where the rooms gave way to a collection of original suites, with their own personality. What adds all these spaces is the authenticity, the simplicity of the Algarve architecture with its strong Arabic inspiration, the local craftsmanship, and the facilities and standards available in all these suites. Besides, this collection offers a personalized service by a dedicated team, premium amenities, and unique features that guarantee high comfort standards in the Suite Collection for the best of Vila Monte experiences. Then, in each of these spaces, you will find places of immersion - each with its own characteristics - with independent configurations and additional exterior areas - for unique and unique experiences. Because that is what Vila Monte is made of: unique moments and generous memories.

Dining - More than a restaurant, À Terra is a way of life. Inspired by the fruits of nature, returning to its origins and genuine, inviting you to visit this cozy place where you serve with love and cook with hand and heart. À Terra is a restaurant with home cooking, delicious, healthy, and rustic. It is based on the concept of sharing and continuous service. It uses several local ingredients in its base as: olive oil, salt flower, figs, locust beans, oranges, mushrooms, aubergines, tomatoes, coriander, among others.

Rustic life has returned to give the soul the warm comfort of the things that are closest to the memory. Aromas, textures, colors, tastes, melodies, sensations, stories ... in short, the ingredients of life that are familiar and make us truly happy. The wood-fired oven and Josper are the "main actors" in this bakery. Here you can find pizzas, bruschetta, and several baked in the oven, prepared traditionally. Also proposing fresh salads, rice with local vegetables and herbs from the aromatic garden, gratin, and xarém from the Algarve. The sharing continues for dessert, with delicious pies, fruit au gratin, homemade ice cream, mousses, and cream-milk, ending with the "sweet coffee." Bread is one of the central elements in Fornarina. Cooked in the wood oven, it is present from dawn to the end of the day. Enjoy the summer bars with light and healthy lunch options, accompanied by a wide range of drinks and cocktails, tank of spouts | Cork Bar (adult pool).

Sign in Space Orangery Restaurant is a journey through the Algarve traditions and, at the same time, for all the senses. It is necessary to walk the orange grove path (which gives it its name) to get here. On the way, you feel the hot breeze and the smell that emanates from the trees. This is the introductory note to start getting carried away. Passing the arcades and entering the restaurant. A building with a tall, imposing ceiling. A tiled floor whose temperature contrasts with the South. White walls that are synonymous with the Algarve are similar to those found in the Mediterranean and North Africa. Lamps made from a woven wicker, huge amphorae that remind you that you are in a territory called the border between sea and land.

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Why we love this hotel

  • In typical Algarve style, Vila Monte, situated in Moncarapacho in Portugal’s Olhão municipality, the property sprawls over nine hectares.

  • Encompassing orange and olive groves, gardens and ponds, two swimming pools, a tennis court, and four buildings that house its 55 rooms and suites.

  • Discover flavors at À Terra restaurant, go to the beach on a desert island, or get lost in the corners of the gardens.

Rooms and Suites at Vila Monte Farm House

From 143 USD

Superior Room ( 24m2 )

Whether at Casa Pátio or Casa de Cima, here you will find the ideal space to slow down from day to day. This Superior Room has been designed so that y...

From 249 USD

Junior Suite ( 45m2 )

The Laranjal Building is a world apart: a rectangular building that develops on two floors and along a corridor that is, in fact, an Algarve orange gr...

From 184 USD

Deluxe Room ( 30m2 )

In the Algarve of yesteryear the houses were white, clean, with Arab influences both in their architecture and decoration. In the Algarve of yesteryea...

From 356 USD

Sun Rising Garden Suite ( 77m2 )

Although this suite is located in Casa Pátio, its entrance is independent of the rest of the building, through the garden, which gives it a lot exclus...

From 475 USD

Solarium Suite ( 55m2 )

One of the characteristics of Vila Monte is its ability to make us abstract from what is around us and, in the Solarium Suite, we feel this isolation...

From 534 USD

Secret Suite ( 232m2 )

With a characteristic atmosphere of the South and romantic, marked by the Algarve architecture, here all the furniture is part of the building itself...

From 831 USD

Orangery Master Laranjal Suite ( 77m2 )

The Laranjal Master Suite is the best kept secret of Vila Monte Farm House. Located on the ground floor of the Laranjal Building, at one of its ends,...

From 272 USD

Deluxe Suite ( 60m2 )

When the ancestry of the Algarvian tradition is combined with an environment where we can escape the day-to-day suffering we obtain spaces such as the...

From 309 USD

Ocean and Mountain Suite ( 60m2 )

Algarve is a southern region, with traditions with origins that are lost in time, Arab influences but also Mediterranean. It is the sea and it is also...

From 1,029 USD

Vila Monte Master Suite ( 1006ft2 )

For a holiday of sharing, both in time and space with those closest to you, this suite is perfect. There are two connecting suites, where you can stay...

From 593 USD

Lounge Terrace Suite ( 112m2 )

There are places that produce a sense of well-being in us, and then there are places that, from the first moment, inscribe in us a feeling of coming h...

From 415 USD

Family Corner Suite ( 75m2 )

In a corner of the first floor of Casa Pátio is this suite, a space specially designed for families. The entrance is via an external staircase, indepe...

From 1,780 USD

Villa Indigo ( 1330m2 )

In a place that is also a journey through the most authentic Algarve traditions. With ample spaces, terraces, and gardens where you can enjoy the regi...

Vila Monte Farm House Location

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