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Rooms and Suites at Octant Douro

From 275 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 409ft2 )

The Deluxe Room offers a magnificent view of the mountains, immersing guests in a serene and calming ambiance. Its modern design embraces a harmonious blend

From 329 USD
Deluxe River View Room

Deluxe River View Room ( 409ft2 )

The Deluxe River View Room offers a unique experience, with its luminous atmosphere and breathtaking view of the Douro River. The room features a contemporary

From 373 USD
River View Balcony Room

River View Balcony Room ( 549ft2 )

Behold the magnificent River View Balcony Room! As the saying goes, there's nothing quite like a room with a stunning view of the curvaceous Douro

From 382 USD
Superior River View Room

Superior River View Room ( 334ft2 )

The Superior River View Room offers a breathtaking panoramic experience. Its glass walls beautifully capture the curve of the river, providing an expansive view that

From 395 USD
Douro Suite

Douro Suite ( 538ft2 )

The Douro Suite is highly recommended for a delightful morning experience, as it allows you to wake up to the mesmerizing view of the Douro

From 480 USD
Terrace Room

Terrace Room ( 527ft2 )

The Terrace Room offers a breathtaking panoramic view of the Douro curves along with a balcony. Its contemporary design features minimalist furniture in neutral tones,

From 547 USD
Arda Suite

Arda Suite ( 840ft2 )

Welcome to the Arda Suite, named after both a picturesque river and an enchanting world created by Tolkien. This suite offers a truly mesmerizing experience

From 679 USD
Paiva Suite

Paiva Suite ( 743ft2 )

The name evokes one of the affluents of the Douro River, while the ambience of this open space suite - contemporary design, neutral tones and

From 948 USD
Pool Suite

Pool Suite ( 1561ft2 )

The Pool Suite at Octant Douro offers a perfect stay with its contemporary design, breathtaking views of the Douro River, and a private heated pool.

From 1,090 USD
Panoramic Suite

Panoramic Suite ( 1055ft2 )

Nestled amidst the enchanting curves of the river Douro, the Panoramic Suite beckons with its captivating view that stretches as far as the eye can

From 1,417 USD
Terrace Suite

Terrace Suite ( 861ft2 )

The Terrace Suite is a perfect blend of contemporary design and breathtaking views. Overlooking the Douro River, this suite offers a serene outside space where

Octant Douro

The Octant Douro is a contemporary hotel in harmony with the natural surroundings. Inspired by the Douro of experiences, it recreates the terraces that have characterized and shaped the region's slopes for centuries.

Design & Environment

A hotel that is an artistic piece to dialogue with Rio. The Octant Douro is located in the Douro close to the city of Porto (it is approximately 40 km), which makes the trip more accessible for those arriving by plane and for those who intend to visit the city that is considered the capital of the Nort of Portugal. The building's geographical location and architectural characteristics amplify the connection to the surrounding landscape and escape from reality: the Octant Douro, built-in schist stone, and glass, in an escarpment the system that extends almost to the river was based on a series of environmental concerns and coherence with the environment. Here human construction does not collide. On the contrary, it is an element of conjunction with the river and the mountains that surround it - an example of this are the two outdoor pools, both infinite, almost feeling like part of the landscape.

The natural surroundings are a constant in the Octant Douro: due to the various balconies, patios, and massive glass walls, any hotel area is filled with mountains, rivers, or both. The decoration of the different spaces, both exterior, and interior, by Cristina Jorge Carvalho also accentuates the feeling of being flooded by nature. A choice where Mid-Century Modern design elements prevail, opening each area of the Hotel to the outside (in line with the characteristics of this style, as Le Corbusier's atelier conceived it in the 20s of the 20th century), reinterpreted to give the space a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The modernity of the space is one of the differentiating points of the Octant Douro: not being a 19th-century farm or on the most tourist routes, as is usual in the region. Instead, the Hotel is an artistic piece to permanently dialogue with the river and the valley. In this dialogue, the hotel concept develops a sophisticated but minimalist space, attentive to all details and the needs of those who visit it. Visit but totally in communion with the place where it is inserted.

Here it is easy to forget reality, the passage of time, and everything that lies beyond the river's curves - only once in a while, when a cruise boat passes by, where you are reminded that there is more world beyond this.

And being aware of this overwhelming effect that the surroundings have, the entire Spa area is sought to be improved (including several treatment rooms, a sauna, Turkish bath, sensations shower, and a heated indoor pool with a panoramic view of the Douro). And out of that need came the partnership with the renowned Irish brand Moss Of The Isles, whose product line aims to celebrate the connection with nature while simultaneously revitalizing the body and soul.

Cristina Jorge de Carvalho

With a comprehensive portfolio and a creative vision that combines functionality and sophistication, Cristina Jorge de Carvalho takes the leadership of her namesake studio (which opened in 2000), creating tailor-made projects in the areas of Architecture and Interior Design. Each project is conceived as unique, with the client's personality and lifestyle and the needs of the space, as main inspirations. The guiding thread that defines all CJC signature projects is based on the balance between clean lines and the intelligent play of volumes, materials, and textures. An eclectic and contemporary approach, where the sobriety of design and comfort find harmony.


Anger - Raiva is not only the parish where the restaurant is located. Raiva and the Lower Douro Region are home to unique regional delicacies. From goat to veal, from river fish to sea octopus, from regional jams to the best sponge cake in the universe, not forgetting the traditional customs of cooking these ingredients: Onions, Vinha d'alhos, Lagareiro ...A kitchen simple, relaxed, and very classic that brings to the plate the best that the region has to offer. But ... Anger is also the emotion, the state of mind that is felt in the choice of each dish in this letter. The selection is not easy, among the region's typical dishes or those by Chef Ricardo Lourenço. When in doubt, order one of each.

EARTH Bar & Canteen - À TERRA is not just a Bar & Canteen. It is a way of being in life. A time to stop and enjoy - the flavors, the fresh products used, the experience. With an emphasis on being informal but with a preference for the best, therefore, using only the best products, new and regional. Being unpretentious, by offering a simple menu with modern, comfortable, and comforting food, cooked over a fire - either in the wood oven or in the fireplace.''The Philosophy wants you to be able to sit with us - whether at the table or the counter - and that this is a time for sharing."


In a minimalist space on the banks of the Douro River, it is impossible to be abstracted from the nature that surrounds the Hotel - Seeking to highlight the ingredients produced locally and the treatments that go back in time, to the origins, medicinal herbs, and other botanicals used in the past. Thus, opting for the Irish brand Moss of the Isles, whose concept is based on a heritage that connects us to the land.


Already knowing that the rooms are incredible, breath-taking views, sublime decor, eating meals and crying for more. By having it all but wanting more. The focus is on wanting to make your stay unforgettable in all aspects. May you have unique experiences that will be forever etched in your memory. Wanting to share with those who arrive at a bit of connection with the region. For this, a series of experiences were developed - wishing to call them experiences since the word "activities" does not do them justice because they are experiences that are created to enrich and be memorable - from gastronomic experiences that use regional products to picnics in secret places or experiences more related to the river. And for each guest that visits, the challenge is launched: offering tailor-made experiences and wanting to try to meet every single guest's expectations. Let yourself go. Get to know the local culture and gastronomy, discover the surrounding nature, or enjoy moments within the Hotel's spaces. There is a selection of experiences designed to enrich your stay.

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Why we love this hotel

  • In harmony with the natural surroundings. Octant Douro is the refuge to the north, along the unusual banks of the Douro.
  • Experiences are based on the most genuine Douro customs and traditions. A place of strong roots, in no hurry to change, in no hurry to go.
  • The two outdoor pools, both infinite, make you feel part of the natural landscape.
  • 61
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Sustainable
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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