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Rooms and Suites at Treetops Lodge & Estates

Lodge Room

Lodge Room ( 35m2 )

While this hotel has the perfect secluded accommodation for couples wanting some time on their own; Treetops has not forgotten about families and grou...

Forest Villa

Forest Villa ( 137m2 )

Tucked away amidst the beautiful native New Zealand forest, or overlooking the spectacular lakes and wildlife of the Treetops estate, the secluded Vil...

Valley View Villa

Valley View Villa ( 152m2 )

Tucked away amidst the beautiful native New Zealand forest, or overlooking the spectacular lakes and wildlife of the Treetops estate, the secluded Vil...

Treetops Lodge & Estates

Nestled in 2500 acres of 800-year-old native forest, award-winning Treetops Lodge is a life-long dream realized by owner and passionate naturalist John Sax. This uniquely New Zealand experience is a sanctuary and retreat of breathtaking terrain, offering the ultimate in world-class accommodation and adventure.

Located in Rotorua, the Maori heartland and trout fishing capital of the world, the Lodges elegant ecology-inspired architectural style was derived from the country's pioneering past with timber and stone finishes echoing the natural beauty and simplicity the great outdoors. Treetops offers seven streams, on-site trout fishing, four lakes, and over 40 miles of hiking and adventure trails. New family experiences include photography safaris, helicopter tours, luxury treks, spectacular waterfalls, and a 4WD experience.

Their recently opened Spa, where guests enjoy walking previously untrodden paths and genuinely new spa experiences within their choice of day spa and wellness programs. Treetops has recently purchased the international golf course Jack Nicklaus designed, The Kinloch Club, which attracts international golf enthusiasts year-round. Treetops Lodge & Wilderness Estate has located 13 km from Rotorua and 25 km from Rotorua Airport. It is a 3.5-hour drive from Auckland. 

Unique Expressions - Wild. Life.- Envelop yourself in the unsullied beauty and primordial wilderness of the estate, fall into step with the land, and attain harmony with the natural world. Listen to the voice of the wilderness… absorb its lessons… accept its guidance. Build on its teachings. Comprehend - Flourish - Disconnect - Unplug - Get away from it all, leave the hustle and bustle of the world behind, and head for the wilds. Marvel at the play of light as it glints through the canopy, making patterns that connect earth and sky. Listen to the wind and let the sounds of nature envelop you. Slow down. Seize the moment. Pause. Take a breath... then another. Enjoy the restorative power of the land and... be.

Villas - Find Refuge - Retreat - Relax - Escape to a world rich in warmth and rustic charm, take refuge in lush landscapes and creature comforts that beckon you home, and embrace life. Well Lived. Succumb to the allure of inviting spaces that comfort the soul and set the heart at ease. Villas - Wake refreshed as glints of sunlight dapple the room, and you are gently encouraged to rise by the melodic trill of birdsong—get away from it all. Embrace serenity. Renew. Greet the day as the mist rises from the land and the estate stirs and slowly comes to life. Join in the daily ritual of renewal as you too emerge from slumber and respond to the distant hum of activity and the alluring call of adventure. Set your own pace and emerge from your tranquil retreat, restored and rejuvenated, ready to seize the day, whatever it may hold. Immerse yourself in welcoming warmth and rustic ambiance. Unwind in lavish comfort nestled out amidst the natural beauty of the estate, removed from the hustle and bustle of the main lodge… or combine two adjoining Villas to create an intimate retreat ideal for friends or small family groups.

Dining - Taste - Nourish - Enrich - Discover a world of genuine hospitality where ingredients are thoughtfully gathered, dishes are lovingly crafted, and the meals nourish both body and soul. Come together over heart-warming food and craft rich stories and cherished memories that are life-defining. True Sustenance - Let the lively swirl of conversation carry you along as you enjoy a glass of wine and relish authentic, hearty dishes while sharing stories surrounded by the cheer of good company. Enjoy delicious seasonal cuisine, lovingly crafted, and indulge in a dining experience that both nourishes and sustains you... body, heart, and soul. Heartfelt Care - Join the chefs Isabel and Felipe as they take you on a journey of edible exploration and delicious discovery and marvel as their tasty creations guide you on a culinary tour through the abundance of the estate. Savor food cooked from the heart, carefully gathered and prepared using honest techniques that embody the abiding passion for food and the very best ingredients.

Estate to Plate - Discover the unique flavors of native plants and herbs and savor vibrant dishes shaped by the land and the seasons, created with care from organic ingredients grown right on the estate. Enjoy heartfelt cuisine where each element is carefully selected and paired together to create clear fresh flavors that sing yet don't muffle the voice of any single ingredient. Kindred Spirits - Gather together, enjoy shared moments, and relax as you are enveloped by the warmth of the social predinner hum. Sample savory canapes paired with your choice of premium NZ wines from the cellar, complex whiskies, or your favorite cocktail. Enjoy lively conversation with friends, new and old. Listen. Tell stories. Explore differences. Find common ground.

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