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In Palmeraie, Morocco, Amanjena is the luxury hotel and resort to satiate your needs and better. Built-in 2000 as part of the Aman Resorts group, it is one of the most exclusive hotels. Moreover, it is the first Aman Resorts branch in Africa. 


Amanjena coins its name from Sanskrit and Arabic words respectively — Aman, meaning "peace" and Jena, meaning "paradise." It lives up to that name as its environment very much exudes a peaceful zen and nothing less.

Sitting south of Palmeraie, on the way to Ouarzazate, Amanjena seems like an ancient palace away from the bustling capital of Marrakech. Another plus of this luxury resort is the Golf Amelkis adjoining it. The hotel also provides complimentary car service. As a result, you're free to explore the other surrounding golf courses. Royal and Al Maaden are just a 5-minute ride away.

Architect of Amanjena, Ed Tuttle, gets inspiration from the now ruined el Badi and uses pure Moorish designs in this palatial space. He incorporates pise, a type of earth structure similar to the ones in nearby Berber village homes. Besides, there’s cedar, stone, a pale peach color, and pink, honey, and sage green colors throughout the building. 


When you stroll along the stone path lined on either side with date palm trees and small, neatly trimmed hedges, pause a bit. You won't believe the view. Just stepping in through the massive door is simply awe-inspiring. 

The lobby comprises winding arches and soaring pink chiseled columns. Also, there are marble jade-colored fountains with petals scattered in them and floors adorned with Moroccan tiles. Out in the central courtyard, a jade basin sits under the clear sky while curtains float in the warm desert breeze. 

Shaded walkways lead up to the huge outdoor heated swimming pool with hibiscus bushes surrounding it, along with flowing water channels. Immaculate private gardens, home to exotic flora and olive trees, perch at the corner of the reflective pools, beckoning visitors to revel in its enchanting view. 

The most iconic highlight, though, is the magical tent. Lit around it are 1,001-night candles that glow, like its name, create magical scenery. The beauty and serenity surrounding the place is the definition of pure bliss.

Rooms and Suites

Amanjena offers 32 guest Pavilions and seven houses (or Maisons), each having their similar yet unique minimalist design. Akin to the Byzantine temples and Moorish townhouses, the rooms have a high dome-like ceiling, and a king-size bed squats beneath it. The wide expanse of the rooms is adorned with Berber carpets, lanterns, and cedar-wood furnishings. An open fireplace also warms the area, reflecting and casting the rooms in a fiery glow.

Each pavilion has its private courtyard and pillared gazebo. Only eight of the Pavilions Piscine have their patio, garden oasis, and private pools, while six Maisons overlook the main pool. These special suites also offer separate living rooms, second bedrooms, and exclusive butler service. 

Enter through cedar doors into a sage green marble bathroom with peach walls. There's a touch of almost everything in here. The vanity, dressing area, sunbeds, sun hats, and even Amanjena Havaianas.

Amanjena Dining

Amanjena has two restaurants under its roofs. Firstly, the Moroccan restaurant is a majestic open space, beaming with live music. There are ample seating areas and honey-colored columns encasing the dining area. This restaurant features both Italian and Moroccan dishes and offers free drinks, cocktails, and wine. Besides, who can say no to a free glass of a classic cocktail?

The second restaurant, Nama, serves delightful Japanese cuisines in authentic Japanese style. There's also a private Caidal dining tent, fashioned for guests who'd love to eat and dine in seclusion. 

Then there's the Pool Terrace and Bar, where light snacks, meals, tea, and drinks are served. Guests enjoy this light dining with a view of the vast outdoor pool, and it couldn't be any more perfect than it already is.

Wellness & Spa Experiences 

Treat yourself to a day at the spa at Amanjena. Their spa offers the best of Morrocan care and treatments. It has a steam room, a lavish sauna, a traditional Moroccan hammam, and separate male and female changing rooms with a hot tub. 

The professional hands of the friendly, reliable staff will pamper your skin with massages and body scrubs using natural products from the hotel's skincare brand. A special reflexology session is also held at the spa. 

Spa treatments at Amanjena are considered among the best in the city of Marrakech, as it should. Your sessions at this royal hotel's spa will have you feeling like a newborn baby — young and healthy. There's also a fully equipped indoor gym at the guest's disposal. 


Guests can head to the two-story library with a fireplace for light or heavy reading. Two floodlit tennis courts are ready for tennis fanatics anytime you feel out of the racquet and balls. DVDs, magazines, chess, and board games are available for guests who want to pass the time. There's also a large boutique where you can find local crafts and artifacts for personal purchase or take home as a souvenir for loved ones.

For a more outdoor experience, the outdoor swimming pool and a separate children's pool are available for a dip, with cozy daybeds lined up beside them so guests can soak up some sun while sipping a drink or reading. The adjoining golf courses give golfers a space to brush up their skills or play for fun.

Also, because Amanjena sits at the edge of Marrakech, guests can go sightseeing at the gardens, palaces, and historical buildings of Medina. Patrons who enjoy a more active lifestyle can go hiking and biking in the Atlas Mountains.


If you want to have the ideal spot to savor the tropical sun or explore the bustling souks of the medina, Amanjena will give you just that. A peaceful paradise is the summary of it all. Among all Aman Resorts worldwide, this one is a big must-visit for everyone wanting a piece of the luxe life in a dreamy desert land.

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Rooms and Suites at Amanjena

From 739 USD

Pavilion ( 1883ft2 )

Pavilions lie beneath their own graceful stuc Venetian domes and are an average size of 175m2 (1883 sq.ft). Each has access to a garden courtyard that...

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Al Hamra Maison ( 12163ft2 )

The two-bedroom Al Hamra Maison offers 1130m2 (12163 sq.ft) of living space and provides a private butler service, a private heated pool and an extens...

From 884 USD

Pavilion Basin ( 1883ft2 )

Pavilion Bassin rooms average 175m2 (1883 sq.ft) and are located next to the central irrigation pool known as the Bassin. Courtyard with large loungin...

From 1,901 USD

Pavilion Piscine ( 2368ft2 )

Offering a 25m2 (269 sq.ft) heated swimming pool and a private garden, 220m2 (2368 sq.ft) Pavilion Piscine rooms feature Berber carpets, Zellij-tiled...

From 2,773 USD

Maison ( 3875ft2 )

Ideal for larger parties, each two-bedroom Maison features 7m-high ceilings and offers 360m2 (3875 sq.ft) of living space. Separate courtyard entrance...

From 3,645 USD

Maison Jardin ( 6157ft2 )

Each Maison Jardin features 7m-high ceilings and offers 572m2 (6157 sq.ft) of living space including a garden courtyard and a butler’s pantry. Garden...

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