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Il San Pietro di Positano

Il San Pietro di Positano

The San Pietro di Positano is more than a hotel. It is a journey within a journey, where memories are created and never forgotten. A haven of peace, immersed in nature, this elegant home harmonizes old-world hospitality traditions with contemporary, understated luxury. Escape to this small slice of paradise suspended between the sea and sky. A visionary, a large family, a magical place. A true story, worthy of a novel.

Rooms & Suites - Carved discreetly into the cliffside, with views of the Amalfi coastline and Mediterranean sea, every room is unique: a combination of understated luxury, intricate detail, and original design.

Restaurants & Bars - A unique taste experience - The restaurants will delight your eyes and palate. ''Zass Restaurant'' - Overlooking the sea and Praiano's coastal town, Il San Pietro’s Michelin-starred restaurant, ‘Zass, is surrounded by a bright, Mediterranean atmosphere. Chef Alois Vanlangenaeker ‘s dishes embody his quest for purity, harmony & refinement. His creations recall contemporary paintings while seeking to maintain Italian gastronomic tradition. “I aim to enhance the existing product. I have great respect for the ingredients.” Most of the products used by the kitchen’s team of 32 cooks come from Il San Pietro’s organic vegetable garden or local growers and suppliers. Enjoy a fine wine to accompany your fine dining. Head sommelier, Salvatore Marrone, proposes a wine list of over 600 labels from the San Pietro cellar, the result of research aimed at discovering the best national and international wines, with a special interest in small producers.

''Carlino Restaurant - This charming seaside restaurant was named after Carlino Cinque, the hotel founder. It can be reached in just 45 seconds using the elevator carved into the rock or taking the steps winding down the cliffside through the vegetable gardens. The Carlino restaurant is exclusive to the resident guests and offers al fresco seaside dining. Showcasing the hotel's informal side, it is the perfect place to sample popular local cuisine made from fresh seasonal ingredients. The dishes are prepared in single portions, with ingredients harvested fresh from Il San Pietro’s gardens. Don’t miss out on Carlino’s signature Lemon Spaghetti!

''The Kitchen'' - The San Pietro kitchen has been awarded the most environmentally friendly kitchen in the world. Renovated in early 2016, it has become the talk of the culinary world! Digging into 1806 cubic meters of solid rock, It took 54 builders, electricians & engineers working three 24-hour shifts, just five months to complete this one-of-a-kind, 400 sq meter feat of engineering. Designed by Andrea Viacava, all pieces of equipment were custom made in Italy to the unique specifications. All the equipment functions on electricity, and appliances are connected to a computerized system that controls each machine's power output. This means the entire kitchen uses just a 4th of the electricity that a kitchen of its kind and size would ordinarily use. The air circulating throughout the space is cleaned by a UTA machine (Unity Treatment of Air), which filters & purifies the air. There are no open flames or gas, and all of the stoves use induction heating so that surfaces can be cleaned using only vinegar.

The Bars - "Terrace Bar'' - The Terrace Bar is the San Pietro's majestic heart, suspended between sea and sky. Outside garden vegetation merges with the interior lounge, where bougainvillea vines spread across the ceilings over soft cream sofas and terracotta tiles. With its beautiful flower gardens and ornate tiled benches overlooking Positano, Praiano, and Li Galli islands, the iconic terrace is an enchanted spot to sit and sip a refreshing Bellini as the sun dips behind the rolling coastline.

''Bee Chic'' - The “Ape” (Italian for “bee”) is a retro classic, based on its close cousin, the Vespa (“wasp”), most commonly used as a lightweight transport vehicle for small merchandise. This Ape, helicoptered onto Il San Pietro’s terrace, was transformed into a mini food truck, the Bee Chic. Bee Chic is what happens when street food meets elegance’. Working eight years at a top hotel’s champagne and oyster bar triggered Alfonso Ferrara’s big idea. Why not combine that same standard of luxury with the easy character of street food? Together with a friend, they kitted out an Ape Piaggio with a refrigerator, ice machine, and cooker. The Bee Chic became an instant hit on the Amalfi Coast. The novel concept featured in popular television food shows and national newspapers before the three-wheeler made its final flight, to rest on the San Pietro’s iconic cocktail terrace. The Bee Chic menu offers a fresh mix of light bites worldwide, giving guests a fun alternative to restaurant dining.

The Gardens - Il San Pietro’s gardens cover half of the property. Cut into the rock to form 10 leveled terraces. A walk down 400 stone steps will take you through the gardens from the hotel lobby to the beach. Inviting you to pick and peck along the way. It takes four gardeners working full time all year round to maintain the San Pietro gardens, growing fruits, vegetables, and herbs for both restaurants. Dishes are created according to the seasonal produce. An agronomist studies crop cycles to achieve the perfect ripening period, staggering the planting and harvesting times to supply the hotel with fresh produce year-round. The lush bouquets decorating the hotel lobby, halls & rooms are also carefully cultivated, hand-picked, and arranged here. Using only local seeds & produce native to the Amalfi coast, everything grown in the gardens is organically certified.

Facilities at Il San Pietro, Positano - Take a boat ride, lounge poolside, sip a cocktail at the exclusive beach club, or play tennis on one of the world’s most scenic courts. Il San Pietro has something for everyone. "The Beach Club'' - Il San Pietro is the only hotel in Positano with direct access to a private beach. The beach is a natural cove surrounded by crystal clear waters, with a solarium and bar by the sea. An elevator carved into the cliff will swiftly carry you from the lobby down to this heavenly spot. The Beach Club is exclusive to Il San Pietro’s resident guests. The bar adjacent to the sundeck offers fast and friendly service, with a wide selection of drinks, wines, cocktails, and fresh fruit.

The Swimming Pool - The pool terrace is a haven of peace and striking beauty, with views overlooking the deep turquoise sea and Praiano's coastal village. Relax in this quiet, sunny spot, enjoying the dreamy scenery, or make use of the professional bar service while reclining on a sunbed. The freshwater swimming pool is exclusive to ISP guests. ''The Tennis Court'' - The regulation-size tennis court lying between the rock face with lush Mediterranean greenery and the pebble beach gives players the unusual pleasure of playing by the sea. The tennis court is complimentary and exclusive to the guests.

Boat Trip - From June to September, Il San Pietro offers a complimentary two-hour cruise along the coast, departing every morning (except on Sundays). You will enjoy a dip and a drink during the cruise while viewing the breathtaking Amalfi coastline from the best position, the sea. Please reserve a place on board at the Reception.

Wellbeing at Il San Pietro, Positano - The Wellness Center is situated under the balmy shade of a lemon orchard, creating a natural harmony between man and landscape, an essential combination for pure psychophysical wellness. ''Fitness area'' - The latest state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor fitness equipment guarantees a satisfying workout. Half of the gym is situated outside under the lemon orchard. Exercise in nature while feasting your eyes on stunning coastal views. Yoga & pilates - Start the day with a complimentary yoga or Pilates session on the beach lawn overlooking the sea. Beginning at 9:00 am, a certified instructor will guide you through an hour-long practice that will revitalize your mind and body.

The Spa - The spa attendants are delighted to welcome you into this pleasant haven of relaxation. Treatments with natural products that are dermatologically tested, assure superb results. Pamper your skin with the luxury treatments, a true elixir after a day in the sun. Rejuvenating massages reduce stress and realign interior and anterior harmony, while the Finnish shower and the Turkish Bath are ideal for unwinding post-exercise.

Celebrating 50 years of the San Pietro - Such stuff as dreams are made on.....''The Dreamer - its creator, Carlo Cinque'' - “We understand stories at the end,” wrote Aristotle, but the ability to gaze into the future is the genius of a gifted few. Perhaps this is why the visionaries and inventors are so celebrated throughout human history. The San Pietro was one such vision. Its creator, Carlo Cinque, dreamed of a paradise, built on a promontory outside the village of Positano that would welcome visitors from across the world. A rare hotel removed from the throng, the luxury of beauty and care its value. The jutting cliff is Carlo’s canvas on which he will shape this vision, one that generations following him will continue to build upon.

While the San Pietro story has not reached an end, looking back 50 years on, we can begin to understand it. Today, the hotel stands as an emblem of hospitality and excellence across the world. But Carlo, or Carlino to his friends, does not know this when he breaks ground and starts construction. Drilling down into the cliff, gradually spreading across ten different levels, his vision begins to take tangible form. He follows his own unique set of rules, the first commandment of which states: be invisible. Not wanting to violate the surrounding landscape, he follows the hillside's natural form to create rooms, a grand hall, a restaurant, and a reception area. He designs terraced gardens and pathways where trees from all over the world will be planted to adorn the rock face.

Once upon another time - Part two - the enchanted castle - Carlino was the dreamer, half-artist, half-genius, who envisioned the impossible and refused to accept anything less than the purest realization of his fantasies. Salvatore and Virginia could handle the practicalities because, as they often heard him say, “Practical things aren’t beautiful as well.” Carlo Cinque spoke the language of artists, a language without grammar, a mixture of silence, glances, sensuality, fragility, and narcissism. He could have worked in the world of show business if not for that merciless, unavoidable dedication to beauty. But as it turned out, the world of show business came to him.

The smart set had discovered Positano and with it, Il San Pietro. As film stars and directors flocked to the picturesque coastal town, Carlino was waiting, ready to welcome them to his house. For that is what the San Pietro was: an exceptional house that had turned out even more astonishing than his vivid boyhood imagination had dreamed; an enchanted castle that he filled with flowers, antique furniture, works of art, and exotic animals.

A dilated space for dilated time.....It is hard to describe the feeling, the presence of harmony, entering, and wandering in that space and time. The aroma of warm breakfast cakes and pastries freshly baked at 4:00 am, the perfume of the lemon trees as you work out on a platform overlooking the sea, the menu at the beach restaurant that takes your taste buds back in time to rediscover intense flavors lost to mass marketing, the pleasure of withdrawing from the world on your personal terrace immersed in nature. There is nothing ostentatious or snobbish in the personalized luxury offered. As quoted by the New York Times in 1982, the San Pietro is a sort of “place for the soul.” From 1970 to today, thousands of guests have visited Il San Pietro, but those who keep returning are a sentimental place, where they leave a little piece of their heart to come back to year after year.

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Rooms and Suites at Il San Pietro di Positano

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Deluxe Room ( 322ft2 )

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Premier Room ( 592ft2 )

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Elite Room ( 484ft2 )

Comfortable rooms (approx 45sqm including terrace and bathroom) with spacious bathrooms in Italian marble or uniquely made terracotta ceramic tiles. I...

From 693 USD

Classic Room ( 269ft2 )

Individually designed intimate rooms providing a panoramic terrace furnished with table and armchairs. Il San Pietro Classic rooms are (approx 25sqm...

From 2,597 USD

Suite Virginia ( 130m2 )

Sitting area with workspace, Sea view, Overlooking the Mediterranean coast, Direct access to the pool area, 1 King bed – Approx 130sqm / 1400sqft, Sit...

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