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Rooms and Suites at Mamilla Hotel

From 1,733 USD
Studio Room

Studio Room ( 301ft2 - 323ft2 )

The studio rooms perfectly combine a rich heritage with a modern and sophisticated style. The rooms are equipped with modern fittings - making them co...

From 2,083 USD
Executive Room

Executive Room ( 355ft2 - 388ft2 )

The executive rooms are especially suitable for a couple or family hospitality, and combine style and luxury with a pleasant homely atmosphere. The ex...

From 2,800 USD
Mamilla Suite

Mamilla Suite ( 560ft2 )

Luxurious, spacious and impeccably styled, Mamilla Suites offer perfectly harmonized living and private spaces. Each Mamilla Suite features a walk-in...

From 2,900 USD
Mamilla Family Suite

Mamilla Family Suite ( 603ft2 )

Luxurious, spacious and impeccably styled, Mamilla Suites offer perfectly harmonized living and private spaces. Each Mamilla Suite features a walk-in...

From 3,600 USD
Residence Suite

Residence Suite ( 700ft2 )

Residence One Bedroom suites are the ultimate in luxury hospitality. Well suited to a business stay or for guests looking to entertain, each Residence...

From 8,300 USD
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite ( 1227ft2 )

With abundant space and its wonderful views across Jerusalem's Old City, this magical suite is in a class of its own. The Presidential Suite offers a...

Mamilla Hotel

Luxury - Lifestyle - Heritage - The Mamilla Hotel Jerusalem reflects the character of the most beautiful city in the world. It has the exact combination of pieces of history and hopes for the future, between the ancient and the innovative, with an unforgettable hospitality experience at the center, which can only happen here - in the center of the historic Alrov Avenue, next to the Jaffa Gate and in front of the Old City walls and the Tower of David. Jerusalem magic.

Paying attention to the small details: the stylish and contemporary design, the luxurious and cozy seating areas, the music adapted to every corner and moment of the day, the meticulous rooms, the refined equipment, the rich meals, the personal accompaniment. All to give you the hotel guests another different sensory experience, in Jerusalem's vibrant center, only a short distance from the city's important historical and cultural sites.

To complete the experience, you are invited to take a dip in the breathtaking scenery with us at Roptop: enjoy a wonderful meal, stop for a cocktail in the rich bar, relax in the holistic spa, and perhaps invite those close to you, celebrate a happy event together in a "Mamilla" Jerusalem atmosphere. As only possible here. At the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.

Rooms & Suites

Jerusalem soda in its buildings. Each stone tells a story. Each wall whispers a secret. Silent witnesses to the eternal story of the city. A city that has been renewed for thousands of years. Looking to a glorious, promising future. So is the story of the rooms and suites at the hotel anyway. Living the Legend of Jerusalem. Conduct a dialogue between colors and textures, between old and new: a rigid Jerusalem stone that blends with soft fabrics, exposed raw concrete in front of the rooted oak's warmth. Technological innovation alongside handwork, all created by the acclaimed designer Piero Lissoni. Staying in the hotel rooms, you will discover many details, which together create a fascinating design world and a particularly stylish and pampering experience. Everything is adapted to the atmosphere, to the colors, to the people, to Jerusalem: lamps designed and adapted especially for the hotel rooms, pampering soaps from BVLGARI, quality towels, and bedding that will wrap you gently into a dreamy sleep. In every detail, thought, attention and a lot of love were invested.

Restaurants & Bars

Mamilla Hotel offers culinary complexes open to hotel guests and the general public. The Rooftop Restaurant is located on the roof of the hotel and has a rich menu with a unique atmosphere and a breathtaking view of the walls of the Old City of Jerusalem; The mirror bar creates a unique, intimate atmosphere and overlooks Sderot Mamilla; And Happy Fish, a Mediterranean fish restaurant offering a happy atmosphere for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Hotel guests enjoy a prestigious wine bar featuring wines from the leading wineries and the pampering espresso bar. There are plenty of flavors, a unique atmosphere, an extraordinary culinary experience, and Jerusalem's special charm under one roof at the Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem.

''The Rooftop Restaurant'' - On the roof of the world, when spirit and soul meet with flavors, aroma, and holiness, at the most magical point. It's the hotel's laptop anyway. The Rooftop is, without a doubt, the diamond of anyway. It is a pilgrimage place for guests from Israel and the world who come to breathe the cool and fresh air of Jerusalem, soak up the amazing views, and savor the delicacies that combine classic and authenticity, West and East, contemporary world cuisine, and Israeli gourmet.

''Happy Fish Restaurant'' - Up the stairs from the pedestrian mall anyway, you will discover the terrace of the "Happy Fish" restaurant, a magical and hidden orchard that turns every meal into a celebration, under the azure sky or the Jerusalem evening sky dotted with shining stars. Happy Fish Restaurant is a recipe for a winning Jerusalem meal: carefully selected fresh Mediterranean fish, a method of cooking for the customer to choose, herbs that have just been picked from the hotel garden, loaves of bread baked in the restaurant bakery, colorful and rich salads, perfect location overlooking Alrov Avenue and the most beautiful Assemble all of these into a perfect dish. Happy Fish Restaurant is the right place for a family lunch, a quick business meal with or without partners, a gala dinner, and private events.

Akasha Holistic Health Center

Get out of the routine. Take a break. Enter quietly, into the hotel's hidden paradise anyway. All the elements of nature and creation come together to create a delightful, empowering, refreshing, and holistic experience. Stop everything and float in the "Watsu" experience in the warm water, expend energy in the well-equipped and state-of-the-art gym, enjoy a massage with the best hands, enjoy the hammam, stretch out in the relaxing restrooms, indulge in one of the beauty treatments and sip a drink at the organic bar. Akasha is the place to start a more peaceful day or end a healthier and more smiling day. This is why Akasha has won all the accolades and awards as one of Israel's best spas.

The wide variety of treatments, including relaxing and balancing treatments, deep, nourishing treatments, facials, and water treatments, allows you to enjoy a new experience every time. You are also welcome to try the unique treatments: "Four Elements" treatment - a 90-minute combined treatment, "The Seven Chakras Experience" - an empowering body and mind experience, and "Akasha Magic" - the home treatment that combines different techniques and provides balance and energy flow. You can also order a romantic couple celebration or an original and perfect gift for anyone you wanted to pamper in Akasha. Endless tranquility in the center of the business and entertainment pedestrian zone. From the moment you gather, forget about the outside world. Everything here, for you, under one roof. A piece of paradise in the heart of Jerusalem.

The Location

Holidays in Jerusalem anyway - walking distance from any point. Mamilla Hotel is located in the heart of Jerusalem, in an exclusive location that is a wonderful starting point for all tourism types. It is perfect for those booking a vacation in Jerusalem. The hotel stands at the point that connects the old city to the new one: a location that combines old and new and is a wonderful blend between Jerusalem's rich historical and spiritual heritage and its bustling modern city life. The Mamilla Hotel in Jerusalem is located next to Mamilla Boulevard - the city's main entertainment and shopping area. The hotel overlooks the Old City walls, the Tower of David, and the Jaffa Gate, which is within walking distance of the main tourist sites and a short drive from other sites. The boulevard leads directly to the Jaffa Gate, which is the main entrance to the Old City. From here, you can quickly reach all the famous attractions and sites of the Old City - the holy places, archeological sites, and vibrant markets. Whether you are on vacation in Jerusalem or just for a short weekend, a hotel is suitable for every need and provides a prestigious, high-quality, and exclusive solution.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The Mamilla Hotel is the very heart of Jerusalem's rich cultural heritage and bustling day life and is a leading luxury hotel in Jerusalem.

  • The Mamilla Hotel is a visually stunning example of sophisticated contemporary design, created by the world renowned Piero Lissoni.

  • The award winning Akasha Wellbeing Spa integrates innovative western and eastern practices with natural healing techniques.

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