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Como Shambhala Estate

Como Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate is a residential health retreat combining holistic wellness with state-of-the-art facilities and exceptional villa accommodation. The location is unique, a spiritual enclave of jungle, river, and sun-rich clearings just north of Ubud. Specialists in yoga, Pilates, and qigong provide inspiration and nurture, working in harmony with mountain biking guides, hiking, climbing, whitewater rafting, and outdoor circuit training. Guests who want to make a lasting commitment to change can embark on one of the targeted Wellness Programmes - "Cleanse, Be Active, Ayurvedic and Bespoke" - starting from three nights. The idea is to help guests make informed life changes that will last well beyond their stay. Presenting you with new challenges, providing perpetual inspiration in your lifelong journey towards better health. With having a holistic approach. Nothing offered at the Estate is devoted entirely to the exterior physique without looking at the hidden elements. This 360-degree experience is key to the proactive philosophy.

Facilities - COMO Shambhala Estate provides resident experts with specialized services to help guide you out of familiar comfort zones towards higher goals. The facilities support attention to detail and the way the experience is tailored to individuals. Nine treatment rooms (three for couples), Three treatment pavilions, Outdoor hydrotherapy area with vitality pool, Male/female sauna and steam room, yoga pavilion and Yoga bale, Pilates studio, Consultation rooms, 25-meter swimming pool, Chemical-free natural spring water pools, Tennis court, Gym with weights and cardio equipment, Outdoor jungle gyms.

Accommodations - Unique among Bali wellness resorts, COMO Shambhala Estate feels truly residential, like a home away from home. All of the individual rooms and suites at the Ubud spa resort sit within one of the freestanding Residences. Every room is different but has access to its residents ' pools, lounge areas, and shaded pavilions. For this reason, it appeals not just to those with specific wellness goals in mind. Still, the dramatic accommodation in villas and suites is suited to couples, independent travelers, groups, and families seeking a peaceful holiday. All of the individual rooms and suites exist within a residence setting (Bayugita, Tirta Ening, Tejasuara, Wanakasaand Umabona). Each suite has one bedroom except the Royal Suite at Umabona, which features two bedrooms. Advice is given on which room is suited to your particular needs (sizes vary, so please refer to detailed floor plans and descriptions relevant to an entire Residence. Whatever option, you get access to your Residence's pools, lounge areas, and shaded pavilions.

Dining & Cuisine - At COMO Shambhala Estate, you can immerse yourself in the flavors of Indonesian cuisine at Kudus House or enjoy the balance, nutrition, and sophisticated tastes of the healthy COMO Shambhala Cuisine on all-day menus at the glow. This is where the focus on nutrition reveals certain foods' power to maximize personal performance, increase concentration and energy, and calibrate blood sugar levels. Also, making dining flexible and easy, offering various options to suit different moods and tastes, from a romantic dinner for two on your suite's terrace to a family meal in a private Residence. There is a resident nutritionist, while the Ayurvedic doctor also creates special Ayurvedic diets to match your individual requirements to help direct those on specific wellness programs. Philosophy - The COMO Shambhala Cuisine takes its unique inspiration from the living foods tradition. This maintains the nutritional integrity of the original foods' essential enzymes, vitamins, and minerals and allows you to benefit from specific ingredients' 'life force.' Many of them raw, brought from the field to table with minimum delay.

"Kudus House" - Showcasing the diverse influences, flavors, and spices of Indonesia's regions, Kudus House offers a truly gourmet Ubud experience. The intimate restaurant occupies a picturesque 150-year-old former Javanese residence, from which it serves both breakfast and dinner. Local breakfast options also include a range of European options. "Glow" - the glow is the buzzing heart of COMO Shambhala Estate. A contemporary-styled, open-sided, all-day-dining venue, glow features easy dishes and the nutritious and delicious COMO Shambhala Cuisine - including salads, energizing juices blends rich in living enzymes, vitamins, and minerals. Those interested in cookery will particularly enjoy glow's open kitchen, where you can watch your fresh food as it is being prepared. And on Sundays, a popular brunch is offered that is memorable not only for the lively, flavourful cuisine but the occasion's informal style. A picnic lunch at the water garden, Kedara, is also available on request.

Wellness by COMO Shambhala Estate - A residential 'retreat for change' combines a deep-rooted approach to wellness with state-of-the-art facilities and remarkable villa accommodation. The location is unique - an auspicious and spiritual enclave of the jungle just north of Ubud in Bali, where guests relax to the sounds of the rustling jungle and rumbling Ayung River. Specialists in yoga and Pilates work in harmony with nature-filled surroundings, delivering effective holistic treatment designed to restore and revitalize both mind and body. Few places offer such an extensive and immersive wellness experience, combining healthy, energy-giving food for every meal with a dynamic itinerary of activities and treatments created according to your needs. Whether you're looking for a yoga retreat in Bali or a total wellness overhaul, COMO Shambhala Estate offers a nurturing environment to progress. Every detail is taken care of by your personal assistant, ensuring a completely hassle-free, restorative trip. The idea is to help guests make informed life changes that will last well beyond their stay.

"The Wellness Programmes" - Help guests improve specific areas of their wellbeing through targeted therapies, healthy eating options, and expert consultations. Programs can be booked with any stay of three days or longer. Priority reservations for the Schedule of Activities and COMO Shambhala treatments will be given to guests on Wellness Programmes. Children under 16 years of age may not join the Wellness Programmes.

THE BE ACTIVE PROGRAMME - 'Be Active' is the go-to wellness program if you want to kick-start, maintain or challenge an established fitness routine, lose weight, or rehabilitate an injury. The wellness experts will create a uniquely tailored activity schedule with various fitness sessions, active challenges, and massage to help you achieve your wellness goals. You will join group classes such as HIIT, Foam Roller Fitness, and Circuit Training whilst additional private classes might include personal training sessions, Pilates, or yoga. In addition, special guided challenges will keep fitness fun, with volcano hikes, bike rides in Bali's northern hills, and rice-paddy treks. Your meals will be prescribed from the healthful COMO Shambhala Cuisine, ensuring optimum energy levels. As a result, you'll leave the Estate feeling fitter, stronger, more energized, and inspired to continue your activity routine at home. {Programme Inclusions: Two consultations with a wellness expert, Individual treatment plan, prescribed diet and activities schedule, One 60-minute massage OR one personal training session OR one guided challenge daily, Participation in The Estate's daily schedule of activities. Accommodation - Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Services of a personal assistant}.

THE CLEANSE PROGRAMME - 'Cleanse' is the program for those seeking wellness from the inside out. Embarking on a cleanse in close collaboration with COMO Shambhala's wellness experts can increase energy levels, balance hormones, improve digestion and help break cravings. Your program might include a tailor-made menu of healthful and inspiring COMO Shambhala whole-food cuisine or a prescriptive blend of juices, teas, broths, and tonics. These will be combined with stimulating but supportive activities, classes, and treatments, ranging from yoga and nature treks to acupuncture or colonic hydrotherapy. As a result, you will finish the program with a sense of renewal and with increased vitality, as well as the inspiration to continue a healthier lifestyle at home. {Programme Inclusions: Consultation with a COMO Shambhala wellness expert - one every seven nights, Prescribed diet from the COMO Shambhala Cuisine menu, Participation in The Estate's daily schedule of activities, One 60-minute cleansing treatment OR one 60-minute massage per day, Personal activity schedule for the duration of your stay. Accommodation - Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Services of a personal assistant.

THE BESPOKE PROGRAMME - The 'Bespoke' option is for those looking for a wellness program designed according to their individual needs, from stress management or rejuvenation to moving through a life transition. Guests can build their own experience with the benefit of consultation with wellness experts, who will recommend personalized diet, therapy, and activity plans. Classes will range from informative, expert-led lectures to meditation and rice-field walks, with massage, body care treatments, and healthful COMO Shambhala Cuisine supporting your progress. You will leave The Estate relaxed and inspired, with takeaway tools and actionable advice to continue your wellness journey at home. {Programme Inclusions: Consultation with a COMO Shambhala wellness expert — one every seven nights, Individual treatment plan, prescribed diet, and activities schedule for the duration of stay, One wellness treatment per day, Participation in The Estate's daily schedule of activities. Accommodation - Daily breakfast, lunch, and dinner, Services of a personal assistant}.

AYURVEDA THERAPY PROGRAMME - Ayurveda means 'the science or knowledge of life and is an ancient Indian holistic healthcare system. Ayurvedic wellness programs aim to restore the body to a natural state of equilibrium by rectifying imbalances in the body's three doshas - Vata, pitta, and Kapha - that make up the body's constitution. Benefits include weight loss, stress relief, and detoxification. Wherever the Ayurvedic therapies are available, an Ayurvedic Doctor is provided to prescribe the most appropriate treatments. They will also add nutritionist support in personalized eating plans. A minimum of three treatments for optimal results is recommended.

Location - The retreat for change is near Ubud, a 20-minute drive from this bustling artists' town towards the island's center. Life is village-based, relaxed, and largely rural. The landscape comprises rice paddies, distant volcanoes, and forest, with COMO Shambhala Estate nestled in a clearing above a jungle-covered gorge beside the River Ayung.

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Rooms and Suites at Como Shambhala Estate

From 1,997 USD

1 Bedroom Retreat Pool Villa ( 1345ft2 - 1830ft2 )

One Bedroom Retreat Pool Villa - 125-170m2 These Retreat Villas are cool and contemporary. Each villa features a private pool as well as a separate li...

From 2,511 USD

2 Bedroom Retreat Pool Villa ( 1938ft2 )

Two Bedroom Retreat Pool Villa - 180m2 - These villas are decorated in a cool and contemporary fashion featuring one master bedroom with a dressing ro...

From 1,174 USD

Garden Room ( 323ft2 - 484ft2 )

One of the Ubud spa resorts’ four- and five-suite Residences, the Garden Rooms(30-45 m²/323-484 ft² ) are the most intimate, featuring king-sized beds...

From 1,295 USD

Terrace Suite ( 484ft2 - 861ft2 )

Terrace Suites are large, between 45m² and 80m²/484ft² and 861ft² in size. You will have access to a pool, a lounge, and a dining area, all of which a...

From 1,876 USD

2 Bedroom Private Villa ( 1507ft2 )

Private Villa Two Bedroom - 140m2 - These delightfully secluded villas boast spectacular views. Spread over two or three stories each enjoys the luxur...

From 2,571 USD

3 Bedroom Private Villa ( 2960ft2 )

Private Villa Three Bedroom - 275m2 - These delightful villas boast unparalleled views over the valley. Spread over two stories each enjoys the luxury...

From 1,549 USD

COMO Shambhala Suite ( 753ft2 - 1033ft2 )

COMO Shambhala Suites are the master suites in each Residence. They boast the largest square footage, private jacuzzis and lounge and dining areas. Ea...

From 4,429 USD

Como Suite at Umabona ( 3315ft2 )

COMO Suite at Umabona - at 308m²/3,315ft² is the grandest of COMO Suites and is decorated in a highly decadent style. The accommodation comprises of t...

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