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Belvedere Hotel

Belvedere Hotel

Belvedere is situated in a premium location in the town of Mykonos Island, “Chora.” Hotel guests have the privilege of residing in a luxurious, calm environment, savoring panoramic views over the white houses, the port of Chora, and the Aegean Sea while being just a five-minute walk away from what Mykonos is all about, energy and life. Matoyanni Street is the most commercial and cosmopolitan street in Mykonos, where bars, restaurants, and boutiques are at the guests' disposal. Inaugurated in the summer of 1995, the Belvedere is constructed in the beautiful gardens of cypresses, bougainvilleas, wild laurels, and one of the oldest mansions in Mykonos, the Mansion Stoupa, dating from 1850. The hotel has the form of a small traditional Cycladic village. The village comprises seven small buildings, resembling Chora's houses, all arranged around an asymmetrical pool that overlooks Chora and its port.

Luxury Accommodation in Mykonos - Choose your Belvedere Property. If you want to be part of the sparkling Belvedere community, the perfect place to see and be seen, then the main Hotel is the quintessential Mykonian backdrop for your summer adventure. Located on top of a rolling hill with sweeping views of the entire island, the Hilltop Rooms & Suites is an eclectic cluster of luxurious residential-style accommodations for travelers who want to feel like a local. Hidden from view, the Waterfront Villa & Suites is a heritage estate that has transformed tradition into timeless elegance for those who value their privacy above everything else. The little Venice Pieds-a-Terre are synonymous with waterfront living for an unforgettable stay, intricately entwined with the natural elements.

"Main Hotel Rooms & Suites" - Made up of seven pristine white buildings that blend into a harmonious microcosm, the Belvedere Hotel is a world unto itself. Get to know your neighbors or savor your privacy as you take up residence in a landmark property on the verge of Mykonos Town. Choose the perfect room - Anchored in Cycladic elegance, the Belvedere Hotel’s exclusive accommodation options steer clear of passing trends, investing in timeless materials that age beautifully. No two rooms are alike, creating a variety of Mykonian microclimates where thoughtfulness is key. Choose your dream suite - Sticking to simplicity's principles, the suites are designed for guests who consider luxury a necessity. A carefully curated selection of locally sourced and imported materials reflect the signature aesthetic of the Belvedere Hotel.

"Hilltop Rooms & Suites" - Made up of 3 whitewashed buildings and only a few minutes away from the Belvedere Hotel, this new residential accommodation option is ideal for travelers seeking proximity to Mykonos heartbeat yet looking for privacy and impeccable hotel service. Every single one of Hilltop luxury rooms and suites comes with breathtaking views of Mykonos Town and the Aegean Sea. Between Two Worlds - Located a mere 250m away from the main Belvedere Hotel complex, guests can enjoy the best of both worlds: Hilltop Rooms & Suites’ overwhelming views & residential aura yet the Belvedere buzzing gourmet & social scene. Guests can also partake in the Belvedere Fitness Studio's wellness delights and the renowned Six Senses Spa. At the same time, breakfast can be enjoyed in the serenity of their private balcony, terrace, or garden or at the Belvedere pool area. Relax and enjoy the ride with a complimentary shuttle service that runs between both properties. Choose your perfect Hilltop Room or Suite - The combination of picturesque Mykonos Town, Aegean Sea, and island sunset views create a strong context that ties the Hilltop complex with the Belvedere Hotel. All rooms & suites are unique environments, each with its own characteristic atmosphere: choose the ideal for you!

"Waterfront Villa & Suites" - Location - Just a 5 min. Walk from the Belvedere Hotel's main complex; these properties are ideal for true Mykonos lovers. Focusing on selective solitude, the Waterfront Villa and Island Suites are an elevated solution for guests who prefer to surround themselves with a crowd of their own making. Private-Home Perfection - Circumventing Mykonos madness, you can choose to experience Cycladic bliss with your friends and loved ones while indulging in the island's alluring social life in small, convenient doses.

"Little Venice Mykonos Pied-à-Terres" - Set on one of the world’s most photographed Mykonos location, the Little Venice Pied-à-Terre apartments are ideal for hip travelers that seek a little privacy. At the same time, I wish to experience the signature Belvedere Hotel's level of service, comfort, and hospitality. All luxury apartments enjoy breathtaking sea and sunset views and have everything you need from a modern audio system to a fishing rod! Choose the apartment you are dreaming of - Commissioned as Pieds-à-Terre, Mykonos' heartbeats on their doorstep. Take your pick and make yourself at home.

Best Restaurants & Bars in Mykonos - Belvedere equals magic, especially when the pool – a swimming and lounging area during the daytime – is suddenly transformed into the centerpiece of a buzzing nightlife scene. The Belvedere Bar shares this magnificent slice of blue with the recently launched Sunken Watermelon and the tremendously popular Matsuhisa Mykonos. Thea Estiatorio beckons from above, while the Belvedere Cellar is calling you down below. What will it be?

Wellness - The Belvedere wellness universe combines exertion with relaxation to quest for the ultimate physical and emotional balance. Luxurious spa treatments, private yoga sessions, and a regulated fitness program will help you introduce a rejuvenated, stress-free version of yourself to the world around you. Six Senses Spa - Encouraging guests to explore life within their own bodies and renegotiate their personal boundaries, the Six Senses Spa touched down on the Cyclades in 2015, instantly connecting with the Mykonian lifestyle.

A New Wellness Philosophy - Proposing an intuitive mix of science and human awareness, this global brand has fully penetrated the local fabric, incorporating homegrown elements in a captivating wellness philosophy. The Six Senses spa inhabits a serene space, especially designed by Concept Boarding, that gently stimulates body and mind searching for that sixth sense. The highly trained staff welcome guests with homemade ginger tea, infused with cinnamon, honey, and lime, to stimulate your taste buds and take turns awakening the rest of your senses with various face and body treatments that could easily change your life.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The Belvedere is situated in a premium location, in the heart of Mykonos Town overlooking Chora with spectacular view of the Aegean sea.

  • The Hilltop Rooms & Suites offer luxurious residential-style accommodations, while hidden from view, the Waterfront Villa & Suites offer total privacy.

  • The new Thea Estiatorio menu, reflects authentic Greek flavours with a modern twist, and has conquered the hearts of many Mykonian gourmands.

Rooms and Suites at Belvedere Hotel

From 375 USD

Standard Room Courtyard ( 248ft2 )

Combining a tightly edited selection of materials – marble, plaster and wood – the Standard Rooms favour light-filled interiors with discreet island a...

From 1,579 USD

Belvedere Suite with Spectacular Sea View ( 646ft2 )

Located on the first floor, the Belvedere Suite features two terraces that offer uninterrupted sunbathing, as well as the perfect excuse for sunset co...

From 572 USD

Grand Room Sea or Pool View ( 291ft2 )

The Grand Rooms are overlooking the Belvedere pool with the surrounding gardens – the most vital part of the hotel – and the Aegean Sea. Take in the c...

From 690 USD

Honeymoon Suite with Sea or Pool View ( 431ft2 )

The Honeymoon Suite with Sea or Pool View is a luxurious cocoon spun from thoughtfully chosen materials that look their best in the Mykonian light. Th...

From 713 USD

Panoramic Room with Spectacular Sea View ( 280ft2 )

Capturing the exuberance of Mykonos, the Panoramic Room is designed for sociable holidaymakers who like to preside over a crowd. Marble, plaster and w...

From 1,179 USD

Panoramic Suite with Spectacular Sea View ( 517ft2 - 570ft2 )

The Panoramic Suite offers an all-encompassing view of Mykonos, stretching as far as the eye can see. Turn your attention indoors, and you’ll be greet...

From 831 USD

Panoramic Room with Private Sundeck ( 280ft2 )

The Panoramic Room is a radiantly beautiful open-plan space, featuring a private sundeck that simply begs for company. The marble, plaster and wooden...

From 493 USD

Standard Room Sea or Pool View ( 248ft2 )

Mimicking Mykonian architecture, the Standard Rooms with Sea or Pool View are a symphony in white-on-white luxury. The combination of simple, carefull...

From 595 USD

Junior Suite Courtyard View ( 431ft2 )

Reinventing Mykonian luxury, we used monolithic marble, humble plaster and hand-sculpted wood to create a soothing atmosphere, anchored in Cycladic co...

From 674 USD

Honeymoon Room with Private Pool ( 280ft2 )

Possibly the most covetable accommodation option in the entire hotel, the Honeymoon Room is exactly what it sounds like: a haven for two with a privat...

From 1,821 USD

Belvedere Mansion with Private Pool Sea View ( 753ft2 )

Combining the old with the new, the latest addition to the Belvedere accommodation portfolio encompasses the entire history of the island in one fell...

From 4,848 USD

Belvedere Waterfront Villa - All 3 Island Suites ( 12917ft2 )

Belvedere Waterfront Villa - All 3 Island Suites (350 meters from main hotel). Built sometime in the late 60s, the “phantom villa” was a clandestine p...

From 1,143 USD

2 Bedroom Suite Private Jacuzzi Sea View at Belvedere Villa Nextdoor

Summer 2 Bedroom Suite Private Jacuzzi Sea View @ Belvedere Villa Nextdoor - The Summer 2 Bedroom Suite Private Jacuzzi with Sea View is located on th...

From 2,063 USD

3 Bedroom Residence Private Pool Sea View at Belvedere Villa Nextdoor

The Summer 3 Bedroom Residence with Private Pool is occupying the first floor of the Belvedere Villa Nextdoor located right next to the Belvedere Hote...

From 3,637 USD

7 Bedroom Belvedere Villa Nextdoor - All 3 Summer Suites & Residences ( 3703ft2 )

Belvedere Villa Nextdoor (All 3 Summer Suites & Residences - 7 Bedrooms total). With Belvedere Villa Next Door you get exactly what you read about. A...

From 1,337 USD

Summer 2 Bedroom Residence with Plunge Pool at Belvedere Villa Next Door ( 1076ft2 )

The Summer 2 Bedroom Residence with Plunge Pool is located on the ground floor of the Belvedere Villa Next Door and can be booked separately. Minimali...

From 2,063 USD

Island Suite with Private Pool at Belvedere Waterfront Villa ( 3444ft2 )

Island Suite with Private Pool @ Belvedere Waterfront Villa (350 meters from main hotel). The Island Suite with Private Pool is part of the Belvedere...

From 1,665 USD

Hilltop Infinity Sea View Suite with Private Pool ( 398ft2 - 581ft2 )

Elegant yet discreet, the Hilltop Sea View Suites with Private Pool are a cleverly designed space ideal for couples wanting the private haven and grea...

From 1,337 USD

Island Suite with Private Whirlpool at Belvedere Waterfront Villa ( 1991ft2 )

The Island Suite with Private Whirlpool is part of the Belvedere Waterfront Villa in Mykonos Town and can be also booked separately. This Island Suite...

From 1,700 USD

Island Suite with Private Sundeck at Belvedere Waterfront Villa ( 3229ft2 )

The Island Suite with Private Sundeck is also part of the Belvedere Waterfront Villa in Mykonos Town and can be also booked separately. This Island Su...

From 1,172 USD

Hilltop Infinity Sea View Room with Private Pool ( 366ft2 )

Lounging by your own private pool in Mykonos town with your favorite drink is probably a feeling you will remember all winter long. The Hilltop Rooms...

From 935 USD

Hilltop Sea View Suite ( 388ft2 - 603ft2 )

The Hilltop Sea View Suites open up over a unique view that even your dreams would find hard to beat. All stunning and contemporary styled suites are...

From 453 USD

Standard Room with Outdoor Jacuzzi ( 248ft2 )

Adding a new shade of blue to your holiday palette, this new accommodation option elevates the Belvedere Hotel’s signature Mykonian aesthetic with the...

From 1,063 USD

Hilltop Superior Sea View Suite with Private Jacuzzi ( 463ft2 - 614ft2 )

The spacious Hilltop Sea View Suites with Private Jacuzzi are facing the Aegean Sea; walk out of the unpretentious luxury of this suite, a private lar...

From 869 USD

Hilltop Superior Sea View Room with Private Jacuzzi ( 301ft2 - 323ft2 )

When it comes to romantic getaways, nothing beats a room with an outdoor jacuzzi. All Hilltop Rooms with Private Jacuzzi offer private terraces or lar...

From 652 USD

Hilltop Sea View Room ( 258ft2 - 312ft2 )

The Hilltop Sea View Rooms are a part of the newly Belvedere Hilltop complex. The spacious and luxurious rooms are located on the ground or upper floo...

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