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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

From 387 USD
Executive Room

Executive Room ( 377ft2 )

Discover tranquility in the Executive Room, a calming haven encompassing approximately 35 square meters. These peaceful rooms offer picturesque views of the side street or

From 431 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 452ft2 )

Immerse yourself in luxury and elegance with the Deluxe Room, a spacious sanctuary spanning around 40 square meters. Prioritizing your comfort, this room is equipped

From 585 USD
Superior Deluxe Room

Superior Deluxe Room ( 452ft2 )

Step into the lap of luxury with the Superior Deluxe Room, an expansive haven spanning approximately 42 square meters. Gaze out upon the vibrant Boulevard

From 688 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 517ft2 - 592ft2 )

Upgrade your stay to a new level of comfort with the Junior Suite, providing a spacious retreat spanning from 48 to 55 square meters. Unwind

From 882 USD
Adlon Executive Suite

Adlon Executive Suite ( 667ft2 )

Discover tranquility and elegance in the Adlon Executive Suite, offering a well-appointed 62 square meters of carefully designed space. This suite is ingeniously laid out,

From 1,036 USD
Unter Den Linden Junior Suite

Unter Den Linden Junior Suite ( 624ft2 )

Discover comfort, luxury, and style in the Unter Den Linden Junior Suite, offering approximately 58 sq. m of refined elegance. Whether you choose a large

From 1,439 USD
Brandenburg Gate Junior Suite

Brandenburg Gate Junior Suite ( 667ft2 )

Indulge in elegance and relaxation with the Brandenburg Gate Junior Suite, offering an impressive 62 square meters of timeless luxury. Greet your mornings with an

From 2,845 USD
Berlin Suite

Berlin Suite ( 1184ft2 )

Experience serenity and luxury in the Berlin Suite, encompassing an impressive 110 square meters of elegant space. This suite is designed to provide the utmost

From 4,044 USD
Linden Suite

Linden Suite ( 1399ft2 )

Discover the pinnacle of luxury with the Linden Suite, an expansive haven encompassing around 130 square meters. This suite boasts a well-appointed dining room, a

From 4,589 USD
Pariser Platz Suite

Pariser Platz Suite ( 861ft2 )

Experience Berlin's beauty and luxury from the Pariser Platz Suite, a serene oasis of approximately 80 sq. m. Immerse yourself in the elegance of a

From 5,897 USD
Adlon Deluxe Suite

Adlon Deluxe Suite ( 1184ft2 )

Immerse yourself in extended comfort with the Adlon Deluxe Suite, a sprawling retreat spanning approximately 110 square meters. Perfect for longer stays, this suite features

From 6,442 USD
Brandenburg Gate Suite

Brandenburg Gate Suite ( 861ft2 )

Experience unparalleled luxury in the Brandenburg Gate Suite, a lavish retreat encompassing approximately 80 square meters of living space. Greet each morning with an enchanting

From 7,778 USD
Imperial Suite

Imperial Suite ( 2368ft2 )

Prepare to be captivated by the opulence of the Imperial Suite, a sprawling haven of luxury encompassing around 220 sq. m. As the largest suite

From 8,949 USD
Brandenburg Gate Deluxe Suite

Brandenburg Gate Deluxe Suite ( 1399ft2 )

Step into unparalleled luxury with the Brandenburg Gate Deluxe Suite, offering an expansive 130 sq. m of elegance and opulence. Gaze upon the iconic Brandenburg

From 15,626 USD
Brandenburg Gate Presidential Suite

Brandenburg Gate Presidential Suite ( 2153ft2 )

Elevate your stay to presidential levels of luxury in the Brandenburg Gate Presidential Suite. This exquisite suite spans an impressive 185 sq. m and offers

From 16,498 USD
Royal Suite

Royal Suite ( 1991ft2 )

Experience the ultimate in luxury in the Royal Suite, where grandeur and sophistication meet. Spanning an impressive 185 sq. m, this suite offers a lavish

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin

One of the most popular hotels in the heart of the German capital Berlin is the Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. The property has been famous for providing luxury boarding, lodging, and dining services to elite travelers and tourists since 1907.

Adlon Kempinski Berlin stands in Berlin's most striking and contemporary cities, shadowing the well-known landmark Brandenburg Gate. This elite hotel adds the ultimate style and elegance to its guest's experience with its glamorous infrastructure and luxurious services.

This original hotel offers its customers 304 extravagantly designed guest rooms along with 78 grand suites. Moreover, it greets customers with remarkable European style and traditions, gracious hospitality, and heartwarmingly luxurious service.

This iconic hotel sits in Pariser Platz Square at Unter den Linden Boulevard within the Brandenburg Gate's radius. Additionally, it encompasses numerous delightful sights, crowd-pleasing attractions, exclusive boutiques, galleries, and many theatres.

Extravagant Services

Adlon Kempinski Berlin offers three restaurants, including two well-known ones. They include the fancy Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer and the classy Asian restaurant Sra Bua owned by Tim Raue. These serve profoundly delicious and lavish meals. Moreover, being one of the most outstanding tourist locations, Berlin is decadent. Therefore, the location also has many dine-out restaurants serving fine meals.

Berlin's dining menus consist of a fancy mix of old and new recipes from the East and Westside customs. Besides, one doesn't have to trek through the whole city to gain some perspective on the deluxe and savory cuisines' diversified flavors in Berlin.

Brace yourself for an almost religious experience at Adlon residence, full of infinite culinary combinations and meals. Furthermore, get ready to be completely blown away by the delicacies.

Sra Bua Restaurant

Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin offers a range of delectable Asian flavors paired with a European flair. The aromatic and exotic ingredients release their exciting and rich, creamy flavors. As a result, guests enjoy delicious, healthy, and hearty meals.

Chef Kai Weigand's recipes and creations are a magnificent blend of sweet Japanese perfection. They also entail sensual Thai scents, Chinese flavors and aromas, and traditional European tastes. Moreover, the hotel's dedicated and spirited team aims to paint a journey with unforgettable experiences. They ensure that their guests experience a culinary journey like no other.

The meals are profoundly satisfying and well-balanced when it comes to the quantity and flavors. This no doubt helps to build lasting relationships with their customers. Guests always feel welcome to spend their dining and leisure time at Sra Bua.

You will enjoy some of the most exotic and delicious food in the restaurant's executive lounges. Moreover, the area is surrounded by lavish interiors and a luxuriously aesthetic backdrop.

Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer

Popular chefs Chef Hendrik Otto and Chef Maître Oliver Kraft, whose creations and platters are famous worldwide, own the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer. It offers its customers some of the most life-changing meals they've ever had.

Make sure the delicacies are all inspired by ancient European heritage and age-old traditions. The two chefs are making their mark on Berlin's fine dining industry in their unique way.

Wholeheartedly created culinary delights, a wide range of deep, rich, and elegant wines, and the Brandenburg Gate's breathtaking views only enhance the food-filling up your senses. So if you ever plan on visiting the place, expect to feel your heart race a bit.

If you've been planning a vacation with your family or friends for a long time, staying at one of Berlin's most good hotels will only be a relaxing and flavorful experience.

Restaurant Quarré

The team at Restaurant Quarré sure knows how to make their customers feel welcome. So whether you're looking for a healthy and fast bistro lunch, a relaxed meal to enjoy your evening, or a romantic, intimate dinner for two — a fine dining experience at Pariser Platz will be one you'll remember for a long, long time.

The spacious terrace, paired with views of Brandenburg Gate, makes sure that you don't only enjoy the flavors of the food but also the place you're eating at. Specializing in cultural and traditional cuisine, the restaurant Chefs add their unique spin to the recipes. This ensures that even foreign visitors don't feel far from home at the dining table.

Offering an expansive room of choice, you can find local, regional, and national specialties. Additionally, there is a wide range of international classics on their menu. Moreover, the bistro lunch's weekly changing menu comes from their global team's creativity. Competitiveness and commitment to offering services of the highest caliber also make the deal.

The space's perfect aesthetics will liven up any event, from a business meeting to your partner's birthday.

Adlon Spa Services

We recommend leaving the world and its troublesome affairs behind by getting a special spa treatment at the Adlon Spa when visiting Berlin. Lose yourself in a pure state of relaxation. Treat yourself to their exquisite services to help you unwind after a long day. Furthermore, let go of the worries and energize your soul.

The Adlon Spa by Resense is one of Berlin's most well-thought-out wellness havens. It encompasses over 9,000 sqft spread over three floors. Here, guests are welcome to enjoy and fully avail themselves of soul-nourishing and meditative treatments and services.

Inspired by the rich, European style, the Spa is designed to feature a peaceful infrastructure. It includes all elements of a high-end luxury spa. This ensures that customers leave the place feeling pampered, relaxed, loved, and well looked after.

A Place to Relax After a Busy Day

Massage Experiences are brilliant for quickly soothing feelings of tiredness, fatigue, and stress. Specialized techniques make sure to release physical stress symptoms like pain and soreness from the body. Stuck energies are also released, encouraging the 'qi' to flow smoothly. It also helps the body kick start its natural healing process.

Facial Experiences offered by the Spa are targeted to specific areas. They are also aimed at helping customers feel and look more youthful for longer. In addition, their exceptional Resense Beauty Experiences offer quick maintenance and beauty services. Moreover, these are perfect for guests on short trips looking to experience fast yet highly effective treatments.

To fully experience the joy of a massage, it is advised to make sure you have adequate time on hand. This helps the service provider make it an unforgettable experience by customizing it to your needs and preferences.

Enjoy a Comfortable Stay with Mesmerizing Views

Berlin's views from the Hotel Adlon Kempinski's windows and balconies are incomparable to any other sight. Business people and tourists find peace and pleasure in the hotel's guest rooms and luxurious suites. These are designed exquisitely and magnificently, with vibrant and contrasting color schemes to take care of guests after they've had a long day.

Why Stay at The Adlon Berlin?

Restaurant Quarré and Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer are two major attractions for anyone staying at Hotel Adlon Kempinski Berlin. Their delicious cuisine and how the restaurants celebrate European culture and traditions offer their guests a truly unique dining experience.

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Why we love this hotel

  • Centrally located the Hotel Adlon Kempinski allows direct access to some of Berlin’s famous landmarks.
  • The Adlon Spa by Resense invites guests to enjoy soul-nourishing treatments. With its 9,000 sq ft spread over three levels.
  • Savour the best of delectable cuisine at the 2 Michelin-starred Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer restaurant.
  • 385
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
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  • Culture
  • City Vibe
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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