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Rooms and Suites at La Villa Calvi

From 381 USD
Garden & Sea View Standard Room

Garden & Sea View Standard Room ( 377ft2 )

The Garden & Sea View Standard Room is 35 square meters and has either 1 King-size bed or 2 single beds (upon request). You can

From 544 USD
Sea View Deluxe Room

Sea View Deluxe Room ( 431ft2 )

The Sea View Deluxe Room is versatile and can have either 1 King-size bed or 2 Twin beds (if requested). It has 40 square meters

From 653 USD
Garden or Sea View Junior Suite

Garden or Sea View Junior Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Garden or Sea View Junior Suite is flexible and can have either a King-size bed or 2 single beds. It is spacious, ranging from

From 708 USD
Garden View Standard Room

Garden View Standard Room ( 377ft2 )

Welcome to the Standard Garden View Room! This cozy retreat offers the choice of either one king-size bed or two twin beds upon request, spanning

From 817 USD
Sea View Suite

Sea View Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Sea View Suite is flexible and offers either 1 King-size bed or 2 Twin beds (available on request). It has a spacious 60 square

From 980 USD
Sea Master Suite

Sea Master Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Sea Master Suite is the ultimate in luxury, with 70 square meters (755 square feet) and a comfy King-size bed. This suite boasts a

From 1,089 USD
2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite ( 861ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Suite is a large and comfortable space. It has a King-size bed in the master bedroom and 2 Twin beds in the

From 1,089 USD
4 Bedroom Serra Villa

4 Bedroom Serra Villa ( 3767ft2 )

The 4 Bedroom Serra Villa is a large and luxurious retreat. It has four bedrooms, each with a King-size bed. The villa has a total

From 1,198 USD
2 Bedrooms Sea View Suite

2 Bedrooms Sea View Suite ( 915ft2 )

The 2 Bedrooms Sea View Suite is spacious and luxurious. It has two bedrooms, with a King-size bed in the master bedroom and a King-size

From 1,307 USD
2 Bedroom Apartment

2 Bedroom Apartment ( 1292ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Apartment is spacious and luxurious, with a large bed in each bedroom. This apartment is spacious, with 120 square meters (1,291 square

From 1,415 USD
2 Bedroom Prestige Apartment

2 Bedroom Prestige Apartment ( 2153ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Prestige Apartment is roomy and elegant. It has two bedrooms, each with a large King-size bed. The living area is 200 square

From 2,178 USD
4 Bedroom Contemporary Villa

4 Bedroom Contemporary Villa ( 5382ft2 )

The 4 Bedroom Contemporary Villa is a luxurious escape. It has four spacious bedrooms with King-size beds. It covers 500 square meters (5,381 square feet)

From 2,722 USD
5 Bedroom Prestige Villa

5 Bedroom Prestige Villa ( 5382ft2 )

The 5 Bedroom Prestige Villa is a luxurious escape. It has five big bedrooms, each with a King-size bed. The villa is 500 square meters

La Villa Calvi

At La Villa Calvi, hotel, luxury, and tranquility meet in Corsica. This boutique hotel sits amidst lush greenery. It also offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea and the Calvi Bay. This place is a perfect mix of modern comforts and authentic Corsican charm. It also has elegant architecture and refined interiors that create a relaxing atmosphere. La Villa Calvi offers a beautiful stay where you can relax by the pool, explore Calvi, or enjoy gourmet food. Read on to discover why it is a destination not to be missed.


La Villa Calvi boutique hotel is located in Corsica. It offers views of the Mediterranean and beautiful gardens. It is ideal for anyone looking to relax and enjoy a serene getaway. This 5-star hotel blends modern luxury and traditional Corsican architectural style. Each of the 48 hotel rooms and suites combines sophistication and modern technology. This ensures guests the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Besides, the hotel's exterior spaces are just as impressive. There's a beautiful infinity pool with views of the ocean. There's also a garden full of fragrant trees and flowers. You can go hiking in the mountains or explore the coastline by boat. Guests may also choose to relax on the private beach of the hotel.

La Villa Calvi also provides various wellness services, such as a gym and spa. This spa offers a variety of treatments. These use natural ingredients such as olive oil, honey, and sea salt. The hotel provides a luxury and memorable experience. It is perfect for those seeking relaxation, adventure, and gastronomic pleasures.


La Villa Calvi offers a tranquil retreat with a simple aesthetic. It sits at Chemin Notre Dame de la Serra, 20260 Calvi, France. It's also northwest of the island, just a short drive from Calvi. The hotel is a little over seven kilometers from Sainte-Catherine Airport, Calvi. You can drive there. This hotel also has a stunning visual appeal.


Jean-Pierre Pinelli, the owner, has created an elegant hotel with a popular restaurant. The hotel was also recently renovated. It now looks like a large Roman villa high up above Calvi. Besides, its spacious rooms, terraces, and gardens offer views over the bay. The bedrooms feature stylish interiors. They also come with modern facilities, comfortable beds, and free Wi-Fi.

Villa Calvi is a place of art. It is also a beautiful point which looks almost like a tableau vivant. The sea moves invisibly while life continues peacefully further away. When you walk on Balagne's hiking trails, enjoy the lovely smells and colors of the Maquis. The guides will help you discover the rich history of this region, as well as its legends and stories. Get away from everything with the fitness trainer. You can also use the tips to reach your fitness, wellness, and health goals.

You can explore Corsica by car, but it is also worth exploring by boat. You'll find many gems in this region. This includes the Scandola Nature Reserve and the Gulf of Porto. Saleccia Beach in Desert des Agriates is also a beautiful place for picnics. Or you can have lunch at the village of Girolata, accessible only by shuttle.


There are 49 guest rooms. It's a space that's spacious and minimalist. The rooms are also in earth tones and crisp whites. They also feature a TV screen, an iPod dock, and a balcony. The outdoor pools are also a main attraction. There are not two, three, or four; instead, there are five pools. Considering that only 49 guest rooms are available, this is quite a bit.


The hotel has a wide range of gastronomic options. Restaurant La Table de La Villa offers refined cuisine. It showcases Corsican Cuisine, utilizing fresh local ingredients. Guests can also have a romantic dinner on the restaurant's terrace facing the sea. La Plage also offers a more casual menu. It is the hotel's beachfront restaurant serving Mediterranean-inspired dishes.

Pool Bar

This bar is open from the 15th of June to the 15th of September. The lounge at the swimming pool is a musically friendly place. A cocktail or a relaxing swim at the pool is available under shaded pines. They also offer a variety of fresh dishes at the Pool Bar.

Spa and Wellness

Villa Spa is a bright, welcoming, relaxing place to improve your health. In addition, you can enjoy Themae or Skinceuticals' 4 teas during massages and beauty treatments. A Leonor Greyl salon is also available. Enjoy the 28-degree heated indoor pool. It also has two hammams and the fitness room has the latest Technogym machines. Moreover, they offer expertly taught yoga, Pilates, and Aquabiking all year round.

A garden with Mediterranean scents also surrounds the fitness center, which includes a beauty salon. The aromatherapy-based programs include massages and body sculpting. There are also different beauty treatments. Guests can also participate in various fitness classes, such as yoga or Pilates.

Yuj Yoga's unique yoga-focused retreats are also hosted at Villa Calvi. You can enjoy a three- to four-day retreat with guided hikes and vegan meals. The Michelin-starred hotel chef prepares these meals. The spa will also offer massages. Relax and reconnect with yourself in Corsica's beautiful surroundings.


La Villa Calvi offers a truly unforgettable experience. It blends opulence with the charm of its surroundings. Expect breathtaking views of the sea and the Calvi Citadel. There is also gourmet dining and a range of exciting activities. This hotel combines modern comfort with traditional Corsican hospitality. Book your stay today. Enjoy an escape from the ordinary.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The property has lovely gardens with bay views near Calvi. Calvi is often called Corsica's St. Tropez. It's also just a 15-minute walk to Calvi beach.
  • Experience Michelin-starred dining at La Table at La Villa. Indulge in delicious Corsican and French food while enjoying the views.
  • La Villa Plage is your beachside haven, 5 minutes from the hotel on Calvi's 4 km of sandy shores.
  • 48
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Beach
Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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