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Rooms and Suites at Cour des Vosges

From 737 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 334ft2 )

Prepare to be captivated by the superb intimacy and breathtaking views offered by the Deluxe Room. Adorned with exquisite details, this Parisian haven spans 334

From 758 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 280ft2 )

Discover the enchanting charm of the Superior Room, nestled beneath the rooftops of the historic Cour des Vosges. Accessible via a staircase from the 4th

From 866 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 334ft2 )

Elevate your Parisian experience with the Junior Suite, where breathtaking views await you from above. Perched above the treetops, this suite offers an unparalleled perspective,

From 1,037 USD
Superior Suite

Superior Suite ( 431ft2 )

Step into the Superior Suite, a modern haven where the past gracefully meets the present. Spanning 431 sq. ft. (40 sq. mt.), this suite offers

From 1,123 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 592ft2 )

Indulge in the luxurious embrace of the Deluxe Suite, a sanctuary meticulously crafted to offer the finest experience in the heart of the Marais neighborhood.

From 1,466 USD
Connecting Deluxe Rooms

Connecting Deluxe Rooms ( 689ft2 )

For families seeking an ideal configuration, the Connecting Deluxe Rooms offer a delightful experience. Immerse yourself in the superb intimacy and breathtaking views of the

From 2,067 USD
Duplex Suite

Duplex Suite ( 893ft2 )

Experience the Duplex Suite, a remarkable three-bedroom sanctuary offering a stunning view of the picturesque Place des Vosges and Square Louis XIII. As you step

From 2,153 USD
2 Bedroom Suite

2 Bedroom Suite ( 969ft2 )

Discover the elegance and comfort of the 2 Bedroom Suite, boasting a stunning view of the picturesque Place des Vosges and Square Louis XIII. The

From 3,268 USD
3 Bedroom Suite

3 Bedroom Suite ( 1507ft2 )

Experience a truly remarkable stay in the 3 Bedroom Suite, offering a stunning view of the picturesque Place des Vosges and Square Louis XIII. Indulge

Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges invites you to travel through time as the past and present echo. With its unique view of the Square Louis XIII, it is also a new part of the life and history of a Parisian landmark: the Place des Vosges.

Cour des Vosges, a Evok Hotel welcomes you to the former Hôtel de Montbrun, a 17th-century residence at 19 Place des Vosges. It was a unique and historic site, the royal square Henri IV planned in 1605, and therefore the oldest square in Paris. In this exclusive landmark site, each room or suite in this 5-star hotel opens onto Square Louis XIII and its splendid houses with their recognizable pink brick façades and slate roofs.


Once a swamp, the Marais neighborhood changed in the 12th century with the arrival of religious orders. Before the French Revolution, a posh area, it became a center for merchants and artisans, who opened their workshops in the courtyards. Today, the Marais attracts fashion lovers, who are found in the front row of every fashion week, and fans of history, museums, and culture. A diverse neighborhood unlike any other, the Marais is best discovered by strolling on foot and letting your instinct guide you.


An esoteric spot and a hotel unlike any other, Cour des Vosges, instantly invite you to immerse yourself into the life of a noble French family dating back to the 16th century. A family of art lovers and collectors that have enjoyed gathering sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, and furnishings over the decades, representing various artistic movements and the experiences of generations of patrons of the arts.


Considered a mansion by some and a Château by others, Cour des Vosges is experienced as an exceptional residence welcoming Epicureans, hedonists, history buffs, and lovers of Paris. The butler hands over the key to the 12 rooms and suites, each of which feels like a pied-à-Terre. Each landing recalls the architectural features of 17th-century buildings. Each hallway seems to lead toward stately apartments as in the past.

Cour des Vosges cultivates the French art de vivre and the elegance of Parisian mansions of a bygone era. It has spirit, character, and personality. A true retreat, it sets a new standard, a distinctive oasis within one of the most lively neighborhoods of Paris.

For Cour des, Vosges, architects Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto reached back into Paris's history and explored the past like archaeologists to reveal its beauty, uniqueness, and strength. In dealing with a historical landmark with original painted ceiling beams and period terra cotta floors, the guiding theme of their design was to protect, preserve, and respect the authenticity and spirit of the building.

Their priority is to completely fulfill the needs and desires of those who seek their expertise. In other words, architects Yann Lecoadic and Alessandro Scotto adapt to a building, a site, or an environment, not the other way around. This is true for any situation and any project. They have the same operating method when designing a luxury store, an apartment in the Palais Royal gardens, or a 5-star hotel on Place des Vosges. They know how to build, construct, and write a brand-new contemporary story for each project. Theirs is a human take on their profession: they draw out an "atmospheric" ambiance within the clear lines of the architectural setting.


Lecoadic Scotto designed 12 rooms and suites ranging from 270 to 645 square feet (some connected) on four floors. Each has a kitchen and extensive storage. The architects carefully preserve the spaces, which have high ceilings (up to 16 feet on the second floor), double doors, and adjoining living rooms. They have subtly mixed design pieces from the 1970s with period objects. The result is alive with contrasts and opposites that attract: old terra cotta pieces sit next to azure tapestries, candelabras illuminate stainless steel tables and glass counters, while statues gaze at lacquered screens. What's the method to this madness? That's for you to answer. The architects have even put a new twist on the four-poster bed.

The rooms and suites on the second floor of Cour des Vosges have stunning views of Square Louis XIII. The higher up you go, the more the panorama expands. On the third and fourth floors, you rise above the top of the garden's linden and horse chestnut trees. On the fifth floor, you can take a bath with a view over the rooftops of Paris and see the gilded figure of Liberty on top of the column in the Place de la Bastille.

Art & Design

None of the artworks or paintings have been chosen or placed by chance. Behind this exclusive selection for Cour des Vosges is Amélie du Chalard. A contemporary art lover, she left a career in finance to become a gallerist and art director. She founded Maison d'Art en 2015: a new kind of gallery where she imagines and designs spaces and locations as houses that are lived in, embodied, and alive. For Cour des Vosges, she hunted, discovered, and brought back exceptional objects and artworks, both contemporary and classic. Her selection corresponded to the approach of architects Lecoadic & Scotto by boldly combining classic Louis XIII style with 1970s design.

The books on view in the rooms and suites were all selected by Anatole Desachy. An independent bookseller in Fontainebleau, he specializes in buying and selling photography books. He combs shows and museums throughout Europe, searching for rare finds and creating an exclusive selection. This globe-trotting bibliophile has put together a unique collection for Cour des Vosges. It includes monographs by renowned photographers and books by writers from all over the world.


Opening Cour des Vosges up to Parisians was something Evok wanted to do from the beginning. This way, the hotel is naturally integrated into neighborhood life. Also, it fits the historic character of the Place des Vosges, where stores have occupied the ground floors since the 17th century. To maintain the customs of the French art de vivre, 19 Place des Vosges contains a restaurant. It offers light gourmet fare for breakfast, afternoon tea, and dinner. Also, the "Brach Corner" presents a selection of sweet treats concocted by pastry chef Yann Brys, who was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

Roman Bath

This is the secret retreat of 19 Place des Vosges. A doorway leads to the hotel's relaxation space on the ground floor. Here, under a vaulted ceiling, you can take care of yourself, breathe, dream, and be revitalized in a Roman bath. This is an ingenious way to continue the Cour des Vosges experience and extend your feeling of escape.


The French art de vivre cannot exist without exceptional services and attention. Cour des Vosges is unique because it has two ambassadors, a hostess and a butler responsible for receiving guests. She welcomes guests, and he makes sure they have everything they need. She is there to help, and he provides bespoke services. They are available 24/7 to ensure the Cour des Vosges experience, but they are never intrusive. Instead, they are known for their delicacy and discretion. They're glad to help with ordering room service, planning a private training session, reserving a limo, or scheduling facial treatments by La Colline - in your room.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The hotel is at Place des Vosges in the Marais. It is close to the Picasso and Carnavalet museums and the Seine. Many restaurants are within walking distance.
  • This 12 room hotel feels like a private Parisian home with intimate 5-star service.
  • A doorway on the ground floor leads to a serene relaxation space. It has a vaulted ceiling and a Roman bath, extending the experience.
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  • Pool
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Hotel Style
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