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Rooms and Suites at Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa

From 512 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 538ft2 )

Step into the Junior Suite and immerse yourself in breath-taking views from an exceptionally plush setting. The Luberon region beckons on the horizon, with olive

From 600 USD

Suite ( 646ft2 )

Tucked away in a Provençal farmhouse, the Suite exudes authentic charm with traditional wooden beams. Enjoy the luxury of choice, whether it's the bedroom or

From 632 USD
Charming Room

Charming Room ( 323ft2 - 431ft2 )

Welcome to the Charming Room, your own private oasis awaits as you step inside. Feel the cozy embrace of the covers, signaling your arrival at

From 763 USD
Family Suite

Family Suite ( 646ft2 )

A Family Suite awaits, set to the sound of singing cicadas, offering little slices of joy to share. It's a place where family time together

From 872 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 700ft2 )

Indulge in moments of pure indulgence, comfort, and sheer luxury in the Deluxe Suite. With a jacuzzi and private spa tucked away in a dream

From 1,264 USD
Sunset Suite

Sunset Suite ( 600ft2 )

Sink back into the bubbly warmth of the jacuzzi as you enter the Sunset Suite. Let the lavender- and pine-scented breeze land like lace over

From 1,264 USD
Pool Suite

Pool Suite ( 807ft2 )

Immerse yourself in the Pool Suite and experience refreshing ecstasy, pure bliss, and moments that slip by like silk over your skin. Feel the swell

From 1,373 USD
Calista Suite

Calista Suite ( 646ft2 )

Named after a Greek goddess who embodies the spirit of perfection and means 'the most beautiful', this suite radiates serenity, blending charm and modernity. It

From 1,373 USD
Cyrene Suite

Cyrene Suite ( 646ft2 )

This spacious, sunlit suite is an oasis of elegance and comfort. Named after Cyrène, meaning "queen reigning supreme" and a hunting nymph of extraordinary beauty,

From 1,373 USD
Elysia Suite

Elysia Suite ( 646ft2 )

Named after the nymph Elysia, linked to hidden gardens where she encouraged the growth of rare and magical flowers. This suite exudes a magical charm

From 1,373 USD
Ida Suite

Ida Suite ( 646ft2 )

Named after the nymph Ida, who, after being scratched by a raspberry bush, permanently colored the raspberries which had previously been white. This suite offers

From 1,809 USD
Daphne Suite

Daphne Suite ( 1184ft2 )

This spacious, sunlit suite combines luxurious interiors with breathtaking outdoor spaces. Named after Daphné, a nymph of great beauty and the first love of Apollon,

From 2,344 USD
Cassiopee Suite

Cassiopee Suite ( 1615ft2 )

This exceptional suite offers unparalleled luxury and privacy. Named after Cassiopeia, who bragged about her beauty and was transformed into one of the Milky Way's

Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa

The pure luxury of an exceptional hotel in the Luberon Region. Nestled in the gently rolling hills of the Parc Naturel Régional du Luberon, the Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa is a five-star gem tucked away amidst Provence's many treasures. Spark your senses as you journey deep into the beating heart of Provence's endless vines and fields of lavender to a little slice of heaven on Earth: pools glistening in the sunlight, the sensual release of an award-winning spa, nectars crying out to be sampled at the Aureto vineyard, and 63 bedrooms and suites crafted with the trademark meticulous eye for detail. Tantalize your taste buds at the three restaurants and bars, and set off on an adventure with a bit of help from the cycling center. The luxury hotel in Provence elevates holidaying into an art form.

Sweet Dreams in Dream Suites

The blue of the sky overhead, a moonlit cicada serenade. Plush, premium fabrics and materials, and cherished moments are designed to lull you into the enchanting atmosphere of a Provençal dream world. Snuggle up in cozy comfort amidst the lavender and olive tree fields, allowing yourself to drift off into replenishing slumber. Luxuriate in silent nights and sweet dreams in a luxury bedroom or suite for an experience of Provence unlike any other. The Relais & Châteaux Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa welcomes you into its five-star hotel and spa in Gargas, the heart of the Luberon. Winter and summer alike recline in the tranquillity of a place where luxury, calm, and tenderness meet.

Fine-Dining and Gourmet Delights

Tuck into the full flavor of Provence, drinking in a unique experience and an unparalleled blend of indulgent pleasures, with sweeping views of the Luberon, spread out before your eyes. You are hitting the sweet spot between tradition and innovation, elegance and romance, passion and emotion: bite-sized memories to savor and a taste of good times. Excellence is always center stage, from garden to table. Sink your teeth into vegetables, fruits, and flowers packed full of flavor and creative concoctions infused with the magic of exceptional produce.

Taste pure joy at the three restaurants and two bars that await at the Coquillade in Gargas, in France's Vaucluse region. Expect eateries and restaurants imbued with their styles and atmospheres. All served with signature elegance. Chef Thierry Enderlin, and Chef Aurélien Trousse, bronze medallist at France's 2019 Dessert Championships, work together to whisk you away on a culinary journey that unfolds dish by dish.

Whether your mood is nudging you towards fine-dining in the Vaucluse region, fusion cuisine in the Luberon, or tapas in Gargas, and whether your heart is calling for poolside bar downtime, or a cozy cocktail around the Lalique bar's open fire, there's a place set for you at Coquillade's inimitable tables.

Avelan - Avant-garde cuisine and a whirlwind journey for the senses, whisking you away to legendary worlds on a wave of fusion and culinary twists. A restaurant where local produce embarks on an adventure deep into the heart of exotic flavor. Traditional French patisseries are injected with Provençal charm in a stunning marriage of contemporary flavors tinged with a hint of the garrigue. Expect sweet, fragrant goodness that floods the mouth with desserts concocted by pastry chef Aurélien Trousse, bronze medallist at France's 2019 Desert Championship.

Les Vignes and Its Garden - Provence served with a smile. Delicacies that flood the palate, rich, refreshing flavors in exquisite blends. An unforgettable experience in which fresh produce from the vegetable patch is plated up and savored in a garden tucked away amidst the vines. Expect seasonal cuisine that draws on local produce from the Luberon region and Provence or lovingly hand-picked from the vegetable patch. The fresh, tantalizing flavor is the game's name here, marrying beautifully with tender meat from the local farms in a delectable harmony of Provençal flavor at its finest. Summer sees the garden restaurant of Les Vignes in full bloom for an immersive taste of Provence in the heart of the Aureto vineyard (from June 16 to August 31).

Cipressa - A little slice of Sicily awaits under the shade of the graceful lemon trees. Glistening pools catch the last of the light as the sun sets over the Luberon here on the balmy terrace of the Cipressa. Embrace the dolce vita and coax your tastebuds into life with authentic, refined Italian cuisine in a warm and colorful Sicilian atmosphere. A casual, elegant dining experience to savor as the Luberon hills shift colors on the horizon.

Bar - A glass palace where transparency and light reign supreme. The crystal ware glints in the sunlight as you settle down to gaze out the sweeping bay windows at the Provençal hills rising in the distance. Sunshine floods the bar as you sit back into your seat, indulging in refined, flavourful cocktails by the cozy fireplace. Enjoy delectable pastries, and soak up the atmosphere of a bar crafted like a unique work of art.

Spa & Well-Being

Blissful moments for relaxation that washes over you in waves. Replenish heart, body, and soul amidst the vines as the cloudless blue sky unfolds around you. Coquillade Provence Resort & Spa's World Luxury Spa Award-winning spa opens its doors to you, ushering you into an incredible 2,000 m² entirely given over to pure relaxation and kitted out with state-of-the-art gym facilities. Explore the wellness center, sink into the indoor pool, and work up a gentle sweat at the yoga studio before unwinding in the sauna, hammam, or jacuzzi, where the latest hydrotherapy facilities await. Try out the gym and ice fountains, give yourself over to massages and treatments, and treat your senses to an otherworldly experience in Provence.

Provencal Classics & Unforgettable Experiences

When art imitates life, step into a living, breathing painting awash with the colors, smells, and flavors of a vibrant Provençal market, clasped between the dazzling ochres of the Luberon. These balmy olive tree groves line the hills' dips and rises, the cicadas' musical chanting, and the glowing wash of Mediterranean light. Wander down the winding little streets, taking shelter from the beating sun, and soak up the architecture, culture, and history that rise up off the old stone walls. Coquillade's surrounding area is packed with surprises that cry out to be explored...

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Why we love this hotel

  • Lush vines, olive groves, and white roses surround this hotel in Luberon Regional Nature Park hotel. Nearby hilltop villages are easily accessible by car or bike.
  • Enjoy Chef Pierre Marty’s culinary delights, from garden dishes to the Signature menu.
  • Relax at the Spa in the heart of the Luberon, surrounded by beautiful landscapes. Enjoy soothing massages and unwind among the lavender fields.
  • 70
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Sustainable
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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