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Rooms and Suites at Cheval Blanc St. Tropez

From 1,363 USD
Superior Sea View Room

Superior Sea View Room ( 275ft2 - 325ft2 )

The Superior Sea View Room, spanning 25 to 30 square meters (275 to 325 square feet), provides a delightful retreat. Designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the

From 1,526 USD
Prestige Sea View Room

Prestige Sea View Room ( 323ft2 )

Perched on the first floor of the Maison, the Prestige Sea Room offers a sublime escape amidst the lush pine trees. Designed by Jean Michel

From 1,581 USD
Deluxe Sea View Room

Deluxe Sea View Room ( 375ft2 - 430ft2 )

The Deluxe Sea View Room is a captivating retreat that offers an impressive terrace, providing breathtaking panoramas of the seaside. Embracing the essence of Tropezian

From 1,744 USD
Classic Room

Classic Room ( 330ft2 )

The Courtyard Classic Room, spanning 30 square meters (330 square feet), is a delightful retreat. Designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the room showcases a captivating palette

From 1,799 USD
Atelier Sea View Room

Atelier Sea View Room ( 215ft2 )

Located on the first floor, the Atelier Sea View Room known as the Atelier Sea Room beckons guests to experience a captivating bohemian retreat in

From 1,799 USD
Courtyard Classic Room

Courtyard Classic Room ( 323ft2 )

Discover the Courtyard Classic Room – a serene 30 sqm (330 sqft) haven designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. Adorned in calming blue and cream hues, it

From 2,562 USD
Sea View Junior Suite

Sea View Junior Suite ( 538ft2 )

Immerse yourself in the artistic world of Roger Capron with the Sea View Junior Suite, a delightful homage to this renowned artist. Located on the

From 2,616 USD
Courtyard Junior Suite

Courtyard Junior Suite ( 495ft2 )

The Courtyard Junior Suite is an exquisite retreat that embodies the contemporary charm of Saint-Tropez. Step into this elegant haven and be enveloped by its

From 2,998 USD
Sea View Duplex Suite

Sea View Duplex Suite ( 969ft2 )

The Sea View Duplex Suite is a magnificent two-floor retreat that exudes elegance and grandeur. On the ground floor, guests are greeted by a stunning

From 3,052 USD
Sea View Suite

Sea View Suite ( 430ft2 - 550ft2 )

The Sea View Suite is a haven of relaxation, exuding contemporary Tropezian charm. Step into this remarkable space and be embraced by its soothing ambiance.

From 3,379 USD
Deluxe Sea View Suite

Deluxe Sea View Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Deluxe Sea View Suite, spanning an expansive 55 square meters (605 square feet), is a testament to the exquisite Tropezian lifestyle. Designed by the

From 3,706 USD
Ground Floor Suite

Ground Floor Suite ( 592ft2 )

Located in close proximity to the beach, the Ground Floor Suite is a hidden gem spanning a generous 55 square meters (605 square feet). Designed

From 3,870 USD
Pool View Junior Suite

Pool View Junior Suite ( 645ft2 )

The Pool View Junior Suite is a lavish accommodation option nestled on the ground floor, offering an exceptional vantage point just steps away from the

From 8,929 USD
Duplex Pinede Suite

Duplex Pinede Suite ( 970ft2 )

The Duplex Pinède Suite, spanning 90 square meters (970 square feet), is a true sanctuary of tranquility. Designed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte, this exclusive residential experience

From 9,342 USD
2 Bedroom Sea View Suite

2 Bedroom Sea View Suite ( 969ft2 )

The 2-bedroom Sea Suite, spanning a generous 90 square meters (970 square feet), is a testament to both luxury and coastal charm. Dreamt up by

Cheval Blanc St. Tropez

Sitting on the Mediterranean coast, huddled amidst a swarm of high-reaching lean trees with glossy leaves, Cheval Blanc St. Tropez enthralls guests with spell-bounding sights and refreshing sea views. One of the best hotels in the world, the resort at plage de la Bouillabaisse is a vacation treat for escapees. They will find themselves lost in the folds of the historic village culture and wondrous tourist resorts.

Tall waves lap over the rocky coast at Maison beach, erupting into a splash of seafoam. Moreover, the exquisite beach, which holds Blanc St. Tropez in the cups of its palms, offers a sense of seclusion. It also rescues guests from the stress of daily life to a mesmerizing sanctuary bubbling with calmness and joy.

Interior Design and Infrastructure

Located in Saint Tropez, Provence, at the nucleus of a beautiful town, Cheval Blanc St. Tropez's infrastructure sustains its surroundings' essence. The original building was turned into a hotel by renowned architect Francois Vieillecroze who gave the historic property a contemporary touch. Jean-Michel Wilmotte overlooked interior design. He taught modern artwork while at the same time incorporating conventional style with Roger Capron's ceramic art. The soft blue and white theme that dominates the resort's interior design also resonates well with the Mediterranean Sea's vibe.

Rooms and Suites

With wide verandas overlooking the amethyst-blue skies that cradle the expansive Mediterranean, guest rooms and suites treat guests with a tranquilizing respite from the worries of life. Then, finally, dusk falls, and the open horizon erupts into a million hues of tangerine, glinting off the glass doors that lead back to the rooms.

The crisp smell of sandalwood and furniture polish permeates the air, tinted by the scent of earthy pine trees skirting the resort. Besides, the rooms are spacious and furnished with modern furniture and artwork. The interior design is also immaculate.

Off-white rugs embossed with azure-blue velvet graphical drawings of Roger Capron splayed across the entire wooden floor contrast the richly-hued furnishings. Gio Ponti lights crowd the high ceilings, filling the chambers with a soft yellow pastel.

For your late-night coffee cravings, the rooms have Nespresso machines. Under the starlit sky on the marble-floored terrace, you can relish a steamy cup of delicious whipped coffee while gazing at the dreamy moon that towers over the resort's roof.

Tea lovers can also tantalize their taste buds with the wide assortment of teas from Pascal Hamour.

Expansive marble bathrooms with massive hot tubs and showers flank each guest room and suite. The bathrooms also have exclusive Riviera Chic LVMH amenities. The toiletries include Leonor Greyl shampoos and conditioners and Dior-inspired bathrooms for women and men. Moreover, the walls are chiseled and feature television screens for enjoying a movie during a relaxing, long hot bath. All rooms have free Wi fi.

Restaurants and Dining

La Vague d'Or, a lavish Michelin-starred restaurant, treats the guests with an experience they've never had before. Three Michelin stars awarded Chef Arnaud Donckele wraps the air around a mouth-watering aroma with his expertise that lulls numerous diners to the restaurant. His extensive mastery of culinary arts leaves no room for doubt. The tasty cuisines are a testament to this fact.

Detailed menus feature langoustines, turbot, and paste seaweed, amongst many other Mediterranean-styled dishes. Guests often frequent the place for lunches and dinners. Even the ambiance is mesmerizing with low-hanging lights.

Open foyers allow guests to roam around the vicinity, feasting their eyes on the breathtaking natural landscape. It is an excellent spot for young couples to take an evening stroll at the beach, inhale in the salty seafoam, and stop by for a delicious dinner for a beautiful close to their day.

La Terrasse pulls guests into a daytime respite on the sandy beach coast with its light menu of dishes. It is refreshing to let the warm sea air caress your face, the wind gushing through your hair as you relish rockfish soup, Nicoise salad, and fantastic cocktails.

Following lunch, guests can also relax in the clear, blue waters and soak themselves as they swim around. Besides, the tall pines, with broad green leaves, sway in a rhythmic dance as the winds blow with mild ferocity. Their luscious rich color also builds a sight that keeps your eyes open.


A la carte breakfast starts your mornings with a pop of taste and pleasure. Additionally, eggs, omelets, ham assortments, fresh soft bread, fruit yogurts, and cheese await you on the trolley. You can also make unique additions by requesting the concierge team and sending your desired breakfast to your room.

The vacation feeling is in full swing when you can choose to recline in your chambers and get meals sent to your room without lifting a finger. Most of all, expert chefs, wine bars, and exceptional cuisines leave guests in joyful spirits and desire to revisit the following holidays.

Additional Services and Facilities

The concierge team and staff at the resort are highly proficient at their work. As a result, they attend to all guests' needs and requirements with proper care. A total of 150 staff members are assigned to thirty guest rooms. They ensure guests remain delighted and find all their demands tended to.

The luxury hotel truly lives up to its esteemed reputation with various facilities besides essential room services and dining. For example, a well-equipped fitness center allows men and women to keep up with their workout routines. Such ones even get the opportunity to train under professional guidance.

Cheval Blanc Guerlain Spa offers a range of anti-aging Guerlain treatments and is stocked with advanced technological equipment. Guests also can get individual massages at the seaside from spa therapists. Moreover, people love reclining at the loungers on the white sand beach, basking in the warm sun, and letting their skin tan.

In addition to this, the resort features four treatment rooms, snow showers, and a glittery ice fountain. The snow shower and hammam blend a unique sensual experience that releases muscle tension. It also calms the mind and is incredibly relaxing.

Furthermore, guests often visit the massive infinity swimming pool to spend warm evenings in the cool water, having an enjoyable time with their families. Drinks are also served. For haircuts and styling, the Orchidee Salon provides a fabulous service. It ensures you remain well-dressed, capture aesthetic pictures at the beach, and have a fantastic overall Côte d'Azur French Riviera experience.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This LVMH hotel has 30 rooms, a private beach, and sits on the edge of St. Tropez.
  • You can expect world-class service. A total of 150 staff are taking care of max. 60 guests.
  • Chef Arnaud Donckele has 3 Michelin Stars with his La Vague d’Or restaurant. Book your table in advance and enjoy an excellent degustation menu!
  • 32
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Beach
Pet Friendly, Gourmet Restaurant, Connecting Rooms

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