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Rooms and Suites at Chateau Eza

From 271 USD
Standard Room

Standard Room ( 269ft2 )

Enjoy the traditional and serene environment of medieval Eze Village with the uniquely designed Standard Room. Although it does not have a balcony or a

From 293 USD
Elegance Room

Elegance Room ( 431ft2 )

Immerse yourself in a romantic experience in the heart of the medieval village with the Elegance Room. This 40 sq meters room, adorned with a

From 336 USD
Superior Room

Superior Room ( 269ft2 )

Indulge in the enchanting beauty of the French Riviera hillside as you relax on the private balcony of the Superior Room. This exquisite room, designed

From 423 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 323ft2 - 431ft2 )

Embrace the captivating views of the French Riviera hillside and partial sea coast from the private balcony of the Deluxe Room. With a size ranging

From 532 USD
Junior Suite

Junior Suite ( 484ft2 - 592ft2 )

Junior SuiteDiscover the beauty of the sea view from the Junior Suite, where each room offers a private balcony for you to enjoy breakfast with

From 911 USD

Suite ( 646ft2 )

Ultimate luxury at an elevation of 427m above the Mediterranean Sea in the Suite. With a stunning 180° view of the French Riviera, immerse yourself

From 1,085 USD
Family Junior Suite

Family Junior Suite ( 538ft2 )

Ideal for families, the Family Junior Suite offers a spacious and private retreat within the medieval village. With a size of 50 square meters, this

From 1,627 USD
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Presidential Suite is a pinnacle of luxury and sophistication, offering an unforgettable experience. Perched at 427m above the Mediterranean Sea, it provides a breathtaking

Chateau Eza

Nestled on the brow of a rocky hill on the Mediterranean coast, right at the heart of the ancient village of Eza, Chateau Eza is more than 400 years old. The historic village on the Cote d'Azur huddles between Nice and Monaco and is briefly from Monte Carlo.

Located in Provence, France, Chateau Eza sustains its vintage essence to date. It welcomes the guests with an olden stone staircase that spirals up towards the entrance. This leads to a perilous climb that is both thrilling and nerve-wracking.

You will spot exquisite art galleries displaying lovely works of art. Also, fashion boutiques sell dresses encapsulating the French style along the climb. Moreover, a casual stroll from this boutique hotel awaits the Jardin Botanique d'Èze, an extensive botanical garden with numerous cacti and spiny plants.

Fragonard perfumery tails the resort and is most visited by international tourists wishing to purchase a French relic in the form of an opulent perfume. Besides, adventurists with a heart for daring expeditions gravitate naturally to this exotic hotel. The resort hides ancient history within the confines of its magnificent stone building.

Historical Value

Built over four centuries ago, this luxury hotel on the French Riviera was home to the Prince of Sweden in the early 19th century. On his visit to France in the early 1800s, Prince William of Sweden was mesmerized by the beguiling sights that corralled the village of Eza. Deeply moved by his visit, he returned to purchase the property and chose this as his official residence.

The Prince believed that the place's natural landscape, culture, and beauty would furnish his writing prowess and enhance his creative abilities. Many years after the Prince abandoned the Chateau, it was bought by an affluent diplomat who officially turned it into a resort open for guests.

Interior Design and Infrastructure

The interiors of Château Eza are massive and offer many spots for curious exploration. Though the external building has hardly had any ramifications for many years, the interior rooms, lobbies, and halls project a contemporary vibe through lavish furnishings and wall artwork.

At the same time, you will instantly find your mind cascading through medieval eras upon catching sight of large conventional fireplaces. These fill the room with the crackling sound of flames as they continue devouring wood. The rooms are lesser in number; however, they are relatively larger and secluded in different regions of this massive castle.

The seclusion further offered by individual sets of staircases for respective rooms gives a sense of privacy. Also, they conveniently allow one to enjoy solitude without encountering any disturbances.

Rooms and Suites

The Chateau accommodates a total of twelve rooms. Though having similar dimensions, each room is distinct in its interior design, furniture, views, and additional furnishings. Additionally, most chambers have traditional fireplaces. These are stocked with wood daily and keep your room sufficiently warm.

Guests enjoy a taste of the olden era by staying in rooms that mirror the classical ages' design and equipment. For example, the resort has a Deluxe room with a queen-sized bed and large interiors. There is also a spacious bathroom for couples on a romantic honeymoon.

The bathroom also features a massive spa tub for two people and has all the necessary toiletries. The private balconies form an extension to the room overlooking the lovely village of Eza. This offers guests a cozy place to spend their evenings. There they watch the sun paint the clouds a rich-orange shade as it dips into the horizon.

Six of the twelve rooms, also called the 'Junior Suites,' have mesmerizing sea views. Salty earthen air also fills these chambers. Guests also frequently recline on the terrace, enjoying the mild weather.

Restaurants and Dining

Dining at Chateau Eza is a wondrous experience that will form the best of your vacation memories. But, rest assured, you will find yourself reminiscing about the resort's signature Gourmet Restaurant. It sits cradled in the most enchanting locations of all hotels on the Cote d'Azur. Closeted amidst green valleys bearing bright blossoms and ferns, the restaurant greets its guests with panoramic views that leave one in utter awe.

Moreover, expansive balconies skirt an indoor dining area with glass screens that offer the French Riviera's outside views. Besides, the clear blue sky overlooks the blue Mediterranean Sea. Guests especially relish sitting on the wooden benches that dot the outdoor terraces and the crisp dusk air ruffling their hair. Besides, as they enjoy the restaurant's finest French and Mediterranean cuisines, the livid sky is hanging over their heads in all its mythical beings.

The captivating view from the resort justifies that it was once a residence of the Swedish Prince. One could scour the world and find very few breathtaking locations as such.

The restaurant's chef, Matthieu Gasnier, is an experienced professional in culinary arts. Trained under Michelin-starred chef Dimitri Droisneau, Gasnier has worked at the Chateau for over three years.

Moreover, the head chef, Axel Wagner's, expertise in Mediterranean cuisine has enabled Gourmet Restaurant to reach its pinnacle. As a result, the unique taste and flavors of dishes continue to win the hearts of tourists worldwide.

Lunch and Breakfast

Lunch at the Chateau is mostly offered al fresco, allowing guests to enjoy the breezy French weather. Breakfast is in American and Continental cuisines and is taken at terraces flanking the Cap Ferrat.

Cap Ferrat enchants the Chateau Eza visitors with its sweeping romantic views. This unfolds as they spend long hours under the open sky in the cobble-stone balconies gorging on delicious meals.

Additional Services and Facilities

Guests remain delighted with the professional services of the staff and concierge team at this luxury hotel. Besides, valet service is available all day and safely deals with transport vehicles.

For tourists with heavy luggage, porters are sent to escort their baggage and belongings to their rooms. Room service is also available 24/7, with the staff always at your beck and call. The hotel also features a tennis court with all the essentials for sports fans.

Compared to luxury hotels worldwide, Chateau Eza offers an outstanding historic venue experience on a relatively reasonable budget.

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  • Plan your stay for 1 or 2 nights to see this 400-year-old chateau and the charming hilltop village Eze. Enjoy the 8-course Michelin dinner with sweeping views of Cap Ferrat.
  • The hotel has a parking service, and the porter will carry your luggage for a hassle free arrival.
  • Explore the narrow and ancient stone-paved streets early in the morning. During the day, the small town gets flooded with tourists.
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