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Rooms and Suites at Conrad Guangzhou

From 193 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 527ft2 )

This spacious Deluxe Room offers a beautiful garden view and measures 49 square meters (527 square feet). Its stylish design is inspired by the Xiguan

From 204 USD
Premium Room

Premium Room ( 527ft2 )

The Premium Room covers an area of 49 square meters. Through the high floor-to-ceiling glass windows, you can enjoy the brightly lit Tiande Square and

From 264 USD
Panoramic River View Room

Panoramic River View Room ( 527ft2 )

The Panoramic River View Room offers a unique experience with only 14 available. These spacious rooms span 49 square meters and showcase the essence of

From 333 USD
Club Executive River View Room

Club Executive River View Room ( 527ft2 )

The Club Executive River View Room Including Executive Lounge Access, is situated on the 25th to 27th floors of the hotel, boasting an area of

From 427 USD
Executive River View Suite

Executive River View Suite ( 990ft2 )

The Executive Riverview Suite is a spacious room, measuring 92 square meters, furnished with elegant solid wood and incorporating elements of Xiguan architecture. It offers

From 487 USD
Deluxe River View Room

Deluxe River View Room ( 527ft2 )

The Deluxe River View Room is a luxurious space, covering 49 square meters. Its interior design skillfully captures the essence of Guangzhou West Gate House,

From 538 USD
Club Executive Room

Club Executive Room ( 527ft2 )

The Club Executive Room, Including Executive Lounge Access, with an area of 49 square meters, blends traditional Xiguan architectural symbols with a modern touch. Situated

From 1,220 USD
Premier River View Suite

Premier River View Suite ( 1550ft2 )

The Premier River View Suite, spanning 144 square meters, features a living room, bedroom, work area, pantry, and dining table. Inside, the designer tastefully incorporates

From 4,844 USD
Conrad Suite

Conrad Suite ( 2067ft2 )

The Conrad Suite, located on the 27th floor of the hotel, features a fresh emerald green design. Its color, known as "Cui Cai," symbolizes the

From 6,778 USD
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite ( 2648ft2 )

The Presidential Suite is designed in the elegant style of Lingnan. Located on the 26th floor, it offers breathtaking views of Guangzhou Tower and the

Conrad Guangzhou

Pursue more than smart and chic. Conrad Guangzhou is located in a large high-end commercial complex, connected to shopping mall Tianhui Plaza Igc, Grade A office building Tianying Plaza, large residential apartments and art park, adjacent to Hunter Square style street and Xingsheng Road bar street, various leisure Pastime options are within easy reach. The transportation around the hotel is convenient, with direct buses going to and from Hong Kong, subway stations, and bus stops within easy walking distance. You can walk to the Guangdong Museum, Guangzhou Opera House, and other city landmarks across the river from the Canton Tower from the hotel. Conrad Guangzhou is committed to creating an ingenious "Oasis" in this city, blending cultures worldwide, aiming to provide business and leisure travelers from all over the world with an all-inclusive and inspiring experience.

Stay in smart and stylish guest rooms and have a panoramic view of the intoxicating river view and city skyline. Three restaurants with different styles, a lounge, and a bar provide different dining and leisure options, allowing you to enjoy the inspirational delicacy without leaving the shop. The well-equipped fitness center is open 24 hours a day, injecting new vitality into you and refreshing your body and mind from the inside out. The enthusiastic and thoughtful concierge team is committed to providing a new generation of wise, avant-garde, experienced, and adventurous travelers with "smart and luxurious" personalized services to help them discover and explore the customs of Guangzhou.

Dining the Restaurants - ''Ling Zhi'' - Passing through the screen and stepping into the Lingyi Lobby Bar, guests feel like they are in the Xiguan-style and luxurious living room, enjoying an elegant and stylish time in a private and pleasant space. The floor tiles' delicate texture, the comfortable and generous suede sofa, the artistic paintings of three trees with a sense of design, and the fresh and pleasant modeling plants. The matching of the slinky is just right, and the eye is full of comfortable green, creating a quiet and natural Texture and atmosphere. Oasis in the city is the desire of modern people. Lingyi Lobby Bar has two parts, indoor and outdoor. The outdoor part connects to the urban art park covering 5,000 square meters and permeating the cultural atmosphere. In the afternoon or evening, guests can taste fragrant tea, drink a cup of tea, and gaze at the landmark Guangzhou Tower to enjoy the slow time in the busy city. What makes Lingyi Lobby Bar hard to find is its constantly changing theme afternoon tea. Exquisite jewelry boxes or classic three-tier shelves are noble and elegant, Narumi bone china tea sets are pleasing to the eye, desserts and snacks adhere to seasonal hand-made, popular themes continue to be updated, making Lingzhi a popular place for fashionistas in the city. In Lingyi, what makes people "don't forget" after drinking is the special blend of "Jade Lingyi" series of teas that integrate local elements. Besides, guests can also make their favorite pictures appear on the cup, enjoy the customized video coffee, sip a sip of strong coffee, and watch the subtle changes in the cup's image, which is fun and delicious. Adjacent to the Lingzhi lobby bar is a cigar bar, which serves collector's edition and limited edition cigars and whiskey, carefully crafted for tasters.

''Taste City'' - Taste the city all-day dining restaurant by the renowned designer to play André Fu Fu Hou-Min -made, cleverly integrated into the life and trade details of old Guangzhou, guests tasted authentic international flavor under the lively and nostalgic market environment. The panoramic floor-to-ceiling glass windows of the restaurant bring modern Guangzhou beauty into view. Xiaomanyao, Hunter's Square, and the lush urban art park are within easy reach. The restaurant offers all-weather international cuisine, Cantonese style, fresh seafood, healthy salad, trendy light food, Asian cuisine and Western classics, etc., all kinds of delicious, all together. The designer used the concept of a traditional grocery store as an entry point to create this space, which originated from the fact that Guangzhou was a grocery store trade model in the early days of the late Qing Dynasty. Starting from the restaurant's entrance counter, the pulleys for hanging the cash box, nostalgic lampshades, and metal folding gates were introduced, extending to the 8-meter-high indoor space, and then paved with high ladders and iron nets to show the old Guangzhou ten. Three-line trade scene. Such an ingenious design complements the restaurant's dazzling array of cuisines. The transpiration of Cantonese-style dim sum stalls, the freshness of seafood and aquatic products, and the fragrant fragrance of live cooking make people feel at the market and taste the traditional and international cuisine of Guangzhou. Wonderful intersection.

The restaurant is divided into several fully open and semi-open areas, suitable for company or departmental gatherings. It is the "high-end white-collar dining hall" of Guangzhou CBD; its nostalgic design, authentic international cuisine, and luxurious environment and services make It has become the first choice for family dinners of many Guangzhou people who "know how to drink and eat" The production of food, Taste City presents with heart, and innovatively staged local and international cuisines -Every weekend lunch market, a dim sum cart that can only be seen in the traditional Xiguan teahouse is launched. The Cantonese-style dim sum is steaming, allowing guests to enjoy "two pieces in one cup" -For dinner, a lively "Huangsha Aquatic Products" stall is specially presented. Crayfish, abalone, sixtieth birthday, and sacred seafood are prepared to order for guests. The wok is full of vigor and is a unique product of the city's buffet restaurant -The dessert stall is full of international models, seasonal hand-made, colorful, and dazzling; the production adheres to the concept of "low sugar and low fat" to meet the needs of dessert control people who love to eat and can maintain health -La Sal is a very representative Nyonya cuisine. It is also the hometown cuisine of Chef Ong Huang Jiandong from Malaysia, the hotel's executive chef. The Malay Nyonya La Sal in Taste City has won the titles of "Asian Landmark Food" and "My Favorite Asian Famous Spot" in Guangzhou. The noodles are strong, the shredded chicken seafood and the side dishes are brightly colored, and the La Salle soup, which is ingeniously mixed with hot curry and coconut milk, is unforgettable.

''Yun Xuan'' - "Rhymes around the beams, elegant elegance and fragrance," when entering Yunxuan, guests can listen to the sounds flowing slowly under the beams, and taste the unique charm of Cantonese cuisine classics in the elegant restaurant with unique Xiguan style. Eight-tones are the eight materials used to make musical instruments in ancient China and have gradually evolved into a collective term for Chinese musical instruments and ancient music. Yun Xuan was carefully crafted by the famous designer Fu Houmin André Fu and his company AFSO. Inspired by "Eight Tone," it shows the distinctive high-end atmosphere and highlights Guangzhou's traditional craftsmanship and design elements.

The restaurant is based on lake green and champagne gold, light and elegant; the three-dimensional curved wall, glass decorations, white porcelain patches, and metal carvings are unique. All this brings the ancient times' elegance and grandeur to a harmonious and beautiful setting against the modern lighting design and metal materials. The restaurant also cleverly named the eight private rooms with eight sounds: silk, leather, xun, wood, sheng, bamboo, gold, stone, and eight sounds. Melodious ancient rhyme, passing through thousands of years, dripping into the diners' heart bay in Yunxuan, washing away the noise of the world. When the traditional phonology and Cantonese flavors are beautifully fused, they collide with authentic and pure Cantonese cuisine, creating an unsatisfactory taste of happiness. Yunxuan Chinese Restaurant has always adhered to the principle of "not eating from time to time," carefully crafted by selecting ingredients for the festival, using unexpected vision, taste, and smell to bring a brand new sense of Cantonese classic cuisine. Vessel is the clothing of vegetables, and water is the mother of tea soup. Yunxuan's care in these details brings the guest experience to a higher level.

The restaurant especially uses Longquan celadon, which is selected as the "List of Representative Works of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO. "Blue like jade, bright like a mirror, sound like a chime," Longquan celadon has no additions and is fired at a high temperature of 1300°. It is elegant and pure and naturally presents a different blue color. The pink blue is like a clear autumn sky after rain. , Meiziqing is like green plums and as exquisite as emerald. Ancient rhyme tableware lining the elegance of food is pleasing to the eye. The restaurant is designed for VIP's custom-designed "Wandering" menu, which has unique Xiguan characteristics and adds a sense of ceremony to the meal. Water is the main carrier for forming and releasing the color and flavor of tea and soup. The quality of water can directly affect the sense and quality of tea and soup. The restaurant uses the German BWT direct drinking water treatment system, especially magnesium ion water, which directly enhances the flavor of tea and soup, allowing guests to feel the wonderful taste while supplementing the scarce mineral elements in the body and enhancing vitality. The restaurant has only been opened for two years, and Yunxuan has won the "Michelin Plate" award from the "Michelin Guide Guangzhou" for two consecutive years.

''Fu Guanjing Restaurant'' - It is located on the fifth floor of Guangzhou Conrad Hotel. It is a modern European cuisine restaurant with beautiful views of Canton Tower and the Pearl River. It is known as the new "Chic Dining" holy place in the city. Fashionable furniture, bronze accessories, and a semi-open kitchen create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere; low-carbon agricultural products, ingredients of origin, and European specialty wines allow guests to enjoy food, wine, and beautiful views. Through the romantic arched passage, guests step into this exquisite viewing restaurant: the panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows introduce the panoramic view of the city landmark Guangzhou Tower, making Xiaomanyao an important background for all special moments here; the semi-open kitchen makes the smart European modern cooking is in front of you; various screens are cleverly combined to separate diversified spaces such as decks, round tables, semi-private seats, and private rooms; copper chandeliers, screens and tableware make the most of Xiguan copper culture.

All things related to romance frequently happen here-birthdays, anniversaries, dates, or marriage proposals. The restaurant team is rich in experience, with the help of a unique romantic background, to create surprises with guests at important moments and retain one beautiful moment after another. The restaurant specializes in new modern European cuisine, sublimating the romantic atmosphere in the cuisine. The restaurant owner, James Shao, has won the world-famous culinary competition-Disciples Escoffier YTT (Disciples Escoffier YTT) Asian champion and third place in the world competition. Chef James has lived and worked in Europe, especially in romantic France, fully integrating his fresh and romantic elements into dishes for many years. The restaurant adheres to the principle of "low-carbon environmental protection," selects low-carbon agricultural products and organic ingredients, and uses simple cooking methods to maintain the food's original flavor, allowing guests to eat romantic and sincere every bite.

''Magnesium Bar'' - This is a special bar to release oneself and experience night in Guangzhou. Its elemental cocktails, mellow champagne, selected whiskeys, accompanied by the melody of live bands, and the bright night view of the terrace garden will make you indulge in the pulse of the city center. Go to the bar-magnesium bar on the 6th floor of Conrad Guangzhou. You must first enter the dark tunnel from the reception desk, then open a large metal door, and the imagery space of the entire bar will be revealed before you. ''Magnesium Bar" is the fourth work of Fu Houmin André Fu and his AFSO at Conrad Guangzhou. It is named after "Magnesium" and uses the words "Gold" and "Beautiful" to convey the concept of style, fashion, and vitality. "Urban pulse" has become the designer's theme: they created a set of metal brackets for the entire bar, covering from top to bottom. The distinct sense of lines expresses the personality that dares to explore, and the vertical and horizontal layout highlights the endless pulse of the city. . Behind the nearly 8-meter-long amethyst bar, a wall composed of 500 specially made luminous glass bottles is placed, which is definitely the background for the trendy people in the city. A live band sings in the bar every night, and the melodious jazz style allows you to relax and relieve the fatigue of the day.

The Magnesium Bar also has an outdoor terrace where you can see the waistline, which is really rare in the CBD. The outdoor space is open, and many guests like to chat here. And they can also have a BBQ barbecue or set up a personalized, customized party. Elemental Special Drink is the finishing touch of the Magnesium Bar: the bartender uses molecular technology to mix CO2 with magnesium ions to drink directly to produce Mg "fairy water"; then mix tropical fruits and treasured rum to create a series The 12-element special drink that closely follows the theme. H hydrogen, helium, Li lithium, Be beryllium, B boron, C carbon, N nitrogen, O oxygen, F fluorine, Ne neon, Na sodium, and Mg magnesium first six are non-alcoholic special drinks, the last six It is an alcoholic cocktail. The signature "Mg Magnesium" is made with secret fairy water, rum, fresh lime juice, blackcurrant syrup, peach syrup, and bitter essence. It is sweet and sour, sour and refreshing, and sweet aftertaste. Magnesium Bar also has a collection of single malt whiskies and blended whiskeys, specially matched with bright ice balls made with BWT magnesium ionized water, making whiskey lovers especially enjoyable.

Indoor heated swimming pool - The length of the swimming pool is 25 meters, the depth is 1.2 meters, the temperature of the pool water is 28-29 degrees Celsius, and the floor heating is provided. The outdoor hydromassage pool brings you the most relaxing and comfortable massage experience in the sky garden. The Gym - In addition to the Pearl River's excellent viewing angle, the fitness center of Guangzhou Conrad Hotel also has advanced fitness facilities, which can provide zones for stretching, aerobics, strength training, and relaxation. Here are the latest Precor aerobic exercise equipment, a variety of weight training equipment to choose from.

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