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Ritz Carlton Montreal

Ritz Carlton Montreal

Ritz Carlton Montreal is an AAA five-diamond award-winning hotel in downtown Montreal. It is a popular attraction for foreign tourists and locals who wish to experience the old European era in the middle of Canada, plus enjoy state-of-the-art intuitive tech-based amenities. The gothic architecture of the building charms visitors. Once inside the building, it will seem like you have time-traveled into the past.


With European influence in the architecture and French flavors in the kitchen, Ritz Carlton Montreal is loved by the people of Montreal. An extravagant reflection of European culture is the highlight of this hotel. However, you can find hints of Canadian influence too.

Ritz Carlton Montreal exhibits a range of masterpieces from local artists and art groups in the Cosner Art Gallery. Its esteemed Maison Boulud's kitchen sources fresh organic products from local markets. Moreover, their spa treatments use the best local skincare maple sugar-based products, making it Canadian.

Additionally, the beautiful view of the gardens of Montreal refreshes one's mood. Finally, the rooftop sitting on a summer afternoon with a cup of tea and soft music also gives ultimately relaxing vibes to unwind all your worries on a dream vacation.


The city is full of tech innovations, European influence, and romantic charm, and Ritz Carlton Montreal is one of the five-star hotels in the heart of downtown at Sherbrooke Street. The ideal location of this hotel makes it easier to travel across the city.

Downtown Montreal is full of activities with a lot of options to explore. These include European architecture, museums, landmarks, souvenir shops, shopping malls, and nightclubs. Moreover, the resort is in that golden square mile, from where everything is located at walking distance.

Rooms and Suites

The 129 rooms and suites are a combination of modern tech and classical touch. The cozy rooms make visitors feel at home with all the comfort they need. In addition, spacious furnishing and sun-lit design keep the rooms bright with natural light making the experience rich and luxurious. The presence of huge glass windows with a garden view allows viewing the skyline of Montreal as well.

The Suites at the hotel offer a next-level luxurious experience for guests looking for a royal stay. They include high-tech fireplaces and separate living spaces furnished with classy couches and tables. To add to the beauty and comfort, these rooms have intelligent predictive technology for ultimate convenience. This makes Ritz Carlton Montreal a preferred choice for tech-lovers visiting Montreal either for business or leisure. Room service is available 24/7.

Restaurants and Bar

The proud acceptance of history is in the blood of every Canadian. Thus, when dining out in Montreal restaurants, you will find a European influence in the cuisines, particularly evident in the hotel's restaurant. Ritz Carlton has a world-famous French restaurant, Maison Boulud, run by 3-Michelin star Chef Daniel Boulud. Moreover, a classical touch in the dining halls with the modern amenities is a lot of a treat. This is especially for those who have an interest in both history and technology.

The dishes are cooked in an open kitchen at Maison Boulud restaurant, a perfect hybrid between French culture and Canadian taste. Many of the French dishes use local products according to the preference of the locals. To add to the Canadian taste, local Canadian products from Quebec provide guests with diverse dining and taste options. Thus, a hybrid of French culture and Canadian taste makes Maison Boulud the favorite place for those who want a real fine-dining experience.

The Dom Pérignon Champagne Bar offers world-class wine and tea in the romantic yet cozy lobby. This gives guests the much-needed escape they want after a tiring workday or city tour. Two key highlights of the restaurant include fine dining and a good afternoon tea experience. This is all in the lounge, making it more charming and one of its kind in Montreal.

Palm Court

Ritz Carlton Montreal hotel's Palm Court is no doubt one of the most comforting places. It offers wine and tea with an elite sitting area that makes you experience royal hospitality. Additionally, the Palm Court Bar is a classy venue for any of your events. Be it a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate event. The arena has an approximate area of 12,000 sq. ft, where you get a full kosher kitchen, expert florists, and other in-house event services for a memorable lavish evening.

Spa and Wellness

Ritz Carlton Montreal is full of modern amenities. With all these technological features, it is no doubt one of the best choices. The Spa St. James at the luxury hotel offers a dream spa vacation for guests with iconic facilities and exclusive treatments.

Moreover, waterfalls, indoor fireplaces, a pool on the deck, and an indoor saltwater pool with a Montreal view let the guests enjoy various rejuvenating treatments with stunning views.

Additionally, the treatments here are luxurious and royal, with an extensive range of best quality products. The therapies at the spa include safe and non-surgical facials, manicures, and pedicures. There are also steam treatments and a spa with special intuitive technology, making it the best in the downtown area.


Located in the heart of downtown Montreal, Ritz Carlton Montreal is a go-to place for people who seek a luxurious yet modern retreat. European cultural heritage, royal suites, high-tech rooms, and suites with the garden and skyline views and authentic French cuisines make it one of the best places to stay in the city for foreign and local tourists.

Besides, being close to the city's attractions makes it another reason for tourists to book a room at Ritz Carlton Montreal as for them being close to important landmarks is a benefit. Moreover, other modern amenities like an indoor swimming pool, exclusive skin and body treatments at St. James Spa with beautiful views, and a full-fledged event arena make it a preference for anyone looking for a luxurious escape.

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Rooms and Suites at Ritz Carlton Montreal

From 535 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 366ft2 - 441ft2 )

This room features a king-sized bed and city or garden-views, The bedroom is with a 47” LCD flatscreen TV, working desk with dataport & Wi-Fi internet...

From 587 USD
Signature Room

Signature Room ( 388ft2 - 495ft2 )

The Signature room is the largest before the suites. This room offers either a king bed or two queen beds and can connect to another Signature room up...

From 731 USD
Junior Suite - Open Concept

Junior Suite - Open Concept ( 581ft2 - 614ft2 )

The Junior Suites offer 1 king-bed and an open sitting-area. 47” LCD flatscreen TV, working desk with dataport & Wi-Fi internet access. Large walk-in...

From 1,075 USD
1 Bedroom Suite

1 Bedroom Suite ( 807ft2 - 904ft2 )

Corner suite with city view. Bedroom with 1 king-bed and adjoining living area with fireplace. Only one of this suite-type per floor. Two 47” LCD flat...

From 1,196 USD
Executive Suite

Executive Suite ( 926ft2 - 1001ft2 )

Garden-view corner suite with 1 king-bed. Bedroom has an open sitting-area, 47” LCD flatscreen TV, large walk-in closet including valet-stand and dres...

From 9,217 USD
Royal Suite

Royal Suite ( 3875ft2 - 4704ft2 )

The Royal Suite is comprised of 14 rooms: 3 bedrooms, 1 security office, 1 entrance hall & 2 foyers, 4 bathrooms, 2 powder rooms, 1 butler’s pantry, 1...

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