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Rooms and Suites at Fasano Trancoso

From 567 USD
Deluxe Bungalow

Deluxe Bungalow ( 936ft2 )

The Deluxe Bungalow is a spacious and luxurious accommodation option, spanning 87m² across two floors. On the first level (60m²), guests can choose between a

From 804 USD
Duplex Suite Bungalow

Duplex Suite Bungalow ( 1044ft2 )

The Duplex Suite Bungalow, measuring 97m², is thoughtfully designed across two floors. On the first level (79m²), guests will be delighted with a king-size bed

Fasano Trancoso

An exclusive Fasano to enjoy and experience the best of Trancoso. With a project signed by Isay Weinfeld, the Fasano Trancoso project was conceived respecting the essence of the place and its community. Each of its details was designed to ensure the reduction of impacts and harmonious integration with nature. 40 bungalows from 60m² to 90m². Beach Club is integrated with the restaurant signed by Rogério Fasano. 2 swimming pools (Olympic and children's) are arranged on a 250-meter deck along the entire front of the hotel and facing the sea. Spa with four treatment rooms, gym, sauna, and swimming pool. Accommodation facilities for staff, guests, and owners of Villas Fasano.

Sun, sea, friends, unforgettable events, memorable moments. Reserva Trancoso is a place to experience everything that inspires and makes you happy. A paradise that will change your look and your days. Designed on land that includes an exclusive area of environmental preservation of 100 hectares, the development had its first phase inaugurated in December 2021. It contemplated a product as complete as the place where it was born.

Hotel Fasano with 40 bungalows and 23 residential villas designed by the architect Isay Weinfeld and arranged at 500 meters, facing the sea. 12 Villas Fasano by Bernardes Arquitetura, residences measuring 792m². Twenty-nine lots from Estancias Fasano. 6 only places designed by the renowned Gálvez & Márton office.

To the south is one of the most privileged parts of Trancoso: Praia de Itapororoca. Blue sky, warm and almost always calm waters, green and peace everywhere. Low tide reveals the beauty of the natural pools: it's a live postcard. Discreet, reserved, unique. An inspiring place, chosen to be the primary setting of Reserva Trancoso – and soon, of memorable moments in your life.

The Villas

23 Villas with two design options: Villa Fasano 408m², five bedrooms, one suite on the upper floor integrated into the deck, and a private pool. » Villa Fasano 262m² - 3 bedrooms (2 suites) 2 swimming pools arranged on a 250-meter-long deck facing the sea. Access to Hotel Fasano Trancoso services and facilities, such as room service, concierge, and housekeeping. Lease management for landlords. Housing structure for landlords' employees.

Villas Fasano By Bernardes Arquitetura

Located on the North Plateau, Villas Fasano Trancoso by Bernardes Arquitetura is a recent project that preserves the privacy of each unit and favors natural ventilation. With 792m², space and comfort are harmoniously distributed between the two floors. In addition to 3 suites, there is a large terrace on the ground floor with a seating area naturally integrated into the garden. Upstairs, 2 or 3 more suites, with a large living area that extends to the deck pool, becoming an invitation to contemplate a breathtaking view of nature. Villas Fasano by Bernardes Arquitetura. 792 m² - 5 or 6 suites. Swimming pool and deck on the second floor. Access to Hotel Fasano Trancoso services and facilities, such as room service, concierge, and housekeeping. Lease management for landlords.

Villas Gálvez & Márton | Estancias Fasano

The set of 6 residences with four suites is located on a peninsula and has a view toward the existing forest. The project suggests a metallic structure dressed with natural elements, resulting in a low impact on the ground and a symbiosis with nature. Wide-span openings invite the surroundings and open a dialogue between landscape and architecture. 6 Villas with exclusive locations. 493 m² - 4 suites. Swimming pool and deck on the first floor. Access to Hotel Fasano Trancoso services and facilities, such as room service, concierge, and housekeeping.


Taste of local culture with the refinement of haute cuisine. Trancoso has restaurants by renowned chefs, and, especially in the Quadrado, you can find options from the most varied aspects of contemporary cuisine. Also open to non-guests upon reservation, the restaurant is led by Chef Zé Branco, with years of experience in the Group; the Fasano Trancoso restaurant has a menu that works primarily with seafood with the tradition of Italian cuisine present in the brand's DNA.


A variety of options to get your body moving. From hiking to surfing: The beaches of Trancoso allow anyone to enjoy nature and practice their favorite sport. From jogging on the beach at dusk to practicing water sports such as Surf, windsurfing, Kitesurf, Stand Up Paddle, kayaking, and Jet Ski. Sports and living with nature: Trancoso doesn't just offer the beach for those who need to practice some exercise and have fun. There are several options such as Golf, Football – even in the Quadrado at dusk – as well as Bike and hiking trails.

The Nature is Perfect

In addition to the beaches, the sea, and the natural pools formed at low tide, those who go to Trancoso are faced with a forest characteristic of the south coast of Bahia and the richness of its vegetation. Furthermore, the frequent rapid rains in the high summer season help refresh the environment and provide a natural greenhouse mixture near the trees in an intense wind and the region of the beaches.

The Gift of Local Culture

The influences of the local communities can be seen in the house's architecture, the rustic style of the Quadrado and its surroundings, and the residents' population. Over the years, with the arrival of infrastructure to improve tourism in the region, many facilities have been preserved, maintaining the genuine Brazilian spirit of architecture, art, and local music.

New Year's Eve and Carnival are the most desired dates in Trancoso; it is here that people experience the magic of the union between contact with nature and its paradisiacal beaches, always with the mood of parties and viral events. Music is also very present in the local culture of Trancoso; throughout the year, several exciting festivals, such as Música em Trancoso, an annual celebration with several days of activities and shows of classical, popular, famous, popular jazz, soul, and world music.


Natural Beauties, Rustic Architecture, And an Intimate Atmosphere. Trancoso is a charming village in the municipality of Porto Seguro on the south coast of Bahia, which combines a setting with enchanting beaches, the best cuisine, and excellent accommodation. The history of this paradisiacal place began at the time of colonization, with the arrival of the Portuguese at the time of the discovery of Brazil. The main milestone of that period was the construction of the symbolic Church of São João Batista, erected in 1656 and still Trancoso's postcard and the stage for sophisticated weddings.

In the early 70s, the village was rediscovered by young travelers and hippies. Still, over time, it ceased to be an isolated and unstructured place to become one of the most special, highly regarded, and popular tourist destinations in northeastern Brazil. As a result, the historic, colorful houses of the famous Quadrado, located in the heart of Trancoso, are no longer exclusively housing the local community to become the region's main attraction with the best restaurant options, bars, and shops.

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  • To the south of Trancoso lies one of the most privileged areas the Itapororoca Beach.
  • Hotel Fasano Trancoso was designed by Isay Weinfeld. On a site of 300 hectares.
  • The hotel offers 40 bungalows and an exclusive environmental preservation area.
  • 40
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Beach
  • Romantic
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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