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Rooms and Suites at Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel

From 209 USD

Suite ( 337ft2 - 484ft2 )

Hidden underground, the Suite is a remarkable discovery. It blends a rock cave with a stone block in three distinct sections. The room is steeped

From 257 USD
Superior Suite

Superior Suite ( 377ft2 - 538ft2 )

In the Superior Suite, guests step into a fascinating blend of history and luxury. The suite consists of three sections discovered during an excavation, once

From 306 USD
Superior Loft Suite

Superior Loft Suite ( 484ft2 - 700ft2 )

The Superior Loft Suite offers a blend of history and luxury. Originally a rock-carved stable, it still carries remnants of its past with intriguing features

From 479 USD
Deluxe Suite

Deluxe Suite ( 753ft2 )

In the Deluxe Suite, every room resonates with a unique love and passion, a result of the devotion of skilled artisans, architects, and designers. They

From 561 USD
Spa Sauna Suite

Spa Sauna Suite ( 452ft2 )

Step into the enchanting Spa Sauna Suite and let the allure of the past intertwine with the comfort of modern living. This extraordinary rock cave

Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel

Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel sits amidst the landscapes of Cappadocia, Turkey. It offers a truly otherworldly experience. We'll take you on a virtual tour of this property. Imagine staying in a hotel carved into ancient volcanic rock formations. Besides, each room feels like a cozy cave, blending modern comfort with historic charm. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or simply curious about luxury accommodations, this hotel has it all. Read on to find out more!


You'll be spending a luxury stay in a hand-carved cavern. Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel in a scenic landscape. It offers an unmatched experience to travelers seeking a unique combination of comfort and natural beauty.

The hotel also has awe-inspiring views. It sits in a strategic location. It offers panoramic vistas over the valleys surrounding the hotel and fairy chimneys. Moreover, its ambiance enhances the feeling of calm. Guests can truly unwind and relax. This is all while immersing themselves in the natural world.

Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel also takes pride in providing excellent hospitality to its guests. They go out of their way to give a memorable experience. The warm and friendly staff are well-known for this. They cater to every guest. From arranging hot air balloon rides to organizing guided hiking tours.

The hotel also provides a great base from which to discover the wonders of Cappadocia. It offers a wide range of experiences. These include guided tours through ancient cave dwellings. Guests can also visit UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Visitors can also explore the rich history of this region. Not to mention its breathtaking landscape through these activities.

The hotel also adheres to environmentally friendly practices. It adopted eco-friendly methods. These include using renewable energies, conserving water, and promoting local artisans and products. They also help to preserve the area.


This hotel is in Cappadocia. It sits in central Turkey in surreal rock formations known as fairy chimneys. This landscape is created from volcanic activity eroded by thousands of years. It captures the imaginations of travelers all over the world.

Three Beauties are also within a 10-minute drive. And Nevsehir International Airport is only 28 miles away. Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel offers a unique setting for discerning travelers. It is only minutes from the major attractions.

Service and Facilities

Tafoni Houses' thirteen large suites are in old cave dwellings. They feature art deco furnishings and objects d'art. This hotel has a spacious exterior terrace and lush landscaping. This gives it the feel of a private club. It also offers guests a pleasant ambiance and allows them to retreat into an intimate getaway.

This is the place to experience it all. Enjoy a massage in your cave. Or, sip a cocktail and watch the stars with vintage telescopes. You will be immersed in an atmosphere of rural life as you hear the sparrows chanting.

You will also receive a welcome glass of homemade lemonade. Moreover, the stone houses of Greco-Mediterranean architecture will allow you to experience a more authentic view of indigenous life. They may walk by with mules, sheep, cattle, or other flocks.

Walking across the valleys from the property will also take you to one of Cappadocia's most beautiful views. This view includes rock formations with fruit and wine orchards. Besides, the surrounding valleys of Tafoni offer beautiful tracks. Experience the fantastic atmosphere of Cappadocia. It has many amenities.


Tafoni Houses Cave Hotel is a modern cave hotel. It blends ancient charm with the beauty of its surroundings. Each of the 13 guest rooms is carved out of soft volcanic rocks. This results in a combination of rustic and contemporary aesthetics. Inside, you'll find plush furnishings and soft lighting. You can also expect all of the luxury amenities of a hotel.

This retreat is an opportunity for guests to experience staying in a cave. This is all while enjoying all the amenities that come with a hotel. Moreover, natural insulation in the caves allows for a calmer haven during summer. It also provides warmer refuges during winter. Besides, each room's geological formations tell a story. This makes every visit a great experience.


Breakfast is served daily. The Culture Museum Restaurant offers Turkish dishes. It is 600 feet away. Tafoni's outdoor and indoor restaurant also offers a daily buffet breakfast. It comes as part of your accommodation. Dinner includes a daily home-cooked menu, as well as light meals. The hotel also offers a complete bar service in its restaurant.


One child up to age 1 can be accommodated for free. That's in the room of a parent or guardian. There are also rollaway or extra beds available.


This remarkable hotel embraces the blend of nature and luxury. From its naturally formed rock walls to its impeccable amenities, it provides an oasis of comfort. Book your stay at Tafoni House Cave Hotel. Uncover the hidden gems and features that make this one-of-a-kind destination a must-visit for travelers.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This hotel is tucked away in Nevsehir's mountains, celebrated for its captivating caves. Just a 30-minute drive will take you to or from Kapadokya Airport.
  • Experience Cappadocia's stunning beauty from a serene hot air balloon. This unforgettable aerial view of unique landscapes is a must-do adventure.
  • After dinner, explore the unique experience at Galileo Terrace. Bask under the starlit sky and marvel at the cosmos through a vintage telescope.
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