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Rooms and Suites at Kamalaya Koh Samui

From 286 USD
Hillside Room

Hillside Room ( 377ft2 )

The Hillside Room is nestled among boulders and trees. It offers a cozy retreat with a simple design. Natural furnishings accent the design. The room

From 321 USD
Hillside Garden View Room

Hillside Garden View Room ( 377ft2 )

The Hillside Garden View Room is near the Yoga Pavilion, Shakti Fitness Centre, and Yantra Hall. Some rooms are across from Soma restaurant. These comfortable

From 503 USD
Hillside Sea View Room

Hillside Sea View Room ( 377ft2 )

The Hillside Sea View Room sits on a pretty hillside. It is near Kamalaya’s Reception and Alchemy Tea Lounge. It provides a cozy retreat from

From 525 USD
Superior Garden View Suite

Superior Garden View Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Superior Garden View Suite is situated on three levels on a hillside. Kamalaya’s new Superior Suites feature spacious interiors with sea views. They have

From 525 USD
Garden View Villa

Garden View Villa ( 807ft2 - 1076ft2 )

The Garden View Villa is a secluded haven among Kamalaya's lush greenery. Each villa, designed carefully, offers a unique setting and spacious interior. The villa

From 544 USD
Sea View Suite

Sea View Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Sea View Suite offers breathtaking vistas of Koh Samui's seascape, blending nature with comfort. These suites feature simple, stylish designs and cozy furnishings. Tranquility

From 601 USD
Sea View Villa

Sea View Villa ( 807ft2 - 1076ft2 )

Each Sea View Villa at Kamalaya is a private haven meticulously designed to create a nurturing space. A large private balcony with a daybed is

From 601 USD
Superior Sea View Suite

Superior Sea View Suite ( 700ft2 )

The Superior Sea View Suite at Kamalaya is situated on three levels of a hillside, offering stunning views of the azure gulf of Thailand. Each

From 1,045 USD
Beachfront Villa

Beachfront Villa ( 1184ft2 )

The Beachfront Villa sits on Kamalaya’s secluded beach, placing guests near the sea. Nestled atop granite boulders, it offers a serene escape with stunning views.

From 1,184 USD
Penthouse Sea View Pool Suite

Penthouse Sea View Pool Suite ( 861ft2 )

The Penthouse Sea View Pool Suite offers a luxurious stay on the top floor of a superior suites building. It can be chosen with one

From 1,268 USD
Beachfront Pool Villa

Beachfront Pool Villa ( 1851ft2 )

The Beachfront Pool Villa offers stunning sea and beach views. It's perfect for travelers who want a closer connection to the ocean. Guests can choose

From 1,268 USD
Rock Top Pool Villa

Rock Top Pool Villa ( 2691ft2 )

The Rock Top Pool Villa is a unique retreat. It was designed by Kamalaya's architect, Robert Powell. He blends nature into luxurious spaces. This villa

Kamalaya Koh Samui

Feel Life's Potential at Kamalaya Koh Samui. Kamalaya Koh Samui is a multi-award-winning Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa ideally located amid a tropical landscape on the southern coastline of Koh Samui, Thailand. Kamalaya offers a synergistic wellness experience to help people reconnect to life's potential and achieve optimal wellbeing.

The cuisine, the service style, the environment and even the architecture are designed to support and enhance the wellness therapies and services. The land itself is a powerful part of the journey, giving guests a direct experience of the healing power of nature. At the heart of the Kamalaya lies a centuries-old cave, once used by Buddhist monks as a place of meditative retreat. Guests are welcome to enter this sacred space for quiet reflection and meditation.

Kamalaya translates as Lotus (Kamal) Realm (alaya) in the ancient language of Sanskrit, symbolizing the unfolding of the human spirit.

Rooms, Suites & Villas

Kamalaya rests on a lush tropical hillside, sloping down to a tranquil private beach. The 76 rooms and villas, ranging from cosy Hillside Rooms and elegant Suites to spacious Villas and private Pool Villas, are situated amidst ancient, granite boulders, calming water streams and tropical vegetation. Existing rocks and trees have been preserved as defining elements for many of the structures. Asian natural textiles and carefully selected art pieces combined with modern amenities create comfortable, serene and understated interiors. Nature's restorative presence is felt through semi-open bathrooms, outdoor terraces and balconies, expansive windows and captivating views overlooking the gardens or Gulf of Thailand.

Kamalaya Experience

True healing comes from acceptance, not resistance. That's why at Kamalaya, a refreshingly liberating humanistic approach to wellness is taken. With the absence of the strict controls and rigid rules, the guests can naturally let go and open up. Support, advice, and inspiration are always on offer, but it's the guests' innate wisdom that guides their experience.

While many guests come with a purpose or a goal in mind, Kamalaya remains flexible to their needs. It's not necessary to book a program; visitors can simply come for a relaxing, healthy holiday and enjoy the restorative environment and complimentary offerings like wellness consultations and daily holistic classes. Or choose from an extensive a la carte wellness treatments menu and personalized sessions. As the days go by, the guests experience clarity of mind, upliftment of the mood, improvements of their physical conditions and increase of vitality.

Kamalaya Lifestyle

For many the sprint-paced 'ASAP' world in which we live has disconnected us from each other, our own true and divine sense of self and the perfect simplicity of being present in our lives. At Kamalaya, being reconnected can be a sublimely life changing experience. The Kamalaya lifestyle is relaxed, informal and heartwarmingly comfortable. The services and facilities are bound together by a welcoming community spirit and supported by the invigorating energies of nature, art, and healthy cuisine.

Nature is an ever-present part of Kamalaya experience, a sensory symphony that nourishes and nurtures. Beyond the improvements in health and wellbeing, the synergistic Kamalaya experience seems to take people effortlessly and spontaneously to unexpected levels of self-discovery and awareness.

The Wellness Sanctuary and Holistic Spa

Integrating the beauty of the surrounding environment into its design, the Wellness Sanctuary features open air treatment spaces as well as deluxe air-conditioned suites. There are over 50 certified wellness professionals here, including naturopaths, doctors of traditional Chinese medicine, western medical doctors, registered nurses, nutritionists, life transformation experts, Ayurvedic and Thai therapists, fitness specialists and yoga, meditation, and pranayama teachers.

Kamalaya combines holistic medicine traditions from East and West to offer a menu of 70 plus therapies and treatments. Optional daily classes are open to all guests that range from Pilates, yoga, Qi Gong and meditation to Tai Chi and core fitness classes.

Tailor-Made Programs

While Kamalaya's Wellness Programs, including detox, stress and burnout, optimal weight, fitness, and yoga programs address most health and wellness goals. Some guests will prefer a tailored approach allowing them to achieve even more specific outcomes, adjust the intensity of the program, or perhaps focus on a particular modality. With the support and guidance of the experienced Naturopaths, you can co-create a wellness program that is a perfect fit for YOU. As a first step, you simply need to book your accommodation. Your tailor-made wellness program will then be designed and quoted at your initial consultation.

Healthy Inspired Cuisine

At Kamalaya, the cuisine is a fundamental component of the holistic health concept. The menus reflect Kamalaya's philosophy of healthy living and the celebration of different cultures, featuring fresh and healthy dishes with enough sumptuous twist to satisfy the most discerning palates.

Co-created by Karina Stewart, Kamalaya's founder and a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and the Kamalaya Chef, the healthy cuisine is influenced by Karina's wealth of knowledge in functional medicine and cellular detoxification. It is based on principles of Asian healing traditions, as well as the latest nutritional research. The healthy, inspired cuisine is a fusion of Eastern and Western culinary traditions and menus include extensive vegetarian options as well as fresh seafood and poultry dishes. There are separate menus for those on Detox or Ideal Weight programs. Fresh juices, signature tonics, herbal teas and wines are also served.

A Place to Feel at Home

Flowing down the tropical hillside and overlooking the Gulf of Thailand and outlaying islands, Kamalaya's accommodation options range from cozy Hillside Rooms to open Suites, spacious Villas, and private Pool Villas. Kamalaya incorporates the surrounding landscape into the simple elegance of its architecture and design. Buildings are nestled amidst ancient granite boulders, streams, and tropical vegetation, with existing rocks and trees as defining elements for many of the structures. Asian textiles and carefully selected art pieces, combined with modern amenities, create comfortable, serene, and elegant interiors.

Kindly note that a minimum 3-night's stay is required between 1 April and 31 March. During the peak season, 23 December and 10 January, a minimum stay of 7 nights is required to confirm your booking. First-time guests are required to book a minimum 3-night wellness program during their stay to ensure an authentic Kamalaya experience though the holistic wellness approach.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This hotel sits on Koh Samui's southern shores and is a peaceful wellness retreat. It provides tranquil, idyllic surroundings.
  • Stay there to rejuvenate your body and mind. A wellness package is mandatory to enhance your experience.
  • The detox menu offers hypoallergenic vegetarian dishes. They serve carrot-ginger soup and pumpkin pancakes. You also get protein shakes twice a day.
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  • Sauna
Hotel Style
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