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Hotel Palafitte

Hotel Palafitte

Located in Neuchatel's heart, a town in Switzerland, is the Hotel Palafitte - exuding a touch of European hospitality and rich culture. The resort is craftily built on bamboo poles, known as stilts. The prime and unique location of this hotel with direct access to the lake attracts tourists from around the globe.

The word Palafitte redirects to the concept of an ancient dwelling situated on stakes around the lake bed. Mesmerizing views and cool air breeze create a soothing environment in itself. While traveling to the location, you would sense a change in atmosphere and architecture.

The state-of-the-art facility is built on modern architectural designs, which present a sharp and eye-catching look for the visitors. The property's construction dates back to 2002, when it was initiated under the second Swiss national exhibition Expo.

Every tourist visiting Neuchatel does not forget to book a stay at the hotel Palafitte. The property is the prime choice for spending quality and memorable time with your loved ones.

Why Plan a Stay Here?

Hotel Palafitte is among the most famous luxury hotels in Switzerland and is known for its attractive location and appealing architecture. There are twenty-four spacious and personalized rooms built on Lake Neuchatel; bamboo poles and pylons, keeping them afloat and presenting an overwhelming and pleasing look. However, in Switzerland, the hotel industry is not allowed to expand and build over water bodies. 

This luxury property is a hotel of its kind and standards, ensuring a healthy environment and following all the standard procedures. It offers divine luxury to its guests and provides a private terrace for families and couples to spend quality time with their loved ones. A nature-loving person would definitely extend his stay at this resort. 

Everyone tries to get distracted from all worldly problems and connect with nature. Fourteen of their rooms have all the facilities and are fully operational during all seasons, and extra beds are made available. Guests can walk down their private terraces and feel the fresh water in the lake under their rooms.


A well-planned stay is a true expression of spreading love and happiness. While staying up all day in bed, you can enjoy fresh coffee from their coffee machines placed in their rooms. As you wake up, you picture the Alps and their peaks covered with all snow. 

Sofa and beds are incredibly soft, allowing you to stretch and release all fatigues and stresses. Bathrooms are craftily designed, keeping the eye-catching view in position. You can relax and bathe in comfortable jetted tubs and enjoy the view all day long. 

The dark wooden color furniture and finish floor levels add to the attractive interior. The exterior is already enhanced by sensational natural views to develop a beautiful lakeside and mountainous scene. 

All the outgoing guests and visitors describe their profound experiences, reflecting on how they spent their quality time and released all frustrations during their time. Whether it be any age group, from toddler to a senior citizen, this mesmerizing place has many minor and major details to focus on and feel them.

Tourist Attractions 

You can visualize and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Alps covered in thick white snow. The entire vicinity is surrounded by crystal clear blue water in the water bodies. The snowy and cold landscape of mountains adds to its scenic beauty. It is the place where a person feels, breathes, and touches nature. 

The lake water is clean and warm, making you feel cozy and relaxed. It feels like nature penetrating through bodies and souls. You can escape from the hotel vicinity to the esplanade and enjoy long walks with your partners and families. 

Simultaneously, kids can take a short trip to the Latenium museum and explore Europe and Neuchatel's rich history. 

Fine Dining with Mesmerizing Scenes at Neuchatel

While enjoying a breezy environment, guests can order personal meals and refreshments on their terrace. The room and catering service provide the best hospitality at the lake; hot and fresh meals serve the highest quality. Hotel Palafitte is the only authentic five-star hotel in Europe, which is situated over an open lake. 

Continental and Ala-carte menus are always available, and you can enjoy wide varieties of European and American cuisine. Cured fish, local cheese dishes, fresh, dried meat, fresh fruits, loaves of bread, and few hot dishes are served throughout the day. All menu elements are dominated by the raw and natural products available in the region and local market. 

Every day dinner facilities are extended in the open back yard facing the lake, which is pre-booked every day. The luxury escape has its bar, traditional drinkers, and winners have much to enjoy during their stay. 

The restaurant, La Table de Palafitte, is the finest and elegant lakeside hotel in Neuchatel. La Table de Palafitte is spread over a massive area with a large and spacious terrace and bay windows. The elegant restaurant produces friendly, overwhelming, and relaxing vibes, making it the best pick for family dinner and conventions. 

Mr. Maxime Pot, the head chef at the La Table de Palafitte, produces the most authentic and delicious dishes throughout every season. All dishes are tempting and delicious to serve your taste buds with the best authentic taste in Switzerland. 

Recreational Facilities 

Hotel Palafitte is the top and definitive pick of the vacationers visiting Switzerland and Neuchâtel. The hotel management ensures to maintain and develop all recreational facilities. Visitors can engage in sailing and paddling activities during their stay. 

Families can enjoy a short round trip in a canoe around the lake. Board games and swimming pool facilities are also made available in the hotel. The resort provides a complete package for relaxation and entertainment. 

Everything at this place is the epitome of peace, comfort, and tranquility. During holiday seasons, you visit to interact with fellow guests, spend personal and quality time, and participate in all the hotel's ongoing activities. 

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Rooms and Suites at Hotel Palafitte

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From 391 USD

Shore Pavilion ( 68m2 )

Built on stilts on the edge of Lake Neuchâtel, the 14 shore pavilions offer a unique setting for relaxing holidays in every season. From the office co...

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