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Rooms and Suites at Penha Longa Resort

From 316 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 538ft2 )

The Deluxe Room offers a spacious bedroom, fitted with a king bed or two twin beds to suit your needs. High-quality feather beds, duvets, and

From 370 USD
Deluxe Park View Room

Deluxe Park View Room ( 538ft2 )

In the Deluxe Park View Room, guests can enjoy a private balcony with a serene view of a natural park. This room comes with the

From 477 USD
Junior Resort View Suite

Junior Resort View Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Junior Resort View Suite greets guests with a private balcony. The balcony has amazing views. This extra space extends to a large, comfortable seating

From 585 USD
Cascais Suite

Cascais Suite ( 861ft2 )

Imagine stepping into a world of luxury. The Cascais Suite welcomes guests with an oversized King bed that promises comfort. A large balcony opens to

From 604 USD
Sintra Suite

Sintra Suite ( 861ft2 )

The Sintra Suite welcomes its guests with an air of opulence. One's eyes immediately land on the oversized King bed. It's dressed in luxurious feather

From 1,183 USD
Presidential Suite

Presidential Suite ( 1744ft2 )

The Presidential Suite embodies luxury in every corner. One steps into an open-plan living area that invites relaxation. It extends into a dedicated dining space

From 1,613 USD
Executive Suite

Executive Suite ( 1206ft2 )

When someone walks into the Executive Suite, they find themselves in luxury. The hotel's best spot has panoramic views of the golf course, mountains, and

From 1,935 USD
2 Bedroom Family Suite

2 Bedroom Family Suite ( 1744ft2 )

When one steps into the 2 Bedroom Family Suite, the elegance is palpable. Occupying prime spots on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors, each suite

From 2,096 USD
Garden Suite Apartment

Garden Suite Apartment ( 990ft2 )

The Garden Suite at Penha Longa Resort is more than a room—it's a haven of luxury and peace. It sits at a spacious 92 square

From 2,310 USD
3 Bedroom Garden Level Apartment

3 Bedroom Garden Level Apartment ( 1894ft2 )

The 3 Bedroom Garden Level Apartment at Penha Longa Resort is a haven of luxury. It's big, with 176 square meters of space. That's 1894

From 3,755 USD
Imperial Suite

Imperial Suite ( 4467ft2 )

The Imperial Suite offers a slice of luxury in its sprawling 3,150 square feet of space. Guests will find a living room and dining area.

Penha Longa Resort

Penha Longa Resort is a 5-star luxury hotel located in Sintra. Penha Longa is a Portuguese word for 'Long Rock' in English. The purpose of constructing the resort was to offer the most surreal experience for guests. Mountains, steep hills, and lakes surround it, bringing the historical essence forward. With a range of activities such as a spacious spa, fitness center, state-of-the-art dining experience, outdoor pool, a championship golf course, and indoor and outdoor activities, this resort aims to bring forward the finest facilities for the elite.

A tribute to the old lives of monks in Portuguese culture and a subtle invitation to locals and foreigners to explore the rich Portugal culture, this resort has a deep-rooted history. It welcomes its guests with the best experience and stores it in their memories forever. Also, the lavish and spacious rooms, suites, and play area for children give you more reason to visit this Portugal palace.


The history of Penha Longa Resort dates back to the 14th century. This was when the site served as a monastery for monks and pilgrims. Moreover, this site remained home to monks for a long time before it became a palace for Portugal's royal family. These families spent their summer vacations in this palace for decades with various supporting staff and luxury accessible to them.

However, bad luck hit this site when a disaster-damaged many building parts in the 18th century. As a result, the government ordered the entire complex to be demolished and rebuilt after the incident. At that time, Deutsche Bank intervened and bought the palace, later constructing it into a world-class resort hotel today.


Today, 545 acres of this federal land have been used to construct this five-star hotel in Portugal. Located around 16 miles away from Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, the resort is about thirty minutes of drive from downtown.

Moreover, the location gives the perfect view of the Sintra Mountains. It also offers the ultimate experience for viewers waiting for the sunrise. Sintra is a municipality located beside Lisbon. It was once crowded by the residents of the Portuguese Royal family. The resort is built in a natural park, surrounded by wildlife and aesthetic nature.

Rooms and Suites

There are 194 guest rooms at Penha Longa Resort. The best part for guests is that every room in this resort hotel has a private balcony, whether family suites or executive lounge. These private balconies are the perfect spot to view the sunrise and sip your glass of hot chocolate. There, you can also digest the impeccable view of the Sintra Mountains. There is also a lounge bar where guests can enjoy an afternoon of iced tea.

Additionally, you have many options when residing at the most famous resort in Portugal. This hotel's vast suites include imperial, presidential, family, junior, executive, Cascais, and Sintra Suites.

These options include various amenities such as espresso machines, signature bathrobes, and uninterrupted Wi-Fi accessibility. In addition, LED TVs and the so-called 'RC Sleeping Experience' also use their old and renowned Egyptian sheets and duvets.

The Presidential Suite is even more luxurious. It has two huge balconies with a view of rolling hills and the Sintra Mountains. Besides, the bathroom designs are made with luxury products, marble tiles, and a large bathtub considering guests' ease.

Moreover, there is a Family Suite that can accommodate seven people. The family suite has a unique feature if you have kids.

Culinary Experience

Chef Sergi Arola provides the most intricate gastronomic experience to his guests. It puts your taste buds in awe and strikes you emotionally with its attention to detail and presentation. Sergi Arola is the most renowned chef at Penha Longa Resort, an adventure you would not want to miss if visiting the city. He has been awarded his first Michelin Star and works in a restaurant.

The next favorite restaurant at Penha Longa Resort is Midori. It is a Japanese restaurant offering gourmet food in various flavors according to your taste. You'll not miss out on the historical essence after the hotel's redesign.

Moreover, just outside Lisbon, a restaurant where chefs create dishes reminiscent of their Italian trips is Penha Longa Mercatto restaurant. The restaurant employs fresh ingredients to enhance the classics with unique flavors from the country's 20 regions. There is also an Eneko Lisboa restaurant by the Basque chef Eneko Atxa, who holds 6 Michelin stars.

Among many other restaurants at the resort with intricate interior decoration and cultural heritage is Arola. It has an innovative Portuguese menu. There is also Aqua, famous for pool-side lunches. Moreover, Mercatto offers you the best gastronomic journey through the streets of Italy.

Additionally, Spices, an Asian-based restaurant, serves a bunch of cuisines. These include Chinese, Indian, Thai, and Japanese. On Saturdays, a Japanese buffet breakfast featuring sushi, teppanyaki, and other traditional dishes is available at Spices.

During the day, a food truck serves Gourmet burgers and refreshments.


In collaboration with Natura Bissé, the famous luxury brand Penha Longa launches its signature spa treatments to ensure the most memorable experience for visitors. The surroundings of the building include a Jacuzzi, private swimming pools, and a view of mountains.

Besides, special massages cater to your specific needs. Also, highly trained personnel are appointed to ensure the best services. There is also the Meditation Labyrinth, where guests have unlimited access.


The kid's club includes board games, treasure hunts, and In-Room Camping. Using the In-Room Camping facility, you get a camping tent, crayon boxes, and pillows. There are also a teddy bear and other accessories you may need.

Since the package is limited to the family suite, residents should discuss the details earlier and pre-book so that their kids do not miss out on any fun and have the best experience.

Additional Facilities

The golf course at Penha Longa is among the top ten golf courses in Portugal. It is also among the top 30 in the entire continent of Europe. Robert Trent Jones Jr. constructed 27 World Class golf holes. The management also hosts yearly golf championship tournaments and is sure to inspire you. Also, Mini golf is available at the hotel.


Located in the mountains and having the significant historical essence a traveler wishes for, Penha Longa Resort is the best choice for all visitors. This Ritz Carlton Marriott hotel has the best facilities compared to others. It also has the most outstanding staff service, efficient and respectful.

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  • Penha Longa Resort is just 30 minutes outside Lisbon and a destination on its own.
  • Swing your clubs at the Robert Trent Jones Jr. designed 27-hole golf course.
  • Make sure you reserve a table at Lab by Sergi Arola. This intimate Michelin Star restaurant has only 22 covers but 550 different wines.
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