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Rooms and Suites at Raffles Europejski Warsaw

From 328 USD
Deluxe Room

Deluxe Room ( 431ft2 )

The Deluxe Room, nestled within the historic Europejski building, boasts spaciousness. It features a library, roomy bathroom, and ample storage. Guests can immerse themselves in

From 365 USD
Raffles Room

Raffles Room ( 484ft2 - 861ft2 )

It's a beautiful space, filled with handcrafted furniture and adorned with glamorous art deco-inspired designs along with contemporary Polish art. You'll feel right at home

From 606 USD
Executive Suite

Executive Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Executive Suite embodies timeless elegance and bespoke design, crafting a refined ambiance. Within, a capacious living room boasts a grand working desk, while the

From 897 USD
Heritage Suite

Heritage Suite ( 710ft2 )

Heritage Suite captures the essence of luxury, with a view of Pilsudski Square and Saxon Gardens. Each suite celebrates an aspect of Polish history and

From 1,028 USD
Prestige Suite

Prestige Suite ( 872ft2 )

The Prestige Suite embodies luxury, inspired by Polish artists. Its walk-in library echoes the hotel's artistic heritage, hosting legendary writers. A grand desk invites reading,

From 1,126 USD
Prestige Terrace Suite

Prestige Terrace Suite ( 969ft2 )

The Prestige Terrace Suite, covering an expansive 90 square meters, boasts a magnificent terrace spanning 43 square meters, offering breathtaking city views. This luxurious haven

From 1,200 USD
Signature Suite

Signature Suite ( 753ft2 )

The Signature Suite embodies luxury, drawing inspiration from Polish artists. It celebrates Polish history and culture through names like Piłsudski, Prus, Chełmoński, and Tetmajer. The

From 6,407 USD
Royal Suite

Royal Suite ( 2454ft2 )

Raffles Royal Suite, a vast 228-square-meter space, embodies luxury. It features a generously proportioned living room with distinct zones for dining and work. The master

Raffles Europejski Warsaw

Raffles International opened the bustling Raffles Europejsk Warsaw at the beginning of the 21st century, launching a new age for one classically themed construction. The original Hotel Europek was famous because it appeared as if the Russian Empire was getting up. Later, it became one of the most distinguished Raffles hotels in its infancy.


World War II almost demolished the property, but it survived due to the efforts of the people. As the new hotel started in phases starting in the 1950s, it finally reopened in 1962.

The renovation team worked closely with the local conservation board to ensure the hotel's historic character and beauty remained. This club is in the capable hands of Boris Kudlicka. He is an award-winning interiographer who looks after the entirety of the WWAA project.

In WWAA projects, the most prominent ones include the Polish Pavilion for Shanghai and the EXPO in Warsaw and the Warsaw Center of Culture. Moreover, food and beverage designer Lazaro Rosa-Violan is responsible for conceptualizing the hotel's kitchen, the Europejski grill, and other food and beverage areas. The ability to reinterpret iconic design classics also allows him to create noteworthy global projects.


The milestone occasion of the reopening Raffles City in London opens a new chapter in history, dating back to 1867. The Royal Route passes right over Warsaw's capital city; Raffles Europejski Warsaw has a Polish spirit's tinge. When the neo-renaissance palace finished in 1857, it served as the city's cultural center and literary haven.

There, it was a melting pot of poets, authors, musicians, and the nineteenth — all of whom wrote in and had much charm. Boris Kudlicka, a famous group of interior designers, worked their magic on the place.

They produced modern interiors in keeping with many beautiful appointments in the beautifully renovated and reinvented building. Furthermore, Polish painting is a foundation for artistic creativity for the best contemporary pieces.

A contemporary art collection can be found in the lobby and public rooms. The restaurant's European-inspired architecture and the longBarr are done by acclaimed Spanish artist Lazaro Violán Rosa. Besides, the hotel decks are in all shades of red and offer plenty of personalities.

Rooms and Suites

The 106 luxurious and spacious rooms and exquisite suites will offer you the comfort you seek. Moreover, if one is looking for fine furniture and artwork and rooftop panoramic views of the city's skyline, then the Hotel Europejski series is the place to be.

An extensive selection of contemporary and classic paintings are in the different rooms, with black and oak parquet floors. Any ball heads are from burl wood with a bent grain. Colors are also slightly bluer and warmer in some rooms — warm shades of gold and brown are seen in others.

Within every other room is a small library with mirrors which serves as a dressing table, a person's vanity area, and Nesp coffee and tea." The cultural palace is shown in a vision in letters from Warsaw's landmarks.

It is carved into the marble back wall, and a breathtaking bathtub is installed in the larger version behind the exhibition hall. Besides, each room has its independent rain shower and toilet in Blaise Mautin's dormitory. Besides, there will be a Raffles butler on duty.

Restaurant and Bar

To find out how the flavors of the region's restaurants and bars of Raffles Expat work, you can visit Raffles Expat in Warsaw. It is an ideal "Lucky Bar" of European cuisine since it gives visitors all the nation's most famous libations.

This makes it all proud and confident to single-malt fanatics and lovers of fine cigars, Armagnac, and fancy Armagnac. Moreover, Warsaw has more than a century's worth of tradition in its pastry offerings as a nod to its history.

Sundry Foods and Drinks

A long strip mall with Europejski alongside the hotel looks out onto the town's largest square. It serves up certain hearty flavors like tartare or Oscypek and garnishes the dish with caviar from Poland and an assortment of rusk and bryndza.

The main courses on the menu include lobster with scallops and then Ianiago scrod. A sea bream follow this with miso and lemon custard. So if you have a craving for burnt ice cream, make room for it.

The Long Bar has a choice of bitters and sour or Slings, complemented with a fresh-infused gin from around the world. It also serves the latest in hot and cold cocktails like Polish Crème de Pâté (also known as quince crème de Vieux wafleish or "Warsawitzky"). Traditional Lourse Warszawa patisseries have a standard selection of cakes and pastries with ivory and brass decor.


An exclusive array of treatments in Asian, Middle Eastern, and European styles are also available at Raffles Hotel. In addition, the Raffles Spa offers relaxation and pampering services and provides an oasis of tranquility with six treatment rooms.

Modern Facilities

The property is a superb luxury hotel, with the room service being courteous enough to have people carry away their furrowed clothing as they arrive. Moreover, booking hotels, theaters, and concerts are one of their primary responsibilities. There is also a small swimming pool, a steam shower, a steam sauna, and a gym on the property.

Amongst other luxuries is a humidor with a collection of exquisite cigars and a single malt from Cognac and Armagnac. There is also an additional location at which to hold activities in Pavilion.

A magnificent ballroom is a gorgeous setting for everything from weddings to romantic get-togethers. Raff's dinner party facilities are also in the spotlight as Poland's social circle gravitates to the capital.


The Raffles Europejski Warsaw is an example of all you're looking for in a hotel and many more. An ideal place, complete with luxurious service and remarkable attention to detail by Polish and Italian architects, is what you can expect here. Some notable aspects include exceptional suites and excellent service. You can also expect a delightful in-house chocolatier, breakfast in the room, and much more.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This hotel is the grande dame of the luxury hotels in Warsaw. Initially opened in 1857, it got an extensive refurbishment and opened as a Raffles Hotel.
  • Have a drink at the famous Long Bar - best their signature drink, one of their famous Slings.
  • The hotel has a perfect location if you wish to discover the city. All major sights are easy to reach.
  • 106
  • Fitness Center
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Sauna
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • City Vibe
Pet Friendly, Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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