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Rooms and Suites at Palmaia The House of AIA

From 696 USD
Oceanfront Family Suite

Oceanfront Family Suite ( 882ft2 )

Inside the Ocean Front Family Suite, textured walls and wooden elements create a stylish and relaxed atmosphere. Focused lighting enhances the ambiance. The suite offers

From 696 USD
Oceanfront Suite

Oceanfront Suite ( 882ft2 )

The Oceanfront Suite is a perfect choice for couples seeking a comfortable and stylish retreat. With a spacious living space of 538 square feet, it

From 846 USD
Swim Out Pool Suite

Swim Out Pool Suite ( 882ft2 )

The Swim Out Pool Suite is an oceanfront retreat with a spacious veranda leading to a private plunge pool. It accommodates 2 adults and one

From 856 USD
Soaking Tub Oceanfront Suite

Soaking Tub Oceanfront Suite ( 882ft2 )

The Soaking Tub Oceanfront Suite is a perfect choice for couples seeking a relaxing getaway. It offers a comfortable living space of 538ft² with a

From 912 USD
2 Bedroom Oceanfront Family Master Suite

2 Bedroom Oceanfront Family Master Suite ( 828ft2 )

The 2 Bedroom Oceanfront Family Master Suite offers a versatile choice for families or friends. It can accommodate 2 adults with 2 children or 2

From 968 USD
Swim Out Oval Tub Pool Suite

Swim Out Oval Tub Pool Suite ( 882ft2 )

The Swim Out Oval Tub Pool Suite is a stunning accommodation option. Its spacious balcony seamlessly blends with the clear waters of the plunge pool,

From 1,057 USD
Swim Out Family Master Suite

Swim Out Family Master Suite ( 828ft2 )

The Swim Out Family Master Suite is a luxurious and spacious accommodation. It offers a stunning view, modern decor inspired by the jungle, and a

Palmaia The House of AIA

Strategically situated at the tail end of the most beautiful beach in the Riviera Maya- The House of AIA brings us Palmaia, an exclusive beach enclave focused on connecting us to nature-ourselves- and the sanctity of life. Every effort was taken to ensure the original landscape remains untouched to feel the healing authenticity of old-growth trees and naturally occurring cool-water cenotes. All guests reside in oceanfront suites- some with swim-out access to the infinity pools- others with sweeping sea views- and a few nestled among the ocean-side mangroves. Guests also enjoy high-end amenities without sacrificing environmentally friendly practices while the restaurants offer the best cuisine in the region-extensive plant-based options and impeccable style. But even still, the real jewels are the Architects of Life and Sound programs.

Imagine a mystical place born from the effervescent complexity of contemporary Mexico, where ancient roots and sacred rituals interact with an international confluence. Where pure connections clear the spirit and deep beats nourish the heart. A paradise of eco-nuances and intangible delights cocooned between an undisturbed jungle and the glistening Caribbean Sea… A community built on a bedrock of genuine participation, sustainability, and the sanctity of life… A retreat that goes beyond the definition to create new categories of integrated, natural experiences.

Truth and the Power of Search

It could be hard to find AïA's sacred connection to nature because the words used to express AïA's truth are not standard search terms. So the following terms and phrases are openly shared, which are equally authentic, just not in a voice AïA might have chosen. Hoping it makes finding her easier.

A secluded sanctuary with oceanfront swim-up suites, jungle spa, gourmet restaurants overseen by chefs who have trained in Michelin-starred restaurants from around the globe. Featuring locally sourced plant-based cuisine, secluded white sand beach, private terraces, infinity pools, and in-suite dining sets The House of AïA apart from other luxury wellness retreats. The exquisitely designed oceanfront suites complemented by stunning ocean views, elegant décor, and holistic amenities are unlike anything else in the Riviera Maya.

The all-inclusive resort offers a level of seclusion often associated with far-flung island resorts and an atmosphere of tranquility you would expect from a yoga retreat. Guests will have the perfect opportunity to re-establish the connection between mind and body with guided meditation sessions, yoga classes, sound baths, energy healing, and more, all while immersed in the vibrant jungle energy of the Mayan Riviera. The House of AïA also offers guests access to the excellent Atlantis Spa, where jungle-inspired architecture blends seamlessly with modern design and tranquil treatment rooms. In addition, guests can indulge in several spa treatments, including ayurvedic treatments, Temazcal ceremonies, steam room sessions, relaxing massage, and more.

Architects of Life Healing

The personal growth guides have built a program based on an array of ancient rituals and practices to explore the more profound meaning and the mysteries of life, allowing us to connect to AïA through personal exploration of the physical body and the subconscious mind. Mind and Body guides worldwide make it the most comprehensive, unique growth program ever offered at any resort on Earth. One cannot love nature if one does not love oneself.


All of Palmaïa's 234 Oceanfront Suites are Vegan-Friendly, as they have been assiduously planned as free of animal products and animal-tested products, offering an enlightened space that celebrates the value of all life on Earth with zero use of leather and feather-free bedding. Additionally, eight different layouts provide the perfect fit for everyone, featuring private terraces on all levels and a combination of spaces designed to fit families' and couples' needs. Choose between King or Queen beds, second bedrooms with bunk beds for 2 or 3, or sofa beds, luxury tubs, or showers.

Adults Only Area Accommodations

Relax and enjoy without any limitations or distractions. The House of AïA is a place for meaningful connections, exploring mystical paths towards healing mind, body, and soul, experimenting through the senses, and challenging the comfort zones with new flavors, smells, and sounds. Everyone's journey is different, and Palmaïa understands the need for adults traveling without kids to find a more private setting to focus on their healings and practices. They can relax and enjoy spaces with intention, without limitations or distractions. Exclusive Adults Only Tower - Located on the southern tip of the resort for maximum privacy, facing the pristine Caribbean waters. Adults Only Swimming Pool - Lounge in the sun or take a dip in the infinity pool while enjoying delicious mixology at the pool bar.

Family Accommodations

Palmaïa prides itself on being an inclusive community where everyone is welcomed, regardless of age, race, or gender. Children are just as essential members as anyone else, for they contribute to the collective igniting the inspiration for us to do better every day. Palmaïa is delighted to offer a Family Section to families traveling with kids, which includes Palmaïa is delighted to provide a Family Section to families traveling with kids, including 90 family suites all over the resort.

3 Family Suite Categories - Choose between the Swim Out Family Master Suite, the Ocean Front Family Master Suite, or the Ocean Front Family King Suite. Family-Friendly Location - Conveniently located right in the middle of the resort, with close access to the kid's mini Aqua Park and Su Casa Restaurant. With Parental Privacy – The Family Master Suites feature separated rooms for parents and children.


Intention Matters - When the chefs prepare their ingredients in the early morning hours, placing them on the ledge of the window to receive the first light of day, it matters. Because love is what brings the best of us to bear: for the craft, for a sustainable present, for a healthier future.

Plant-based Travel Made Easy - The House of AïA is the first resort of its kind to prepare all of its menus with whole, plant-based ingredients while still offering exquisite, non-vegan options. The founder's vegan sensibilities merge with the Executive Chef's inspired guidance to unveil daily menus as exquisitely delicious as fresh and thoughtfully prepared. Creating a level of cuisine that is hard to match, especially at an all-inclusive resort, plays against the paradigm that its price qualifies food. By doing it the way, guests can let go, be pampered, and not think about cost - as true luxury is.

Beachfront Seating - It's hard to beat a view like this. So when you take it in every day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, you know you've earned it whether it's on the beach, at a table, or in one of the four themed restaurants that cross the seven seas on a culinary adventure worth traveling for.

Dining in Impeccable Spaces - The details are curated with an eclectic elegance - lights that sparkle like stars in the night, marble that moves in great, brush-like strokes, textures that imbue the world with natural ease - so you might think you're in New York if it weren't for that jaw-dropping view…

The Health Cafe & That Bright, Caribbean Blue - Whether it's the soaring windows that lift above the canopy, the hand-painted murals depicting local wildlife, the thoughtful furniture, or just the impeccable food, the health café shatters expectations.

LEK - Elevating his native Mexican, small-town culinary wisdom to the rarified heights of international, haute cuisine, Chef Eugenio brings a mastery of hyperlocal flavors rivaled only by his artistry of presentation, secretly enhanced by select spices and herbs cultivated in his greenhouse.

Su Casa - Welcome to your new home, open from morning to night. Relax into the laid-back, Caribbean beach ambiance and the primal delight of sand beneath your feet. Seasonal treats, vegan, vegetarian, meat, fish… simple, delicious, comforting… just as home cooking was meant to be.

Ume -This is the entry point to Asia, a place imbued with sensual fragrances, exotic flavors, and a densely rich color palette, fusing Thai cuisine with its continental counterparts in an act worthy of heavenly worship.

Mar de Olivo - To change history, you need to understand it. Chef Eugenio bravely sets forth in a new direction that redefines the tired expectations of Mediterranean cuisine by cultivating their lesser-known, all but forgotten traditions. Join an adventure along storied seas, from the Strait of Gibraltar to the Bosphorus, and discover the flavors the ancestors relished as they journeyed from one empire to the next.

El Caminante - What's more fun and authentic than eating truly local street food from an artisanal food truck? UNESCO protects the simplest

traditional Mexican dishes as a World Heritage treasure. Little wonder… When the menu changes daily and the ingredients are as fresh as possible, the unique flavors, textures, and spices are hard to beat.

Atlantis Spa in the Jungle

Introduces - Our body is our vessel, and it is renewed by the healing properties of mother nature in the hands of our master healers. Rejuvenation & Life - A quickening pulse rushes through our veins, elevating our perception, drawing energy from the jungle around us, opening the door to Atlantis… where ancient ceremonies, like the storied Temazcal, harness the spirit so we can lighten our step, focus our vision beyond the horizon, and engage our true selves.

9 Paths to Healing -The origins of physical and emotional states of being are tied to the subtleties of one's body, composed of 9 energy centers that move and give fluidity to one's vital energy. At Atlantis, we seek inner harmony by working on different energy centers to facilitate being in the eternal present.

The Principles of AïA

Natural Inclusion - All are welcome to a seat at the table or a place by the fire. The House of AïA transcends age, race, and gender. You are being defined by the principles and their power to inform and shape the greater community. Balance - Excess is easy but harmful. Restraint is difficult but fortifying. The House of AïA provides all you need, when you need it, helping to restore balance. Self-expression - A home where you can relax, shine, and be your most authentic self. A place to share wisdom, talents, and knowledge with the tribe - or listen, watch and learn… Non-violence - With vegan rooms and extensive plant-based menu options at every restaurant, The House of AïA helps you participate in non-violence towards yourself, the planet, and the natural world of mammals, fish, and avian species. Participation - To seek and discover new experiences to achieve personal growth, you must first open your heart and mind to AïA, let her in, so you can be one. Absolute Respect - The authentic tribe is founded above all on respect for ourselves and each other. Safe space is created within the gathering of mindful souls.

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Why we love this hotel

  • The House of AIA brings you Palmaia - an exclusive beach enclave, a retreat that goes beyond definition of integrated, natural experiences.
  • A paradise of eco-nuances and intangible delights cocooned between an undisturbed jungle and the glistening Caribbean Sea.
  • The House of AïA is the first resort of its kind to prepare all of its menus with full, plant-based ingredients, while still offering exquisite, non-vegan options.
  • 234
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  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Beach
Wheelchair Accessible, Connecting Rooms

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