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Rooms and Suites at La Reserve Ramatuelle

From 1,024 USD
Deluxe Sea View Terrace Room

Deluxe Sea View Terrace Room ( 484ft2 )

Deluxe Sea View Terrace Room. They've designed a masterpiece at La Réserve Ramatuelle, where every detail evokes luxury. Jacques Garcia, the renowned designer, has transformed

From 1,450 USD
Junior Partial Sea View Suite

Junior Partial Sea View Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Junior Partial Sea View Suite is a haven of luxury. It spans 55 m². It captivates with its vast bay window. This window leads

From 1,903 USD
Junior Sea View Terrace Suite

Junior Sea View Terrace Suite ( 592ft2 )

The Junior Sea View Terrace Suite is a realm of elegance. It's adorned in shades of beige, sand, and white. These hues craft a gentle

From 2,033 USD
Junior Sea View Garden Suite

Junior Sea View Garden Suite ( 646ft2 - 700ft2 )

Junior Sea View Garden Suite. Nestled beside the Mediterranean, this suite epitomizes serenity. It boasts a tranquil private garden. The Mediterranean Sea graces the view,

From 2,063 USD
Junior Exclusive Sea View Terrace Suite

Junior Exclusive Sea View Terrace Suite ( 646ft2 )

The Junior Exclusive Sea View Terrace Suite is a dream realized. It's a harmonious blend of beige, sand, and white. These shades fashion a tranquil

From 2,139 USD
Deluxe Junior Sea View Suite

Deluxe Junior Sea View Suite ( 861ft2 )

The Deluxe Junior Sea View Suite is spacious, with an area of 80 m². The room is elegant, with powdery mineral hues and warm tones.

From 2,565 USD
Junior Exclusive Sea View Garden Suite

Junior Exclusive Sea View Garden Suite ( 700ft2 - 753ft2 )

The Junior Exclusive Sea View Garden Suite is a symphony of serenity. It offers the peace of a private garden. The Mediterranean plays the honored

From 2,675 USD
Volterra Suite

Volterra Suite ( 915ft2 )

The Volterra Suite epitomizes elegance— the living room and separate bedroom frame awe-inspiring vistas. Cap Camarat, the untamed Mediterranean coastline, and the vast sea unfold

From 2,941 USD
Mediterranean Suite

Mediterranean Suite ( 775ft2 - 1023ft2 )

In the Mediterranean Suite, every nook and corner whispers the tales of the wild Mediterranean coast. Each space offers intimate moments with azure waters, from

From 3,207 USD
Quessin Suite

Quessin Suite ( 1023ft2 )

Facing the mesmerizing Mediterranean, the Quessine Suite is a masterpiece, spanning 95 m². It offers lasting memories, painted in soft beige and pristine white colors.

From 3,740 USD
Escalet Suite

Escalet Suite ( 1292ft2 - 1938ft2 )

The Escalet Suite is a testament to luxurious living by the sea. The main suite is 95 m² and connects to a 25 m² bedroom

From 3,846 USD
Camarat Suite

Camarat Suite ( 1076ft2 )

The Camarat Suite was designed for families and offers luxurious living with amazing views of the Mediterranean. The suite has a spacious living room. It

From 5,178 USD
Taillat Suite

Taillat Suite ( 969ft2 )

The Taillat Suite is a masterpiece. It welcomes guests with a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean. Its expansive 170m² terrace is a haven of relaxation.

From 5,547 USD
4 Bedroom Villa

4 Bedroom Villa ( 3444ft2 )

La Réserve Ramatuelle beckons with its trio of 4 Bedroom Villas. These villas are perched with a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea. They share

From 6,186 USD
5 Bedroom Villa

5 Bedroom Villa ( 4402ft2 )

The 5 Bedroom Villa is at the top of the estate. It has a great view of the bay, where residents can see the beautiful

From 7,251 USD
6 Bedroom Villa

6 Bedroom Villa ( 5813ft2 )

The 6 Bedroom Villa at La Réserve Ramatuelle offers an unparalleled vista of the Mediterranean. It beckons one to indulge in memorable moments, encircled by

From 7,464 USD
3 Bedroom Villa

3 Bedroom Villa ( 2691ft2 )

At the pinnacle of the estate rests the 3 Bedroom Villa. It offers a vantage like no other, dominating the Côte d'Azur. From here, one's

La Reserve Ramatuelle

La Reserve Ramatuelle Hotel and Spa, Chemin de la Quessine, is a unique property with breathtaking sea views on the French Riviera. The establishment is a collective of the La Reserve Hospitality collection. It sits close to the legendary village of Saint Tropez and offers a spectacular view of the Mediterranean.


Michel Reybier made his vision possible once again with this luxurious and stunning resort. This exceptional property represents the finishing touches of the La Reserve private domain and ensures maximum satisfaction for its guests.

Moreover, Ramatuelle Village is close to the establishment, and the hotel's interior has a perfect design with beautiful champagne, white, and ochre colors.


Toulon Airport and Nice airport are near the hotel, making commuting relatively easy. Besides, there is a train station in St. Raphael, about an hour's drive away from other means of transportation. However, traveling by car might be a challenge due to the traffic. Besides, go by motorail from Calais to Avignon or Nice.

Additionally, there are local cafes and restaurants nearby. The Mediterranean Sea surrounds the property if you want to stroll and enjoy the scene. The location is also on a cliff, which gives an eye-catching view of the sea. Moreover, guests enjoy complimentary shuttles that run all day.

Rooms and Suites

The property has 27 rooms and suites. Famous architect and designer Jean-Michel Wilmotte renewed the 1950's building into a magnificent establishment. Each room has an exclusive terrace or garden that offers guests a personal interaction with the environment.

Besides, you get a spectacular view of the Mediterranean. Additionally, each bathroom has a separate shower with a Mediterranean scenery of the bathtub against the window. Moreover, the floor-to-ceiling windows provide natural sunlight and fantastic outdoor views.

Furthermore, the rooms offer Nespresso machines, and room service is available 24 hours for any meal of the day. Besides, there are two rooms set aside for guests with disabilities. The junior suites also offer fantastic views.

Room amenities of La Réserve Ramatuelle Hotel & Spa include a flat-screen TV, DVD player, bottled water, an iPod, and comfy pillows.


The lovely private gardens have 12 classic Provencal-style villas with heated pools. Moreover, you don't have to worry about noise as the place is quiet except for a chorus from the cicadas. The Ramatuelle hotel spa villas are spacious and open, allowing in the Mediterranean sun.

Interior designs are by the best creators, giving each villa its unique style. Besides, when you step inside, you quickly feel at home. Furthermore, the housekeeper will address your needs each morning by providing breakfast and other requirements. What's more, they are available whenever you need them.

Restaurants and Bar

There are quite a few fancy restaurants and bars at this establishment.

La Voile

The La Voile is a Michelin-starred restaurant with Chef Eric Canino at the helm. It offers tantalizing healthy dishes with ingredients from the local garden and fresh seafood from the local fishers.

The menu includes Calamari and cuttlefish in basil tomato sauce, ginger-infused langoustines, grilled shrimp, and whole Mediterranean Sea bass. Moreover, continental breakfast serves freshly baked bread, pastries, yogurt, eggs, and fruits. Furthermore, you can get services on the terrace. La Voile serves food from 7.30 am to 10.00 pm.

Poolside Italian Eatery

The poolside eatery offers delicious light lunches such as risotto, burrata, and gnocchi. In addition, there are Mediterranean dishes to catch the day and vegetables from the local gardens. Moreover, Japanese cuisine of sushi and gyozas is on the rooftop.

La Réserve à la Plage

It is close to Pampelonne Beach and serves fresh dishes of Ceviche and tartare. Also, you can order the day's catch while relaxing at the private beach club at La Réserve à la Plage.

The hotel bar offers refreshing drinks and cocktails of your choice. The La voile has a wine list with some from the vineyard of owner Michelin Reybier. You can also relax at the poolside while enjoying a bar drink. Moreover, order drinks at the lobby or terrace at any time of the day. The bar is open until 2.00 am.

Spa Wellness

The newly designed La Réserve Ramatuelle Spa will provide the most recent wellness treatments. It offers a well-structured, personalized program that promotes stress reduction, weight loss, fitness, and relaxation. The spa also has a unique design that enhances the quality of life.

It measures 1000 square meters and encourages individual well-being as its layout is like a private space. It focuses on specific treatments such as body care, anti-age face, fango, and hydrotherapy treatments. There is also an innovative energizing treatment, relaxation sessions, and personalized physical activities.

The spa offers 11 treatment rooms, Crème de la Mer cosmetics, and a steam bath. There is also a fitness center, an indoor pool with a jet lane, an outdoor pool, and a pool house. Moreover, the beach beds are classy, comfortable, and stylish, making you feel like a celebrity while enjoying a sun tan.


The hotel has covered you if you are traveling with your minors. You are provided with free and extra beds for older children. Additionally, babysitting services are available to you on request if you have an infant.

Moreover, you can call the concierge in case of illness, and they will deliver care right to your doorstep.


This elegant 5-star hotel is becoming an exclusive destination for many visitors worldwide. Their provision is excellent as the staff delivers top-notch services with professionalism. Moreover, with the great food, fun activities, and spectacular views, you can't go wrong with staying at La Reserve Ramatuelle, France.

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Why we love this hotel

  • This luxury hotel sits on the cliffs and has a fantastic Mediterranean sea view. St. Tropez is just a 15-minute drive away.
  • Chef Eric Canino leads the Michelin-starred La Voile restaurant. Try what French cuisine offers, especially the fresh fish!
  • Use the free shuttle service to get into St. Tropez and to Pampelonne Beach.
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  • Pool
  • Spa
Hotel Style
  • Wellness
  • Beach
  • Romantic
Gourmet Restaurant

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