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Rooms and Suites at Amanzoe

From 2,984 USD

Beach Cabana ( 2691ft2 )

Situated directly on the beach, the spacious, air-conditioned Beach Cabanas provide all the comforts of a Pavilion, combined with a terrace, private g...

From 4,017 USD

Pool Pavilion ( 2260ft2 )

Each 210-square-metre (2,260 square feet) Pool Pavilion offers a six-metre (19.5 feet) private pool set into an expansive terrace. Views are of the su...

From 4,139 USD

Deluxe Pool Pavilion ( 2260ft2 )

Each free-standing 210m2 (2, 260 square feet) Deluxe Pool Pavilion features high ceilings and spacious rooms, which open onto the terrace, a 12-metre...

From 4,687 USD

Premium View Pool Pavilion ( 2260ft2 )

Each 210m2 (2260 sq.ft) premium view Pool Pavilion offers a 6m private pool set into an expansive terrace with premium views of the Aegean Sea. Featur...

From 4,808 USD

Premium View Deluxe Pool Pavilion ( 2260ft2 )

Twelve-metre private pool, expansive private terrace and premium views of the Aegean Sea. Each free-standing, 210m2 (2260 sq.ft) premium view Deluxe P...

From 7,058 USD

1 Bedroom Villa ( 9806ft2 )

The 1-Bedroom Villa features an immersive art installation entitled ‘Sky Plain’ by world-renowned artist James Turrell. Known as a Skyspace, it takes...

From 8,883 USD

2 Bedroom Villa

Providing seamless indoor-outdoor living, the two-bedroom Villa is surrounded by olive groves and overlooks the Aegean Sea or surrounding countryside....

From 15,329 USD

4 Bedroom Villa ( 807ft2 )

Providing seamless indoor-outdoor living, the four-bedroom Villa is surrounded by olive groves and overlooks the Aegean Sea or surrounding countryside...

From 18,891 USD

5 Bedroom Villa ( 9117ft2 - 9731ft2 )

Providing seamless indoor-outdoor living, the five-bedroom Villa is surrounded by olive groves and overlooks the Aegean Sea. Two full-time members of...

From 21,628 USD

6 Bedroom Villa ( 9117ft2 - 12002ft2 )

Providing seamless indoor-outdoor living, the six-bedroom Villa is surrounded by olive groves and overlooks the Aegean Sea. Two full-time staff member...


3 Bedroom Villa

Providing seamless indoor-outdoor living, the three-bedroom Villa is surrounded by olive groves and overlooks the Aegean Sea or surrounding countrysid...


Hovering above the beautiful waters of the Greek wonder, the journey from the ancient city of Athens to Amanzoe transcends you back in time. It leads back to a place where the breathless nature unfolds a serene reality. An escape from the metropolis' turbulence, Peloponnese is the ultimate Heaven on earth frozen in time.

Adventures and Experiences

Wandering into the ancient monuments of Greek history, Peloponnese testifies to the Greek heritage of forever being ahead of its time. The ruins narrate a tale of art and bewilderment, now preserved by UNESCO. The region is a marvel van guarded by the marine world and celebrated as the epitome of Greek history.

Skate through time into its smaller towns surrounded by enchanting mountains. Then, you will find yourself served a blast from the past in its surreal villages by the seaside.

Hospitable and full of life, the community at Peloponnese reverts to a time in space where life was celebrated, and happiness was the ultimate purpose. In other words, it's where the core of Greek ideology breathes and thrives, reviving your senses to a better you.

The much-acclaimed headland breathes life to Amanzoe. This is a small haven on top of the Acropolis, unleashing a view of an endless horizon, Greek waters, and everything in between.

Gaze into the mesmerizing green olive groves merging with the Mediterranean Sea's sparkling ocean, a rare combo. It serves solitude, gatherings, private pool parties, and beach vibes. All that, plus the speedboats and surfing along with the to-do list, is a vast one at this luxury hotel.

The modern day Acropolis lets you explore hidden wonders inside Spetses and Hydra's coves to Gardens that one could only describe as that of Eden. However, there is a whole world inside.

Chase the Wild

Amanzoe Hotel - part of Aman Resorts - is surrounded by rustic ruins, celestial waters, and the luscious olive groves that intertwine with the Peloponnese shore. Moreover, the zone offers a journey that lets you explore ancient Greek history and its stunning architecture.

Here, you can enjoy the culture, food, music, and an aura that will leave you searching for more. As you embrace the ancient wonders' surreal atmosphere, the hills and the bay will keep you in close contact with nature in its most refined form.

Come Epidaurus, and you will find yourself lost in another world surrounded by the ancient Sanctuary of Asclepius, now preserved by UNESCO. Mycenae narrates another tale of bewilderment that perhaps only poet Homer could narrate.

Race through the gusting coast winds on a horse and carriage and delve into the alluring eateries by the seaside at Spetses. Better yet, do the daredevil and try out a kayaking adventure, another fascinating attraction at the Amanzoe.

If paddling is not your type, perhaps an exotic yacht would soothe your wanderlust. In case you rather have a taste of both the crafts, try out a Hobie Cat cruise. Come the starry evenings, and you can sway gently under a moonlit sky to the beats of authentic Greek music at the amphitheater. It's only the beginning.

The Beach Club at Amanzoe

Sleep to wake up to Amanzoe's private beach and Beach Club, where the Aegean Sea awaits you. All protected by Mother Nature and accentuated by a vaulted sky. The bay is all yours to explore with non-motorized recreational activities, island-hopping being the star event.

The Private Beach Club, on the other hand, beholds a world of its own. It holds four private pools, lounge areas, a pool restaurant, tennis courts, and overnight Cabanas. Besides, there is a boutique for the fashionistas and an Aman Spa to relax and unwind at.

The Private Beach is yet another feature making the destination a Heaven on Earth. Extending into the Mediterranean ocean, the beach mingles with some breathtaking plantations. This connects guests to the hilltop resort - another destination full of calm serenity. The view is more significant than life, and a bike ride is much called for. Moreover, the sheltered bay on the east coast is perfect for younger and deep divers.

Spa by the Sea

A magnificent attempt to bring the great sea into the luxury hotel is evident in the swimming pools, being four in total. The shaded terraces expand into a calm serenity whereby children too are served with their pool.

The luxury hotel is not just in the namesake as the grandeur caters to a huge audience. It conveniently hosts guests in vast numbers in the Beach Club's restaurants and lounge areas. Besides, the destination is all you can wish for if an escapade is on the agenda.

If the sea view is not enough to spend your afternoon gazing at, you can unwind in the relaxing treatment rooms at the Amanzoe spa. Moreover, a state-of-the-art gym awaits fitness junkies. Additionally, you can uphold the spirit of the getaway and enjoy a massage by a professional masseuse.


A sight that transcends into a place that lasts forever, nothing can embody Greek architecture better than Amanzoe's standalone luxury Pavilions.

Making way for spacious terraces with private plunge pools and an extended view of the horizon flirting with the ocean in a role play, the stonewalled courtyard built in the exact Greek flavor leads to a living area with high ceilings and marble flooring. Moreover, a king-size bed awaits you. You can enjoy a peaceful time with the Porto Heli vista watching over.

Beach Cabanas

An extension to the beach, the air-conditioned Beach Cabana serves up all that a Pavilion could offer. The theme of expansive Greek terraces flows right into the overnight cabanas, unleashing the unreal pleasure of undiscovered bays. However, it goes beyond deep-diving, sunbathing, and of course, the much sought-after privacy that guests crave on their escape from reality. Above all, the food and meals prepared are the cherries on top and a significant feature at the Amanzoe beach cabanas.

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  • Be ready for massive villas with 6 to 12-meter private swimming pools.
  • At Amanzoe, a modern day acropolis, you enjoy 360-degree views of olive groves and the Aegean blue sea.
  • Rent a speedboat and make a day trip to beaches on nearby islands.
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