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Hotel de Crillon

Hotel de Crillon

Famous for its rich history and culture is the luxury Hôtel de Crillon a Rosewood Hotel. Whether you are on vacation or on a business trip, you can enjoy the marble and gold of the exclusive Count de Crillon mansion. The 142 rooms/suites and five luxurious apartments provide you with a variety of luxurious accommodations.

This hotel's history started in the 1700s, when Count de Crillon, a nobleman, built his mansion. Wanting to grant permission for the aristocratic men to use his mansion, he named his hotel Hôtel de Crillon in 1758.

National Treasure

Hôtel de Crillon was a refuge for King Louis XV and Queen Marie-Antoinette. Napoleon Bonaparte commissioned them as his private accommodation. This famous hotel in Paris also became home to Hollywood stars like Marlene Dietrich and Charlie Chaplin.

Inspired by its glorious history, respecting its traditions, and staying true to its characteristics, the renovation project adds a modern feel to the property.

Luxurious Hotel in the Heart of Paris

The Hôtel de Crillon has 78 guest rooms, 36 suites, and 10 special suites. Moreover, they all reflect the Parisian living style with warmth and sophistication. From Karl Lagerfeld's Grands Appartements to residential-style guest rooms, Rosewood's Parisian accommodations offer unparalleled modern sophistication and respect the 18th-century heritage of this landmark building.

The guest rooms and suites are elegantly decorated, combining custom-made furniture and fine antiques. Additionally, there are carefully selected objets d'art, highlighting special attention to detail.

Rooms and Suites

Hôtel de Crillon's rooms have a refined residential-style environment, with custom artwork, comfortable furniture, and spacious marble bathrooms. Additionally, the 36 suites are in a typical French style. Besides, they are tastefully decorated with custom-made furniture, exquisite textiles, and hand-selected artworks.

Combining the past and the present, the hotel is truly magnificent. It also has signature suites, each having its own characteristics. Additionally, there are ten palaces in total, which are the epitome of Parisian splendor and refinement.


L'Ecrin - one of Paris' hidden gems, L'Ecrin is the best-kept secret of the Crillon Hotel hidden in its center. Guests enthrall by the exquisiteness and sophistication of modern decorations. They also experience an exquisite culinary journey, highlighting Boris Campanella, an executive chef's invention.

The gourmet menu reflects the chef's personality: refined, precise, and refined without sacrificing joy. At La Cave, you have the option of private dining.

Bistro D'Aumont - with a unique Parisian bistro atmosphere, the chef team presents timeless classic French cuisine to casual travelers and Parisians inspired by the early days. The brasserie d'Aumont offers traditional dishes in a novel sense of taste with its modern and popular approach.

This gathering place is located in the hotel's heart. It features select ingredients and local products, some of which are not in Paris. Some of these include the unique oyster species from northern Brittany.

Jardin D'Hiver

Jardin d'Hiver is a residential lounge. Besides, it is a perfect cocoon for sharing precious family bond time or tête-à-tête, all while enjoying the beauty the place has to offer. Furthermore, guests can enjoy various delicacies throughout the day. They can also have desserts by the chief pastry chef Matthieu Carlin.

The comfortable and pleasant atmosphere of Jardin d'Hiver extends to Cour d'Honneur. With that, it provides a variety of spaces that blend comfort and exudes pleasure. And since hot beverages are at the center of providing an excellent entertainment experience, a series of eclectic niche teas have been carefully selected to provide mesmerizing and refined moments.

To satisfy the most connoisseur's guests, Jardin d'Hiver also serves a variety of delicious gourmet coffees.

Les Ambassadeurs Bar

As one of the main rooms in Duc de Crillon's private residence, Les Ambassadeurs is undoubtedly the hotel's hallmark. It is a perfect and refined balance between renovation and preservation. The majestic 18th-century decoration is a little over-the-top, creating a sensual and vibrant climate. Moreover, it is an inevitable meeting place for people and people in business, diplomacy, art, and fashion.

Les Ambassadeurs is a vibrant and unparalleled entertainment center with the symbolic Place de la Concorde as its background. In such a special environment, guests are welcome to explore an international and stylish menu to echo the outstanding reception that has made this place active for hundreds of years.

The bar is ideal for Champagne and cocktails Parisian champagne lovers. It offers more than 100 references, from local small-scale producers to famous labels, with one of the most varied champagne menus. Each bartender carefully crafts a dynamic menu to ensure the surprise of the best connoisseurs and stimulate cocktail lovers' enthusiasm.


Crillon Hotel provides you with a warm environment of health, relaxation, beauty, and a fitness center. A Rosewood Spa provides tailor-made methods to satisfy your health, and luxurious touch is the guest experience's foundation.

Absorbing Paris's rich beauty culture and the spirit of excellence, the exquisite care therapy revives ancient French beauty seeped through the latest innovations in the skincare lines. These include Maison Caulières, EviDenS de Beauté, and new partner Sisley.

The ingredients and storyline provide a unique approach to French skincare, in which authenticity and luxurious appearance intertwine perfectly.

Sisley Wellness at Rosewood

In collaboration with the prestigious Maison Sisley, Crillon Hotel provides a unique experience and finally brings you an exclusive signature tour of sensory enjoyment -- Sisley Signature Treatment.

At the spa, enjoy comprehensive and unique relaxation and rejuvenation treatments for the face and body. Sisley's plant-based aromatic "Phyto-aroma" therapy is intoxicating, depicting world-class quality and efficacy. Carefully crafted, attention to detail, and designed to cater to all skin types and ages.

According to local traditions, the company develops unique massage therapies worldwide that improve through the beneficial properties of aromatherapy. This revitalizes and restores harmony between the body and mind, thereby achieving a sublime overall health experience.

A special occasion to celebrate? You can benefit from Sisley's expertise in makeup lessons. Besides the hair ritual products, the hotel's spa also provides customers with complete care, makeup, and fragrance lines.

Exploring the art of Paris with Emmanuel Perrotin

The city's outstanding gallerist and the latest mahogany curator of the Crillon Hotel shared his artistic insights into the city of light. Since his debut in the Paris art world in 1989, Emmanuel Perrotin opened a gallery in his apartment at the age of 21, and he is now a master in the field.

He has contributed to Takashi Murakami, Damien Hirst, Sophie Calle Mauricio, and Cattelán as superstars. Today, Perrotin has exhibition spaces in New York, London, Tokyo, and Seoul and has opened a flagship gallery near Paris's Marais district, representing more than 50 artists. When he does not travel the world to participate in various art fairs and openings, he satisfies his continuing desire for new experiences at home in Paris.

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Rooms and Suites at Hotel de Crillon

From 4,238 USD

Atelier d’Artiste - Le Poète Suite ( 883ft2 )

With Paris and its marvels at its feet, the Atelier d’Artiste - Le Poète, located on the seventh and last floor of the hotel, allows guests to admire...

From 6,054 USD

Duc De Crillon Suite ( 807ft2 )

Located on the second floor, the historical Suite Duc de Crillon looks out to the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Anglas. The signature accommod...

From 7,870 USD

Atelier D'Artiste L'Ecrivain Suite ( 1367ft2 )

Nestled under the mansard roof of the palace, the Ateliers d'Artistes are located on the seventh and loftiest floor of the hotel, providing guests wit...

From 4,238 USD

Suite Jardin ( 807ft2 )

Embodying the Parisian residential style that defines Hôtel de Crillon, the Suite Jardin is situated on the second floor and offers a 150-square-foot...

From 1,174 USD

Deluxe Room ( 340ft2 )

Located on the first through sixth floors, Deluxe Rooms look out to the hotel’s stately inner courtyards. Offering a refined, residentially styled env...

From 1,271 USD

Premier Room ( 377ft2 )

Located from the first through sixth floors, Premier Rooms look out either to the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Anglas, or one of the hotel’s...

From 1,635 USD

Grand Premier Room ( 462ft2 )

Supreme comfort and elegant sophistication with views either on the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Anglas, or one of the hotel’s stately inner...

From 2,119 USD

Deluxe Suite ( 548ft2 )

Mirroring the heritage and charm of a Parisian residence, Deluxe Suites face either the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Anglas, or one of the ho...

From 2,603 USD

Premier Suite ( 613ft2 )

Embodying the Parisian residential sensibility that defines Hôtel de Crillon, Premier Suites face either the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Ang...

From 3,451 USD

Grand Premier Suite ( 775ft2 )

The Grand Premier Suites feature a unique décor with views either on the quiet pedestrian street, Rue Boissy d'Anglas, or one of the hotel’s stately i...

From 3,088 USD

Atelier d’Artiste - Le Peintre Suite ( 624ft2 )

The Atelier d’Artiste - Le Peintre is located on the seventh floor, under the mansard roofs of the hotel. This unprecedented and intimate location off...

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