Although the world is your oyster, having a seemingly endless list of vacation destinations can be overwhelming. In this article, you’ll get a detailed look at the top 10 luxury hotels of 2024 that are bound to suit a variety of destinations, amenities, and other personal preferences.

1. The Plaza Hotel – New York

The Plaza Hotel - New York

Standout Features:

  • White gloved butler service
  • Top-tier location at 5th Ave. and Central Park
  • Louis XV-style French decor

While the hotel’s location and history speak for themselves, the luxurious details of a stay at The Plaza Hotel in New York will have you looking at vacation dates. Not only do visitors benefit from VIP accommodations, but a never-ending list of attractions is a step out of the front door.

The Plaza Hotel guarantees delectable dining, beautiful design, and luxurious comfort for those looking for a relaxing stay.

2. Burj Al Arab – Dubai

Burj Al Arab

Standout Features:

  • Exclusive transportation options
  • Spacious living areas with entertainment packages
  • An unforgettable cultural experience

Promising impressive amenities and catered experiences for people of all ages, the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is an excellent luxury hotel for the whole family. From airplane rides to chauffeured Rolls Royce around town, you’ll feel cared for no matter where you stay.

Highly qualified in guest satisfaction and a top choice for VIP visitors in Dubai, Burj Al Arab is a top contender in luxury hospitality in 2024.

3. Hotel Hanalei Bay – Hawaii

Hanalei Bay

Standout Features:

  • Focuses on eco-friendly luxury
  • Over 250 guest rooms designed in a luxurious Hawaiian style
  • Numerous local and sustainable cuisine options

The state of Hawaii doesn’t need much of an introduction when it comes to its beauty. The Hotel Hanalei Bay is a beacon of Hawaii’s beauty while delivering a unique experience that separates it from other famous luxury hotels.

There’s plenty of locally sourced food to enjoy, and guests feel pampered at every stage of their stay.

4. Claridge’s In London


Standout Features:

  • A fine choice for travelers who appreciate rich cultural history
  • Rooms offer a mix of vintage furniture with modern amenities
  • World-class culinary artists oversee high-end dining experiences

London has a rich history and a sense of unique luxury, especially if you know where to look. This is especially true at Clardige’s in London, as it is in a famous area with plenty of sightseeing.

Known as a haven for famous travelers throughout London, Clardige’s is considered worth the time and money.

5. Nihi Sumba – Indonesia

Nihi Sumba
Nihi Sumba

Standout Features:

  • Nestled in a lovely natural setting
  • Personalized service within a niche community of 27 villas
  • Dining is out of this world between Western and Indonesian luxury cuisine

Found on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, Nihi Sumba delivers a remote, private, yet high-end hotel experience for its guests. Between several quality restaurants, private pools, and personalized service for each villa, it defines Inodenisian luxury hospitality.

Benefit from having your personal butler schedule activities, dining arrangements, and much more.

6. Belmond Palacio Nazarenas – Peru

Belmond Palacio Nazarenas - Peru

Standout Features:

  • Perfect for those who appreciate historic luxury
  • Enjoy cultural immersion in the city around you
  • Personalized butler service available 24/7

An iconic part of central Cusco in Peru, the Belmond Palacio Nazarenas is a beacon of luxury for travelers. Take advantage of 24-hour service to ensure all your needs are met around the clock.

Fine dining, spa, wellness, and numerous local activities are available each day of your visit.

7. Fairmont Pacific Rim – Canada

Fairmont Pacific Rim - Canada

Standout Features:

  • Located in downtown Vancouver with stunning ocean and mountain views
  • A range of holistic wellness treatments are available
  • Luxurious comfort with a focus on tech-savvy convenience

Vancouver has precisely what you’re looking for if you enjoy holistic relaxation and splendid natural landscapes. Although the Fairmont Pacific Rim is one of many in luxury hospitality, it makes a statement in several ways.

Find the hotel’s 2,500-square-foot patio with a range of wellness facilities and spa services. The Fairmont Pacific Rim is a top choice for those who prioritize personal relaxation.

8. Blanket Bay – New Zealand

Blanket Bay - New Zealand

Standout Features:

  • Treatments such as steam rooms and heated pools
  • Located right on Lake Wakatipu in New Zealand
  • Classy lodge-style and chalet suites with modern furnishings

Some people enjoy the looks and feel of the outdoors combined with modern luxuries and amenities. This makes a lot of sense regarding creature comforts, and the Blanket Bay Hotel in Glenorchy, New Zealand, has it all.

Soak in the scenic location and step out with a sense of adventure as you can rest assured excellent service, fine dining, and world-class facilities are awaiting your return.

9. Malliouhana – Anguilla

Malliouhana - Anguilla

Standout Features:

  • Private outdoor spaces with plenty of room to enjoy the surroundings
  • Unforgettable cliffside views of the Caribbean sea
  • Caribbean-inspired cuisine with in-room and restaurant options available

A beachfront location that offers a variety of natural wonders, the Malliouhana is a luxury travers favorite in Anguilla. The hotel boasts 30 years of historical luxury, vibrant decor, and a convenient location.

The hotel is hailed for its recreational activities. Moreover, Malliouhana is a great luxury stay for those who like to stay active, as it offers high-end fitness and spa facilities.

10. La Mamounia – Morocco


Standout Features:

  • Known for their Moroccan, French, and Italian cuisines
  • Over 70 luxury suites with lavish accommodations
  • Grand architecture with a rich, blended look of Morcooan and French colonial styles

Many visitors who pass through La Mamounia luxury hotel praise it for its old-city charm combined with modern-day luxuries. The hotel features an orientalist decor, but the sense of colonial influence always shines through.

Enjoy relaxation, wellness facilities, and more than enough cuisine that you’ll know what to do with. For those visiting Morocco, La Mamounia is a must-have for a local yet VIP experience.

Final thoughts

Searching for luxury hotels shouldn’t be a stressful process, even if it can be considering the number of options available. This article highlights 10 of the top luxury hotel experiences you can find on your worldly travels for the year ahead, and with Private Upgrades, you can get VIP benefits!

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