Redefine your urban living standard & Spend your vacations at Sunset Key Cottages like never before, as unique as your imagination

Be ready to have the most awaited adventurous journey at Sunset Key Cottages West. From eye-catching Evening views at West pier to distinguished sights as Museum Truman’s, Ernest Hemingway Home, and West African Refugee Cemetery. Hence you will explore grace and classiness with a brilliant, friendly environment and affection.

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Suites & Bedrooms

Several options are there to make your stay luxurious and comfortable as all details of each room express the calmness and fascination of its western living standard. Likewise, Living rooms have Caribbean-inspired comfortable fittings. So you can experience the joy in dimensional serene sights of aquamarine blue waters. Parks have fragrant jasmine yards, cheerful and pleasing frangipanis, and hibiscus.

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Get-Together & Occasions

Sunset Key Cottages is all embellished with a natural beach, a Private island environment, and beautiful huts. Therefore, It is a sublime option for exceptional events, a family get-together for the entertaining weekend, and memorable wedding ceremonies. Thus, this resort is a good omen for all-purpose celebrations.

sunset key cottages Hotel

Dining at Sunset Key Cottages

At Sunset, Key Cottages take the aroma of islet life. They are starting from the prize-winning feast at Flipper’s Pool Bar and breakfast at your doorstep. Every morning visitors can relish Rise and Dine Brunch along with spectacular sights of lavish gardens and sea. Besides, Pina colada and lunch services are right there at the beach. Conch Crusier, a colorful ice cream, is given to adults and children at Sweet Served Daily. One can eat, drink and taste all savor of the Caribbean at this resort.

Sunset Key Cottages Offers Salon

Sunset Key Cottages presents a comfortable, private islet entrance where counselors arouse a transformed peace among mind, soul, and body. Spa rooms comprise bathrooms with entire facilities. On the other hand apartment, courtyards deliver a comfortable environment in an entirely secured zone. The Spa rooms are bounded by luxurious palm trees covered in attractive orchids.

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Games and activities

This resort is ideal to fulfill your dream of an excellent islet stay because of its highly thrilling days of tennis and sports in the water. One can relax in the swimming pool along with our special tropical drink. Besides our passengers’ conveyance give pick and drop to visitors to shopping malls.

sunset key cottages

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