The Royal Atlantis in Dubai is in a position for success. The iconic building is a neighbor to Atlantis, The Palm, and at the tip of the tree-shaped Island, Palm Jumeriah.

The Atlantis brand has been transforming the hospitality industry. But, more importantly, Kerzner International has a superpower- the element of water! 


Kerzner International has brought the lost city tale of Atlantis to life with a sophisticated modern twist. The Royal Atlantis residents can raise children and live in style, surrounded by water.

Life at the Atlantis Hotel is thrilling. Residents can live a prestigious lifestyle in an unparalleled environment with meals cooked by celebrity chefs and a waterpark right downstairs!

Word on the street claims the US $1.4bn luxury hotel should open later this year. However, we’ve received an update that bookings will commence by now, for stays from February 10th 2023 – Book online here and get VIP benefits. The room rates will start at 700 USD per night and the Suites at 1.800 USD per night. Next to Upgrades, breakfast, and a Hotel Credit, PrivateUpgrades will also offer free VIP Access to the Waterpark. We’re all super excited!

Guests will have the option to enjoy Royal Atlantis by staying at the resort or living there as a resident.  All PrivateUpgrades members will receive a reminder on when Atlantis, The Royal can be booked on our site.

The Striking Design of Royal Atlantis in Dubai 

Atlantis, The Royal was brought to life by experts in interior design, architecture, real estate, and luxury resort development. The dream team used their skills and imagination to bring the lost city of Atlantis to life with a water feature design.

Sybille de Margerie is a Parisian interior designer that focuses on style and imagination. She has been transforming the interiors of high-end buildings for over 20 years. 

Kohn Pederson Fox (KPF) Associates is an international business known for successfully creating sophisticated buildings that are practical and pleasing to all eyes.

Knight Frank, an international real estate consultancy that brings value and innovation to clients for 125 years.

Kerzner International is the owner and developer of Royal Atlantis. Also, the operator for other luxury destinations, residences, games, and entertainment.

Where is the lost city of Atlantis? Dead but about to be born again in Dubai.

Soon, you can enjoy luxurious living in Dubai with more than enough space to share with loved ones. Wake up every morning to dramatic luxury and thrilling experiences that represent everything you’ve worked hard for and deserve.

Your Royal Atlantis Home:

Your brand new Royal Atlantis residence has international and modern architecture that screams dramatic! Enjoy luxurious living with more than enough space to share with loved ones.

The Royal Atlantis Hotel has 800 rooms and 43 floors. In terms of apartments, there are 231.

Live in a tall building that has a backyard and the ultimate privacy you deserve. Wake up every morning to dramatic luxury that represents everything you’ve worked hard for and deserve.

The Sky Court: Ever heard the saying, aim for the stars? Soon you can live 185m closer to them. Just imagine feeling real down one day.


You then look out your window and wonder why you doubted yourself. You now realize that you’re powerful.

Garden Suites: If your a nature lover, you enjoy taking deep breaths and going for a swim. How about doing that in your home garden, situated near the clouds?

Your iconic hotel suite will be so large that it covers not 1 but 2 floors. Additionally, you have complete privacy where you’re free to parade your birthday suit anytime.

Live in a home that represents you. Enjoy lavish living so extreme that your pool seems to float.

The Royal Atlantis Penthouse: The Royal Atlantis Penthouse: Would you describe yourself as sophisticated? Then this luxury penthouse has your name all over it. Bask in the glorious Dubai sunlight each morning and the luxury of the city with iconic views.

Not only do you have the opportunity to live like royalty in Dubai. You also have unlimited entertainment. Thanks to the owner of Royal Atlantis, Kerzner International Limited.

International Cuisine by Celebrity Chefs

There are 14 high-end restaurants to chose from after an adventurous day at the Royal Atlantis Hotel. Guests can spend the evening eating meals hand cooked by international celebrity chefs like:

  • Gordon Ramsay: Star of Hell’s Kitchen will provide British cuisine.
  • Costa Spiliadis: The Mediterranean seafood expert will provide elegant meals.
  • Gaston Acurio: This chef will let your taste buds sing after tasting Peruvian flavours.
  • Ariana Bundy: Iranian–American chef will give residents an exciting Persian menu.
  • Giorgio Locatelli: This Italian chef will provide residents with fresh and loveable Italian meals.
  • Nobu Matsuhisa: This celebrity chef will take your tastebuds to new heights with a mixture of Peruvian flavours and traditional Japanese cuisine.
  • Jose Andres: Founder of World Central Kitchen, will provide guests with creative Spanish cuisine. 
  • Heston Blumenthal: Celebrity Chef is known for his unusual recipes like bacon and egg ice cream. Heston will provide British and European cuisine.

Royal Atlantis Aquaventure Waterpark

Residents and guests of the Royal Atlantis Hotel will have access to Atlantis, The Palm facilities that will open your eyes to out-of-this-world experiences with a galore of fun and unforgettable memories.

The Aquaventure waterpark has 28 new and out-of-this-world attractions to explore. You and your family can enjoy body slides, group slides, cliff jumping, underwater shark safaris, surfing, and diving. 

Kids can also enjoy Splashers Cove and Lagoon, a safe play area for kids. Furthermore, children can visit the Aquarium and learn about sea creatures.

There are over 65,000 marine animals in the Aquarium. Children can also interact with sea lions and dolphins. 

Aquaventure Record-Breaking Slides

Odyssey of Terror: Experiences the world’s tallest water slide! For the Courageous. It will speed you up and down right before a massive fall.

Shockwave: Longest water coaster in the world where you can blast through multiple dark tunnels 

Medusa’s Lair: A fast waterslide with steep slopes, dark tunnels, twists, and turns.

Blackout: Be aware, this is the real deal, only for the fearless. You are in for an accelerating, high thrill dive.

Hydra Racer: If you don’t want anything too scary, try the hydra racer with two friends.

Group and Body Slides

Zoomerango: A massive water slide you can enjoy with up to 5 friends! Zoom through Dubai’s fantastic view in a float with friends.

Aquaconda: The world’s largest tube-waterslide packed with epic turns.

Poseidon’s Revenge: A capsule-like waterslide with a speed of 60km/h that will loop you upside down.

Slitherine: The world’s first twin-racing waterslide.

All Atlantis, The Royal residents will have luxury hotel services and amenities such as:

  • A 90 meters high infinity sky pool
  • Atlantis, The Palm attractions
  • Exclusive concierge service
  • Customized residence
  • Celebrity Restaurants
  • Exotic Bars
  • Spa and Fitness Center
  • Reliable security
  • Exotic gardens
  • Private Beaches

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COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Dubai

To all the people asking, “Can you fly to Dubai right now?” Of course, Covid-19 travel restrictions in Dubai have improved.

A COVID‑19 PCR test certificate is required once requested by your last destination. PCR Test should be taken no later than 72 hours before departure.

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