Each year the travel industry is enlightened with the openings of new luxury hotels. That is great – since there is more competition, companies have no other choice but to offer their best service, which is good for the customers.

However, with the endless choice, booking a holiday stay has become more challenging. So how can you know which hotel is the right pick for you? What should you pay attention to?

No worries – we have got your back! Look through our tips for finding the best luxury hotel for your next vacation.

Consider your budget

Budget is typically a major point when choosing the perfect luxury hotel. Usually, accommodation is what takes up the biggest part of holiday spendings. In the travel industry, the sky is the limit. You may find hotels and resorts for all kinds of prices.

In more exotic locations, spending a night might cost even a couple of thousands. If that is your total budget for the whole trip, quite logically – you can’t afford it. To get a better understanding of what is your idea of a perfect holiday, think about your top priorities.

Do you prefer to put some money aside for incredible activities? Maybe you are a gourmet who wishes to try the best of what the destination has to offer? Perhaps staying at the most luxurious hotel is your dream. Then choosing a grand accommodation is a priority.

The next step is to decide upon a category of room. Depending on your chosen location, the value for money offered can differ. For example, in Eastern European countries, you can get an incredible suite for the same price you would get a much smaller room in Italy since it is a more expensive country.

When staying at a resort, you will spend most of your time in the accommodation. In this case, setting aside more for the hotel would be a brilliant idea.

Think about the purpose of your adventure

Before you start searching for a hotel, you have to sit back and think about what the goal of your trip is. If you are just looking for a relaxing vacation where you don’t want to do much, choosing a resort-style property might be your best bet.

Make sure to find out whether the accommodation is equipped with a spa, wellness area, and a pool. Staying on the beach (when possible) is a great idea.

However, if you plan to have a sightseeing focused trip, having a good location is everything. Staying close to major attractions should be your priority, so you don’t have to waste time getting back and forth.

Pick a location

Location is a key factor when choosing accommodation. Consider whether you prefer to stay in a hip, up-and-coming neighborhood or a touristy area close to central attraction sites. For example, Beverly Hills is an excellent destination for those wishing to do some celebrity spotting.

Downtown, however, will be the right choice for foodies and those who prefer to stay away from crowds and tourists. Also, it is always a great idea to stay in a part of a town or country you haven’t visited before.

For example, Bali is a relatively small island, but each of its parts is quite different. In Ubud, you get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of green rainforests and rice fields, while Canggu is currently the hottest surf spot.

Pay attention to the style

Each of us has our own tastes and interests. That is also true for style. You might feel like luxury travel is your preference, but luxury can be experienced in all kinds of ways. Those who love a lavish holiday typically stay at a boutique hotel, design hotel, or luxury hotel.

Furthermore, there is also a difference between branded luxury and independent. Travelers who prefer more unique experiences should opt for independent. If having the absolute best service is crucial for you, then a classic luxury hotel would be the perfect fit. With boutique and design hotels, you get a more personal touch.

Think about sustainability

Nowadays, you can have your dream vacation without harming the environment. In fact, sustainability has become an essential criterion for many travelers all around the world. There are plenty of eco-friendly luxury hotels that pay attention to sustainability and giving back to their communities.

Six Senses Buthan, Soneva Kiri in Thailand, Soneva Fushi in the Maldives are just a few examples of eco-luxe stays that will be the right choice for an environmentally conscious traveler. To see what you may expect, click here.

Consider the available amenities

While searching for a luxury hotel, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Only this way can you find suitable accommodation for you. Although it might seem like a hotel offers a plethora of amenities, they are often only available for an extra cost or on particular conditions.

Also remember – to what you may have access may be subject to your room choice. That is why sometimes opting for a more luxurious stay can give you more benefits. Of course, you also have to consider which amenities are crucial for you.

  • Do you wish to have access to a large swimming pool?
  • Do you need babysitting services?
  • Perhaps an on-site restaurant is a “must” for you?

Make sure your chosen accommodation has all the amenities you need. Otherwise, you will feel disappointed.

Have a look at the hotel’s reputation

To find a great holiday stay, it can be beneficial to look at the specific accommodation’s reputation. Whether the service really is impeccable and the overall experience wonderful can only be revealed by people who have stayed at the place.

Reading reviews can be really helpful for any traveler because then you get an idea of what you may expect from your holiday. However, remember that each person is different. A single bad review doesn’t mean your experience will be bad because we all have our perspectives.


With PrivateUpgrades, you don’t have to worry about a hotel’s reputation because we have carefully selected the world’s best luxury stays. We guarantee you will have a blast whether you wish to have a relaxing getaway or a fun-filled adventure.

So look through our offer and book your dream vacation – we promise you it will be a great one!

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