Jumeriah Muscat Bay Hotel will open in December 2021, another great addition to the Oman Muscat Luxury Hotels. Muscat is the capital of Oman, known for its Dramatic Al Hajar mountains and dazzling blue sea.

By the end of 2021, people from all nations will have the opportunity to live like Royalty in a well-preserved land. The history of Oman Muscat dates back to 1000s of years, and the locals have so many stories to share with you. Oman locals are humble, peaceful, and very friendly. They have many stories about Oman to share with you.

Jumeriah Muscat Bay luxury community

Oman Muscat is known for luxury hotels like:

Sheikh Hamood, CEO of Muscat Bay, shares that there will be a new addition to Oman’s luxury hotels. Jumeriah Muscat Bay Hotel will open this year with over 200 rooms and 260 residential units.

You’ll be able to explore the city and the new luxury community that already has over 30 families living there. Enjoy award-winning Arabian luxury. You’ll gain access to a Talise spa, high-end restaurants, bars, and a health club. Moreover, you’ll be just 15 minutes from the city.  

Enjoy a large park with a pool, tennis court, multipurpose court, children’s club, and playground. Everything you need will be within walking distance, from supermarkets to retail shops. Additionally, delivery services are available.

Over 400 luxury housing will be available for staff. A 5-year interest-free payment plan is available if you want to purchase an Oman Muscat luxury villa or apartment. Pay 40% upfront, then move in whenever. Pay the difference however you like within five years. 

PrivateUpgrades Members will receive notice of the Jumeriah Muscat Bay Hotel opening date and when bookings commence. When you book with PrivateUpgrades you receive complimentary breakfast, free nights, room upgrades,100 hotel credit and so much more. 

What to do in Oman Muscat?

Sultan’s Palace Muscat

There are so many things to do in Oman Muscat. The Mutrah Fort steps are the ultimate cardio workout. Plus, you’ll enjoy rewarding views of the bay and city.

Dive deep in history, explore monumental sites with legendary stories. For example, the famous Sultan’s Palace Muscat, built over the previous British embassy.  Is known to hold a flag pole that slaves could touch to gain freedom.

Do you remember the famous story of Sinbad, the Sailor? It actually originated from Oman, and so did the frankincense trade. Oman is also the earliest Arabic country to go in partnership with the western world.  

Oman Muscat has a variety of shops; you can find just about anything at Mutrah Souq.

Filmers and photographers, you cannot leave before visiting The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque. Then, enjoy dinner by the seaside under a captivating sunset with dolphins flipping under the light.

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