While you might not randomly run into your favorite celebrity, there are many hideaway destinations in the world that are famously loved by the famous. Part of what makes these locations so popular with this crowd is that they offer the right blend of luxury and privacy.

Of course, it may not seem that way, but privacy can be found in more ways than one. Between gorgeous natural environments and modern VIP service, celebrities know where to find it all. In this article, we will highlight top destinations known to attract A-list travelers.

Famous Destinations for Star-Level Luxury

If you’re looking for a bit of seclusion and personal luxury you can’t find anywhere else; it may be time to make some travel plans. Celebrities are quite specific about where they stay, and there’s a laundry list of reasons standing behind this point. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t experience their tastes in relaxation for yourself.

On top of that, travelers can also rely on the security of these establishments, as they’re well aware of their clientele. You won’t have to worry about cookie-cutter experiences just because they’re popular. These hotels are regarded for their once-in-a-lifetime experiences, whether they have unique culinary options, bespoke cultural experiences, or stellar accommodations.

What You Can Expect

Offering VIP experiences and comfort every step of the way, rest assured that you’ll have more than enough variety to choose from. Maybe you’re more into beachfront villas or mountainous havens that are more your style; either way, famously luxurious seclusion can be found all over the world. This article will focus on five outstanding hotels that consistently draw in a famous crowd and have done so for many years.

  1. Carlton Hotel St. Moritz: Overlooks the Swiss Alps, offering hotel and many ski resort amenities.
  2. Aurora Anguilla Resort & Spa: Widely popular among celebrities, Anguilla is known for its natural beauty, VIP treatment, and world-class relaxation.
  3. Beverly Hills Hotel: A classic establishment in Los Angeles that’s known for their discretion and luxurious experiences for an A-list crowd. 

You could spend all day trying to compare every single feature of these popular travel destinations, but we’re here to help summarize the good parts. The following hotels and resorts have acquired their global fame for too many reasons to count. If you’d like to experience luxury and relaxation like the stars, consider these destinations for your next travel plans.

1. Carlton Hotel – St. Mortiz

carlton hotel st moritz

Carlton Hotel – St. Mortiz

Standout Features:

  • Enjoy five-star dining from renowned chefs
  • Views of Lake St. Moritz and the Swiss Alps
  • Highly popular ski resort

Featuring 60 south-facing suites, the Carlon Hotel St. Moritz in Switzerland draws a famous crowd on a yearly basis. This is due to its amazing views, beautifully cold climate, and relatively small community.

Each suite promises standalone color schemes and high-end marble bathrooms, including double sinks and showers. This particular resort is seen as the pinnacle for visitors in the area and hosts a very dedicated crowd of ski lovers.

Before hitting the slopes, consider warm tea on the sun terrace alongside Italian and Swiss cuisine. Skiing isn’t the only outdoor experience here, as you can also partake in snowshoeing, horse-drawn sleigh rides, and more.

While many famous people have found their way to this resort, you’ll find families of all sizes and more than enough space for everyone to enjoy. If you like to remain active on vacation amongst gorgeous views and a cozy place to come home to, this hotel and resort has everything you need.

2. Aurora Anguilla Resort & Spa – Rendezvous Bay

Aurora Anguilla Resort and Spa

Aurora Anguilla Resort & Spa

Standout Features:

  • Rested on three miles of pristine beachfront
  • A championship golf course
  • Beautiful, relaxing Mediterranean architecture

No one visits Anguilla to indulge in only a handful of interests, as it has too many luxurious experiences to offer. With each passing day, you can stroll along the beautiful beach, a few rounds of golf, or simply tour the culinary experiences available to you. It has been known for many years that Anguilla is a popular destination for celebrities.

Some come in passing, while others have lived directly on the shores. Nevertheless, with a quick search online, it is pretty clear that visitors come across celebrities all the time in Anguilla. There’s a good reason for this, and it’s because the destination knows a thing or two about modern-day VIP treatment.

Although there are plenty of places to stay in Anguilla, this particular resort and spa stands out among others. Private beaches, infinity pools, fine dining, everything you could possibly need to relax and enjoy every second of life.

3. Beverly Hills Hotel – Los Angeles

Beverly Hills hotel room in Los Angelos

Beverly Hills Hotel – Los Angeles

Standout Features:

  • Known for its world-class interior design, regarded as “The Pink Palace”
  • Enjoy stellar dining that features global cuisines
  • An iconic landmark and staple for celebrities for decades

Considering that celebrities and Los Angeles are synonymous, it’s only right to discuss what the Beverly Hills Hotel has to offer. It’s truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience, to say the least. This sentiment stems from the fact that it has hosted so many stars, its popular location, and the overall luxurious experience.

There are many places you could stay for a memorable time in Los Angeles. However, if you want your shot at potentially seeing a celebrity, this hotel is an easy option. Aside from that fact, the hotel comes with a fully equipped fitness room, numerous spa treatments, and much more to help you wind down.

One might think this isn’t the greatest hideaway, but considering the reputation of the hotel, they’re no stranger to privacy and secrecy. It’s an establishment that celebrities can rely on, and it’s one that hosts celebrities from all over the world.

The bottom line

You’ll find that there is a never-ending list of hideaway destinations that are frequented by celebrities. Some are evidently more popular than others, but if these destinations are favorites for the A-list crowd, you can trust you’ll have a memorable experience.

We understand it can be hard to choose when every option sounds excellent, but there’s always a way to find what works best for everyone involved. We’re here to help provide the industry expertise and guidance you need to make the right decision. Don’t wait to find our next destination for A-list treatment, and get in touch with us when you’re ready.

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