For those who are in search of adventure but don’t want to skip out on modern luxuries, these resorts are bound to hit the spot. Consider exciting activities like excursions, cultural experiences, and exploring exotic destinations, and then returning to VIP treatment every night.

It’s entirely possible, and there are plenty of popular destinations around the world that millions of people visit every year. Due to this, it can be pretty difficult to make a choice about your next luxury adventure vacation. In this article, we offer the only resorts you need to consider when it comes to finding adventure.

Where Opulent Adventure Awaits

Going above and beyond the norm of resorts, you have to dig a little deeper than what you might commonly find on the surface. Through a combination of thrilling activities and high-end accommodations, you have every creature comfort you could want and more.

In today’s world, resorts can be found in almost any natural environment you can think of. Whether you prefer mountainous landscapes or beachfront views, those with a sense of adventure will be able to find it.

Of course, there are a seemingly endless list of resorts that you could choose from. Then again, resorts that embody and support your sense of adventure are unique to their own. This is seen in their approach to VIP accommodations while guiding travelers towards memorable experiences that are guaranteed to last in memory.

1. Amanpulo – Pamalican Island, Philippines

Amanpulo pool zone

Amanpulo – Pamalican Island

Standout Features:

  • Secluded on a private island
  • 42 casitas built in traditional Philippine style
  • World-class spa fitted on a scenic hillside

The Sulu Sea has many wonders to offer, with Amanpulo being one of the most famous of them all. An island resort that goes far beyond the norm, it promises a luxurious stay with over 6km of white sandy beaches.

It seems to be a close-knit community with only 42 casitas available. Moreover, travelers can enjoy large wooden decks, hammocks, cebu-marble bathrooms, and many more creature comforts.

Once you’re ready to find some adventure, don’t forget to look into exploring the coastal reefs. This resort is only accessible through a one-hour plane ride from Manila, making for an exotic and wonderous adventure from start to finish.

2. Sage Lodge – Yellowstone National Park, Montana

Sage Lodge Resort & Spa

Sage Lodge Resort & Spa

Standout Features:

  • Located on the banks of the Yellowstone River
  • Guestrooms and ranch house accommodations
  • Cuisine inspired by Montana traditions

A little over 30 minutes from Yellowstone National Park, Sage Lodge is a fan favorite for many northern travelers in the U.S. The surroundings inspire curiosity and adventure, and it’s also a great place to unwind, unplug, and relax.

Notable accommodations include free-standing ranch houses with multiple bedrooms and private patios with outdoor fireplaces, just to name a few. Make sure to take advantage of the on-site Activities Team, which can help organize and guide you to numerous outdoor experiences.

These can pertain to horseback riding, rafting, and even mountain biking. If you and your family know how to enjoy the outdoors, the Sage Lodge is a safe bet. It offers a great blend of family fun and relaxation with plenty of varying levels of adventure to seek out.

3. Octant Ponta Delgada – Azores, Portugal

Octant Ponta Delgada

Octant Ponta Delgada

Standout Features:

  • A lobby market featuring regional products
  • In the heart of the city yet overlooks the sea
  • Spa offers many eco-luxury treatments

This is a location that’s known to inspire curiosity and drive you to explore the island for everything it has to offer. No one will argue with their luxurious stay at Octant Ponta Delgada, but it’s a place that encourages visitors to go out and make local memories of their own.

While the natural surroundings are guaranteed to impress and drive wonder into every traveller, there’s something to be said about the hotel. It has over 100 rooms, a panoramic outdoor pool, and easy access to numerous outdoor activities.

Consider visiting the À TERRA restaurant, as this promises locally sourced ingredients and recipes you likely have never tasted before. It’s a destination that’ll make a lasting impression with a lifetime of memories and conversation starters about your adventures.

4. Soneva Fushi – Baa Atoll, Maldives

View Above Soneva Fushi

Soneva Fushi

Standout Features:

  • Numerous Japanese and Indonesian cuisines
  • 63 villas sitting on the beachfront
  • Many adventurous activities to choose from

When you say Maldives, most people are immediately familiar with the name. However, fewer are familiar with the truly unique stays and experiences you can find here. The Soneva Fushi is a great example, as it’s a high-end hotel nestled amongst gorgeous views of the Indian Ocean.

Every one of their beachfront villas guarantees a tropical and almost heaven-like scenery. Visitors get the benefit of a spa, water retreats, direct beach access, and even 24-hour service from a personal butler.

That’s pretty hard to beat, but they don’t stop there. You can also indulge yourself in several restaurant options that take culinary taste and experimentation to new heights. For the most part, you’ll find Japanese and Indonesian cuisine to be staples here.

As you might have hoped, there’s plenty of adventure to be had. Experiences like snorkeling with manta rays, going to glassblowing workshops, and participating in sensory treatments are bound to keep you busy.

5. Suiran Kyoto – Japan

Kyoto luxury resort

Suiran Kyoto

Standout Features:

  • A luxury hotel situated on the Hozu River
  • Walking distance from many main attractions
  • An excellent choice for those searching for isolated adventure

Finding our way to Kyoto, Japan, Suiran has been popular for generations, and they pride themselves on offering an authentic Japanese cultural experience. Regarded as a gleaming and blissful oasis, the hotel is also known for its luxurious feel. It does a great job of mixing tradition with modern interests; the natural surroundings make it all feel surreal. Visitors are encouraged to participate in native rituals and wellness treatments as well as enjoy the garden or explore the river banks. Overall, it’s a great travel destination for calming adventures that’ll help solo travelers and families alike find a much-needed reset.

Adventure never waits

We all get that itch every now and then that tells us we’re craving some new travel experiences. As always, you want to make the most of it, but that isn’t always easy, with multiple destinations pulling you in opposite directions.

You can’t go wrong with any of the establishments listed above. If you find yourself having trouble narrowing down the list for yourself, consider reaching out to us for additional guidance. We can help create the luxury travel experience you’re looking for, with an added dose of adventure to match.

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